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RE: Theos-World A Prophecy by Robert Crosbie

Feb 13, 2006 04:29 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck






In THE PATH for July 1895, Mr. Judge published an article: 

"H.P.B. on Messages from Masters."  
	[Reprinted in WQJ Articles, Vol. I, p. 55]  

	It reads:

"Some years ago H.P.B. was charged  [ by A.P.Sinnett ] with misuse of
Mahatmas' names and handwritings, with forgery of messages from the
Mahatmas, and with humbugging the public and the T.S. therewith.  Those
charges had floated vaguely about for sometime...afterwards, writing on the
subject in "Lodges of  Magic" [ HPB Articles 1, p. 291 ] in Lucifer [ Vol.
3, p. 92-3 ] the question of genuineness or the opposite of such messages
was dealt with, and what she wrote is here presented for reconsideration.
It covers two matters.

First, it proves out of her own mouth what the Path not long ago said that
"if one letter has to be doubted then all have" to be doubted.  Hence if the
Letter to some Brahmins ["Prayag Letter" -- Mahatma Letters, p. 461-3 --] is
a fraud, as Col. Olcott and another say, then all the rest are, also.

Second, it applies precisely to the present state of affairs in respect to
messages from Masters, just as it she had so long ago foreseen the present
and left the article so that tyros in occultism, such as the present
agitators are, might have something to show them how to use their judgment.

The portion selected from her article reads:

	"We have been asked by a correspondent why he should not "be free to
suspect some of the so-called 'precipitated' letters as being forgeries,"
giving as his reason for it that while some of them bear the stamp of (to
him) undeniable genuineness, others seem from their contents and style, to
be imitations.  This is equivalent of saying that he had such an unerring
spiritual insight as to be able to detect the false from the true, though he
has never met a Master, nor been given any key by which to test his alleged
communications.  The inevitable consequence of applying his untrained
judgment in such cases, would be to make his as likely as not to declare
false what was genuine and genuine what was false.  Thus what criterion has
any one to decide between one "precipitated" letter, or another such letter?
Who except their authors, or those whom they employ as their amanuenses (the
chelas and disciples) can tell?  For it hardly one out of a hundred "occult"
letters that is ever written in the hand of the Master, in whose name and on
whose behalf they are sent, as the Masters have neither need nor leisure to
write them;  and when a Master says:  "I wrote that letter" it means only
that every word in it was dictated by him and impressed under his direct

Generally they make their chela, whether near or far away, write (or
precipitate) them, by impressing upon his mind the ideas they wish
expressed, and if necessary aiding him in the picture printing process of
precipitation.  It depends entirely upon the chela's state of development,
how accurately the ideas may be transmitted and the writing-model imitated.

Thus the non-adept recipient is left in the dilemma of uncertainty, whether
if one letter is false all may not be, for as far as intrinsic evidence
goes, all come from the same source, and all are brought by the same
mysterious means.  But there is another and far worse condition implied.
All the so-called occult letters being supported by identical proofs, they
have all to stand or fall together.  If one is to be doubted, then all have,
and the series of letters in the Occult World, Esoteric Buddhism, etc.,
etc., may be, and there is no reason why they should not be in such a
case,--frauds, "clever impostures," and "forgeries" such as the ingenuous
though stupid agent of the "S.P.R." has made them out to be, in order to
raise in the public estimation the scientific acumen and standard of his
"Principals"...  [H.P.B.]




The difficulty of giving one the Wisdom Religion is dealt with by
H. P. B. in the Secret Doctrine as follows:

	1. Opinion must be reserved because:

   Complete explanation is for initiates only.

a. Only a fragmentary portion of the esoteric meaning given.

b. Only adepts can speak with authority.
 -  S. D., I, 188, 190. II, 55, 90.

c.  The teachings are offered as a hypothesis.
 - S D  II, 469.

	2. We must lose sight entirely of:

a. Personalities. Only adepts can speak with authority.

b. Dogmatic beliefs.

c. Special religions.
 -  S. D., I, 3, 4.

	3. We must be free from prejudice.
		 -  S. D., III, 1.

 	We must also:

a. Be free from conceit.

b. Free from selfishness.

c. Ready to accept demonstrated truth.

d. We must find the highest meaning possible.
 - S. D., III, 487.

e. We must be also non-sectarian.
 - S. D., III, 110.

f. We must remember the handicap of language.
 - S. D., I, 197, 290, 293.

g. We must aim to become a disciple.
 - S. D., I, 188. II, 246. III, 129.
h. We must eventually develop powers.
 - S. D., I, 518. II, 85.

i. We must lead the life of Brotherhood.
 - S. D., I, 190.

j. We must remember that H. P. B. makes no claim to
 - S. D., II, 25 note, 273. I,293.

k. 	H. P. B. says:

"I speak with 'absolute certainty' only so far as my own personal
belief is concerned. Those who have not the same warrant for
their belief as I have would be very credulous and foolish to
accept it on blind faith...

	What I do believe in is:

1. The unbroken oral tradition revealed by living divine men
during the infancy of mankind to the elect among men.

2. That it has reached us unaltered.

3. That the Masters are thoroughly versed in the science based on
such uninterrupted teaching."
 - Lucifer, Vol. V, p. 157.

"The Secret Doctrine is no 'authority' per se; but being full of
quotations and texts from the Sacred Scriptures and philosophies
of almost every great religion and school, those who belong to
any of these are sure to find support for their arguments on some
page or another.

There are, however, Theosophists, and of the best and most
devoted, who do suffer from such weakness for authority."
 -  Lucifer, Vol. III, p. 157.

"The many-sided facets of the mystery language have led to the
adoption of widely varied dogmas and rites in the exotericism of
the Church rituals.

It is they, again, which are at the origin of most of the dogmas
of the Christian Church, e.g., the seven Sacraments, the Trinity,
the Resurrection; the seven capital Sins and the seven Virtues.
The seven keys to the mystery tongue, however, having always been
in the keeping of the highest among the initiated Hierophants of
Antiquity, it is only the partial use of a few out of the seven
which passed, through the treason of some early Church
Fathers---ex-initiates of the Temples---into the hands of the new
sect of the Nazarenes.  Some of the early Popes were Initiates,
but the last fragments of their knowledge have now fallen into
the power of the Jesuits, who have turned them into a system of
	Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol. 1, page 310-11
S D Vol. 1, Page, 311


It is maintained that INDIA (not in its present limits, but
including its ancient boundaries) is the only country in the
world which still has among her sons adepts, who have the
knowledge of all the seven sub-systems and the key to the entire
system. Since the fall of Memphis, Egypt began to lose those keys
one by one, and Chaldea had preserved only three in the days of
Berosus. As for the Hebrews, in all their writings they show no
more than a thorough knowledge of the astronomical, geometrical
and numerical systems of symbolizing all the human, and
especially the physiological functions. They never had the higher

But while supposing that the whole cycle of the universal mystery
language will not be mastered for whole centuries to come, even
that which has been hitherto discovered in the Bible by some
scholars is quite sufficient to demonstrate the claim --
mathematically. Judaism having availed itself of two keys out of
the seven, and these two keys having been now rediscovered, it
becomes no longer a matter of individual speculation and
hypothesis, least of all of "coincidence," but one of a correct
reading of the Bible texts, as anyone acquainted with arithmetic
reads and verifies an addition or total.* A few years longer and
this system will kill the dead letter of the Bible, as it will
that of all the other exoteric faiths, by showing the dogmas in
their real, naked meaning.

* All we have said in Isis is now found corroborated in the
"Egyptian Mystery; or The Source of Measures," by those readings
of the Bible with the numerical and geometrical keys thereto.
Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol. 1, p. 318 :





HPB declares:  "We are laboring for the brighter morrow."  ISIS I 613

She states:  "Theosophy is a signal fire from antiquity." 	ISIS II 571 

		and, again:  "The essential is forever the same."  	ISIS
I  v

Of her mission and work, HPB wrote to a Russian prince in 1883:

"I speak to you solemnly and without joking, I say to you that on my
shoulders rests the responsibility of millions of souls...And why?  Because
we teach only ethics, moral principles and sincerity and do not meddle with
their personal beliefs.  Ethics are the same in all the ancient religions
and the Christ did not teach anything that had not already been said by
Confucius and the Buddha, and by even still earlier teachers, by the sages
of ancient Egypt...
I have sown seeds that already are beginning to sprout, and soon will cover
the whole country with a wonderful harvest."
	 HPB Speaks II 118-9, 122

There are some who mistakenly believe that HPB is "dead."  Yet Mr. Judge
states that she is very much alive.  Writing after 1891 to a friend, he said
that HPB was busy perfecting a new body.  We may assume that HPB has been
using it in the recent days of the Theosophical Movement, and we, unaware of
the power in use and the work going on.  In the Secret Doctrine, Vol. II,
pp. 275, 280-1 a hint is given to us concerning the undying race, to which
She belongs.
On II p. 307 of Isis, HPB makes a unique statement;  she declares that she
has been given permission to reveal certain truths at this cycle: 	

		"...the present writer, who states a few facts concerning
		[the mysterious brotherhood] by the special permission of
one who 	
		has the right to give it."  

One of the most important truths is the fact of the existence of the Ancient
and Great Lodge, of the Mahatmas and their disciples of many grades which
compose it. (ISIS II pp. 98-103)  And, that this Lodge and its Adepts may be
approached.  We have to prepared and make the effort.  

Mr. Judge states emphatically in Letters, p. 110 that "the way for all
Western Theosophists is through HPB."  We owe her for this incarnation the
awakening of our spiritual sight and aspiration.  We sense the reverence and
gratitude due to her, is that of a child for its Parent, of a pupil for its
Teacher.  WE al are in fact her "children," and her pupils.  In an occult
sense we belong to her .  HPB's last words are a request of her students,
perhaps it reminds them of an ancient vow they have made:  to "keep the link
unbroken," and avoid the disappointment that her last incarnation prove a
"failure."  It is a trust passed on to us.

Mr. Judge, Mr. Crosbie, and others did this through the work they initiated
and supported.  Mr. Judge's last words to his friends were:  "There must be
calmness.  Hold fast.  Go slow."  These are key ideas.  Mr. Judge also
states that " the Master would manage results." (LETTERS, p. 84)  We need
only practice brotherhood as best we can, and know.  They know what is best
under Karma.  We have still to learn.

A study of ISIS shows that in history cycles of knowledge follow those of
relative ignorance.  It is a study of the ability of the Great Lodge to turn
seeming "evils" into opportunities for "good."  We can try to emulate them
in our personal attitudes.  Control and discipline of the personality is our
present responsibility.

In ISIS, Vol. II, 452-3, HPB gives us ancient symbolic pictures used to
represent the concepts of Adonai and Ada-Nari.  There the Superior Man is
seen to surmount various animals--symbols for the qualities that can be
perfected in the personal man:  

	1.  The Lion, symbol of the kshatria power of dauntless courage, is
developed to fight the selfish tendencies of our lower nature by a knowledge
of its capabilities and of the Spiritual Self that dominates it.  

	2.  The Eagle, implying sure and powerful vision into cause and

	3. The Bull, symbol of perseverance, strength and docility.  And,

	4.  The "Angel" or the embodied "God," the man on the road to
"perfection," and the development and control of the lower mind

	HPB should be considered the Incarnate Spiritual Soul of the
Theosophical Movement.  That this "soul" is not limited to the "Theosophical
Society" she made plainly clear in her articles: A Puzzle from Adyar, in the
collation "She Being Dead yet Speaketh," and in her letter to Indian
Theosophists:  "Why I do not Return to India."   Mr. Crosbie makes this
plain in the 1st Letter in The Spirit in the Body series in The Friendly

ISIS UNVEILED was used to review and assemble scattered testimonials from
the historical and classical past of the "West," which could lead critical
scholars and students to understand the origin, width and fundaments of that
base.  It is then but a step to see how such a body of wise men, would as a
body preserve the wisdom acquired, and would be using it to provide a School
for those of mankind who force themselves into that magic "circle." The make
available those records on the physical and other planes of achievements and
knowledge in arts, science and philosophy which all mankind can inherit.

The knowledge and work of the wise transcends the frail, temporary barriers
of political frontiers, ideologies, religions, national and educational
concepts and cultural mores.  They work for the "brighter morrow." (ISIS I
viii)  Theosophy is the expression of that wisdom and a putting of it into
action.  HPB wrote to A.P.Sinnett (see her Letters to APS, p. 88) that she
"does the will of Master," in her work.

We find her making some startling declarations:  in ISIS, p. II-292 at the
bottom she says one of the purposes of the book is 

		"the analysis of religious beliefs, and the definition of
		their descent from the past to the present."  All "western"
		gions and philosophies are shown to be the progeny of
		Atlanto-Arian knowledge.  		( see also:  S D I

In ISIS, Vol. II p. 142 HPB indicates that the Secret Doctrine is:

"...the secret doctrines of the Magi, of the pre-Vedic Buddhists, of the
hierophants of the Egyptian Thoth or Hermes, and of the adepts of whatever
age and nationality, including the Chaldean kabalists and the Jewish nazars,
were identical from the beginning.  When we use the term Buddhists, we
do...mean...the secret philosophy of Sakyamuni, which in its essence is
certainly identical with the ancient wisdom-religion of the sanctuary, the
pre-Vedic Brahmanism."  

	[This is found also referred to in ISIS II 91fn 99 123 	
		148 169;  and ISIS I 580.]

HPB's mission was to make these facts available to the whole world.  She was
empowered to touch a far wider and more comprehensive area that any
historically known "savior."  

HPB revealed:		1.	the existence of the LODGE OF ADEPTS


			3.	the existence of the ASTRAL LIGHT and its
immortality of the human Spirit.)

			5.	from the oneness of All [Universal Unity]
					comes Brotherhood in practice .

Mr. Crosbie ( FP, p. 348 top) wrote:--  

"They [HPB, Adepts] came again in our time;  and greater than Those who so
came there has not been.  Why should anyone say that?  Because other
Saviours came to separate and distinct peoples, but the Message of Theosophy
is not to any one nation, not to any one class of beings, but to the whole

A single statement found on ISIS II. 126, stands out in the whole section

		The Only Thing Absolutely Necessary for Man is Truth.

She declares:  

"...we desire to prove that underlying every ancient popular religion was
the same ancient wisdom doctrine, one and identical, professed and practiced
by the initiates of every country, who alone were aware of its existence...A
philosophy so profound, a moral code so ennobling, and practical results so
conclusive and so uniformly demonstrable is not the outgrowth of a
generation, or even a single epoch...The proofs of this identity of
fundamental doctrine in the old religions are found in the prevalence of a
system of initiation;  in the secret sacerdotal castes who had the guardian
ship of mystical words of power, and a public display of a phenomenal
control over natural forces, indicating association with preterhuman
beings."  	ISIS II 99

"Mystery is unscientific," she states 		ISIS I p. 3
In trying to sum up this work it is found that it is not possible to do it
justice.  It is full of statement and hints that enlighten one's mind and
inspire an earnest student to more careful and more frequent reference and
study of its contents.

 HPB teaches us that as immortal pupils, we should:

	1.	Listen to the inner voice of Conscience and Intuition.  It
will serve to warn us of the dangers of personal selfishness.

	2.	ISIS is the fruit of an "intimate acquaintance with Eastern
Adepts," and it carries a message from them for the World, not the geo
graphical "West," or "East," but for all those who fallen under the spell of
western culture and are adopting its finite material goals.

	3.	It is an "Encyclopedia of Occult subjects, generally
sketched and not complete," and it evokes "an attitude of attention and 
expectancy." (ISIS II-p. 4)  Many subjects are outlined or illustrated.

	4.	It underlines vital principles of fact, truth and law in our
Universe of matter.  It declares that there exists inner, invisible and
powerful worlds of substance and intelligence.  These energizes the material
one.  It assists the Human-Soul (Manas) to perceive its potentials, its
Ideal Self, and the limitations of matter.

	5.	It is designed to do "even justice."  It clears the ground
of the mind of many theological and scientific "weeds" and "dead roots." 

	6.	It draws together for comparison the vital principles which
underlie the philosophical systems of old, and shows their unity.

	7.	It encourages liberalism, which is the present trend of
thought.  It preaches a practical and just Universal Brotherhood.  This is
based on man's immortality as a fact.

	8.	God-Spirit is proved by Man-Spirit.  Man's Soul (Manas) is
demonstrated by its wonderful powers.  It demonstrates how the will works.

	9.	Blind faith has to be supplanted by knowledge.  It warns
about the "sickness of Spiritualism."  Apathy is dangerous.

	10.	Free-will, universal intelligence, and the potential
perfectibility of all beings is the substratum of law in the Universe.

		11.	"Evil can only arise from an extreme in good"  ISIS
I 157

		12.	All emotional moods are accompanied by alterations
in the 	
	magnetic atmosphere and condition of the personality.  "The
	of pure love is the originator of every created thing." ISIS I 210. 

		13.	" unmutilated record of all that was, that is,
or ever 	
	will be" is kept in the akasa.					ISIS
I 178



Here are some extracts from ISIS which I thought to be significant.

The Purpose of Isis

"What we desire to prove is, that underlying every ancient popular religion
was the same ancient wisdom doctrine, one and identical, professed and
practiced by the initiates of every country, who alone were aware of its
existence and could not have attained its marvelous
perfection...except after a succession of ages.  A philosophy so profound. a
moral code so ennobling, and practical results so conclusive and so
uniformly demonstrable is not the growth of a generation or even a single
epoch.  Fact must be piled upon fact, deduction upon deduction, science have
begotten science, and myriads of the brightest human intellects have
reflected upon the laws of nature, before this ancient doctrine had taken
concrete shape.  The proofs of this identity of fundamental doctrine in the
old religions are found in the prevalence of a system of initiation;  in the
secret sacerdotal caste who had the guardianship of mystical words of power,
and a public display of a phenomenal control over natural forces, indicating
association with preternatural beings.  Every approach to the Mysteries of
all these nations was guarded with the same jealous care, and in all, the
penalty of death was inflicted upon initiates of any degree who divulged the
secrets entrusted to them... [RULE]:--  "Every initiate, to whatever degree
he may belong, who reveals the great sacred formula, must be put to death."
IS II 99

		The Masters

HPB almost reveals the existence of the MASTERS ISIS II p. 153 , 93-103 

		The One Secret Doctrine  --  Lodges of Adepts

ISIS II p.143, HPB speaks of the One Secret Doctrine that underlies 
all the antique philosophical systems and sects.  She also speaks of
periodical Adept meetings, then, their breaking up into smaller bodies, more
scattered.  On II p. 140 she speaks of the International Pagan Mysteries.
Throughout she speaks of the exoteric  serving as a shell of concealment for
the esoteric.

Writing about the College of the Adepts at Ephesus -- A focus of the
Universal Secret Doctrines  -- she probably indicates what must have been a
center for the "School."  Modern Theosophy has the same kind of mix:
Oriental wisdom with Platonism and the wisdom of every system that carries
the Universal Secret Doctrines at its core is seen to be derived from there.
It is Universal Truth and its applications in may climes and tongues.


She opens the question of Reincarnation (II p. 152) already spoken of as
taught by Jesus (II p. 145-6)  [ NOTE:  HPB was accused, after ISIS UN
VEILED was published, of not saying anything about this subject.]

		Evil -- its Origin

She identifies EVIL (p. 154) as originating with matter.  As this is
co-eternal with "Spirit"--it might be called "chaos, confused turbulence."
It has intelligence in potential, but has not the experience that develops
into self-consciousness and ultimately into Universal Consciousness. 

Mr. Judge in GITA NOTES, on p. 133 wrote of "inferior nature" as an aspect
of the SELF which had chosen "to assume the phenomenal and transient
position, but is, in essence, as great as the superior nature."  HPB's
comments on "substance" seem to say this.  Shankaracharya hints about this
in his The Crest Jewel of Wisdom.

		Gnostic System -- Source of Christianity

ISIS II p. 156  HPB offers the 5 essential principles underlying the Gnostic
(Basilidean) system.  These can be compared with the AEons under Simon
Magus's system, details of the cycle of involution from "Spirit" of
intelligence into "matter" and its return.  

		Brahmins -- Source of their Knowledge

The footnote on p. 156 speaks of the original Brahmins :--  They were
invaders of India a million or so years ago.  They studied under the
indigenous Raj-rishis, adopted their pre-Vedic Bodhism, and have preserved

This is an additional warning about "caste" bound Brahmins, who are versed
in the remnants of ancient wisdom, and may be applying the tantrika (Left
Hand) versions because of selfish use for domination and power.

HPB said that only devotion and renunciation comparable to Damodar's could
bring a Brahmin, or anyone, to the notice of the Masters.  (see Masters'
letter to the Allahabad Brahmins -- ML 461-2.)  She called the Brahmins, as
a caste, "The Jesuits of India."  (FP, p.35; C & J 61 (n e 65)

Pre-historic Buddhism is the Mother-Source.  This is the work of the
ever-living Brotherhood.  (SD II 275, 281 the "Undying Race")

HPB traces its work from India through the Zoro-Ishtars ( Zoroasters) of
Persia and Chaldea to Babylon, (College of Rabbis), to Syria, and to
Buddhist monks, established on the banks of the Dead Sea for many centuries.

		Jesus  -  Mission and Work

HPB gives a sketch of the record made by Jesus in his work -- from the
secret records:  II pp. 144, 147, 149, 150, 151, 154,

		Future Buddha

In the foot note on p. 156, HPB gives some hints on the future Buddha.  (
developed in the Glossary and the SECRET DOCTRINE and some of her articles
in LUCIFER under:--  King Messiah - Soshiosh - Maitreya Buddha - Kalki

		Divisions Among Early Christians

ISIS II 124, HPB surveys Christian sects believing in Christos, the Anointed
One.  This appellation is used in ancient religious system and comes from
the Initiation rites of Egypt.)

		Duality of the Religion Among the Jews 

	1.  The Nazars - Initiates and ascetics, preservers of Occultism, to
whom the Jewish Rabbis went to learn, and some of which returned as prophets
to their people, including the reforms of Jesus and John the Baptist;  and 

	2.  the popular worship encouraged by the priests of the debased
remnants of the ancient Mysteries of the Sun: --  Adonis, Tammuz. Bacchus,
Baal, El-El, as performed in the exoteric Sod of the "Groves"--sacred to
Ishtar, Astarte, Venus.  These had gradually been vitiated by the priests
for power, into rites, including licentious debauchery--which gave them "a
profitable living" (ISIS II p. 129).  

On page ISIS II-131 HPB states that the "One and Supreme God of the
Christians" is derived directly from the 2nd category given by her -- the
exoteric and debased  --  all supported by "that stupendous compound of un
intelligible termed Christianity." 
	(ISIS II p. 123)

On ISIS II p 128, speaking of these, she says that at times Truth seems to
retire and relinquish its exoteric popularity, just as the Gnostics did
later.  She there calls it a "prudent policy."  A policy which allowed the
exoteric religion, including aspects of black magic, to prevail openly, even
tyrannically, while the true was preserved secretly under the surface. 

This could be viewed as waves on a time-graph, periods when the esoteric
philosophy shines forth publicly (as the "THEOSOPHY" of an age), then is
obscured.  Then the "powers of evil" who enforce the "letter of their law"
hold sway until Karma makes it possible for the esoteric to re surface, and
for a "door" to be reopened--such as HPB did for us.

On ISIS II p. 123, HPB indicates that "fate alone was propitious " for "that
stupendous compound of unintelligible dogmas enforced by Irenaeus,
Tertullian, [Eusebius] and termed Christianity " to rule.  One
wonders: "what fate" perhaps;  and thinking of Karma, one realizes that if
Jesus came at a descending cycle to conceal, rather than reveal the esoteric
science, (F.P., p. 201-2 ) then a worse "fate" may have been deferred, or
prevented from manifesting.  HPB mentions elsewhere that "The Karma of
Israel" now looms over us.(SD I 390)  What could this signify ?

		Testing Occult Efforts

At the top of ISIS II p. 124 she gives us 3 fundamental principles from
Buddhism common to occult efforts, and which can serve as touchstones:

	1.	Everything exists from natural causes.

	2.	Virtue brings its own reward, and vice and sin their own

	3.	The state of man in this world is probationary -- he can win
			own immortality.

Early Pure Christian Sects

	On ISIS II p. 127 she lists early undebased Christian sects : -- 

		1.	Nazarenes
		2.	Ebionites
		3.	Essenes
		4.	Therapeutae  (also among the Essenes)
		5.	Nabatheans     	
		6.	Mendeans  [ On II p. 130 HPB mentions John the
Baptist led
				a branch of dissenting Essenes.  In the
				GLOSSARY, these are called the Mendeans or
Saint John 	
				Christians (p. 212).].  In MAHATMA LETTERS,
p. 415, it 	
				is indicated that John never heard of Jesus
! ("a spir-	
				itual abstraction and no living man.")

7.	Gnostics  ( mentioned II p. 123.)

HPB names Irenaeus and Tertullian chiefly as responsible for this de-	
		basing, and later, Eusebius.

On II-2 she writes: "Every Christian dogma has origin in heathen rites."




Dallas offers:

In my opinion it is not important to actually pin-point who
the "next MESSENGER" is, was, or might be.  That would 
be personalizing the matter.

And if we do find such an individual would we be ready to
assist or to hinder their work?  Do we fancy that some
special benefit or recognition is due to us -- and that we
deserve any special attention at all ?

I recall that in MAHATMA LETTERS p. 337 the "chela" is told
not to ask for anything, ever.  Apparently Karma takes care
of what is his due.  I would even add that the fact that we
hope to be recognized is a sign that we may not "deserve."

The main point at issue is :  What are we doing with
Theosophy in our own lives.  And, secondly are we spreading
it around so that others can profit from it ?

Application and promulgation are the keys to individual
progress, are they not ?

If we are not doing that, then of what use would be the
knowledge that some person or another, is or might be, such
a "new Messenger ?"  Are we looking for a "person?" or are
we seeking better ways to understand and apply that which we
have already learned and have had opportunity for so many
years to try to learn?

Speculation on such issues detracts from the good measure of
time we could spend constructively.

Every great reformer or worker for the Lodge has always
pointed to the unity of the Movement as a whole;  and that
the efforts are not for one's self, but to try and find out
in what way we can benefit humanity as a whole.

If we are able to consider even for a little while, that we
are immortal MONADS engaged in a never-ceasing pilgrimage
toward supernal TRUTH, we may gain some vision of the
cooperative nature of our lives and the divine aspect of all

Every being is an immortal MONAD -- a "man-mind in embryo."  

That is one of the most difficult of things to do, to change our
point of view from a casual carelessness of others, to one
of extreme attention and careful consideration of what their
needs are, and how we may help supply them.  That, to me is
what the application of Theosophy is.  This is in effect the
transformation of gross energy into a refined force that
spreads its nobility around.  It is this inherent, innate
nobility that attracts the attention of the Wise.

Some spend a lot of time trying to figure out the SD or some
aspect of the Theosophical philosophy.  Fine.  Now what
about using it universally ?  Are we seeking to learn, or to
pick out some minuscule item on which we are able to
improve, in our esteem ?  Are we choking on gnats, and
allowing elephantine  errors to escape -- because we did not
learn to identify them ?

As to the SECRET DOCTRINE -- Many have added their views and
made comments and offered corrections.  Very good.  Those
ought NOT to be inserted without some special mark on them
into the body of the reprints of the originals.

Students who buy and use those books ought to be given the
courtesy of being allowed to see what HPB wrote.  If there
is a valid contribution or correction then it ought to
FOOTNOTED so that each student may consider its value as
part of his own education.  Why should any one arrogate to
themselves the right to serve as a filter, or an interpreter
to the originals, when they are not capable of encompassing
the WHOLE OF THE PHILOSOPHY -- and do not know if ultimately
what they propose correcting is right or wrong.  Arrogance.

Otherwise it is an example of extreme presumptions -- that
we claim in some degree to: "KNOW MORE THAN THE TEACHER."
And that is pride and presumption.  Also a desire to display
one's knowledge.

The true monks of the Buddhist SANGHA, that have followed
the Buddha's injunctions to promulgate, always said: 

 "Thus have I heard....."

But  this seems to be a repetition of what has been said
before.  The principles of discipline, learning, and
application, and especially of rediffusion of the KEY IDEAS
of value is our main task.  And we cannot do that well if we
do not allow the Teacher's original to shine forth or its
own light.  There would be no encouragement of a "new
MESSENGER" to come to us, or even to prove their existence
and presence, if we are of those who desire to show others
how right we are, and how much we have studied and have
learned.  The ensuing arguments of a "lower-manasic" nature
would be detrimental to any constructive work -- and so, in
my opinion, any "new Messenger" would carefully avoid any
person who held ideas of their being something special and
essential to the Movement.

If we wonder why we have no signs of "recognition," then we
are not paying attention to the small but subtle details of
life around us, the strange coincidences, and the ideas that
spring into our minds.  There is plenty of indication in
those (if we attune ourselves to notice them) to show the
existence actively, of the methods that the Lodge uses in
regard to its continuous and great work of protecting and
educating humanity to "learn for itself" the validity of the
moral applications of personal choices.  "To live to benefit
mankind is the first step.  to practice the six glorious
virtues is the second."  {VOICE OF THE SILENCE}.  In this
way we can see that we are all united in fact and is
substance, and that we are all under the One Law:  KARMA
which operates with equity in and on all of us.  further
that the opportunity of contributing to Universal Evolution
is ever at hand.  It is in the "small things" that progress
is achieved.






	The process of belittling HPB began with Col. Olcott:

[His] "faith" in H.P.B., in Masters, in Theosophy, rested upon exactly the
same basis as his "faith" in Spiritualism during the preceding twenty years.
That basis was phenomena - not philosophy, logic, ethics, altruism.  "Old
Diary Leaves" shows this on nearly every page. 
	(The Theosophical Movement, p. 278-79)

	He states his real motives for writing "Old Diary Leaves" in these

The controlling impulse to prepare these papers was a desire to combat a
growing tendency within the Society to deify Mme. Blavatsky, and to give her
commonest literary productions a quasi-inspirational character.  Her
transparent faults were being blindly ignored, and the pinchbeck screen of
pretended authority drawn between her actions and legitimate criticism.
Those who had least of her actual confidence, and hence knew least of her
private character, were the greatest offenders in this direction.  It was
but too evident that unless I spoke out what I alone knew, the true history
of our movement could never be written, nor the actual merit of my wonderful
colleague become known. . (Ibid., p. 273)

By the spring of 1893 . "Old Diary Leaves" was steadily undermining the
reverence and respect of the members for H.P.B. as a Teacher, by
representing her as a mere thaumaturgist.  The theories and speculations to
account for her phenomena, the vagaries of character and habits attributed
to her, could only lead to the inference that, however gifted in some ways,
she was but an irresponsible medium, not a Messenger direct from the great
Lodge of Masters.  The constant stream of belittlement by the
President-Founder of the Society who was generally considered as her most
intimate friend and associate was not less injurious to her Occult status
than that of the Psychical Research Society in its celebrated Report  . 
	(Ibid.,p. 331)

Was H.P.B. to become a mere memory, the MASTERS an empty and far-off
inaccessible abstraction, THEOSOPHY secondary to the Theosophical Society,
and that Theosophy to be twisted, perverted, corrupted, by the
interpretations of students, the "fresh revelations" of the horde of
psychics and "occultists" who were already proclaiming their "successorship"
to H.P.B. and delivering "messages from the Masters of H.P.B." in
contradiction to what she had taught and exemplified? (Ibid., p. 381)

Quark at the Oblong Table: - Student, are you telling me that the current
Editorial Committee for the H.P.B. Letters is simply continuing in the
footsteps of it President-Founder?

Lurker at the Back Table: - 	Publishing pure literature in lieu of the
fraudulent will give Students a yardstick by which to judge.  It is a duty
acquired, or grown into, by students who actually assimilate the philosophy
brought by HPB.  Only these have the internal ferment and firsthand
knowledge to understand the abyss between scholarship and occultism:

To the earnest Disciple his Teacher takes the place of father and mother,
for whereas they give him his body and its faculties, its life and casual
form, the Teacher shows him how to develop the inner faculties for the
acquisition of the eternal wisdom.


Dallas, a letter just published in The Aquarian Theosophist, shows pretty
clearly that Olcott killed the TS as much if not more so than AB, though she
put the finishing touches on Olcott's work.  This is the NEXT TO LAST LETTER
HE GOT FROM THE MASTERS.  The last one he got is the one Ernie quoted about
HPB having EVERYTHING to do with Occult matters and NOT BEING DESERTED,
here is the letter---------------  (1884)

"THESE are foolish, insane ideas of yours about Upasika, Henry, wretched
thoughts - the mirage thrown upon your brain by some of those who surround
you. . . .

Do not take as an excuse your honesty.  Honesty without Justice is like a
drunken watchman's bull's eye - made but to throw light on his own distorted
features leaving all around him in greater darkness still. . . You wrong her
from beginning to end.  You have never understood Upasika, nor the laws
thro' which her apparent life has been made to work since you knew her.  You
are ungrateful and unjust and even cruel.  You take maya for reality and
reality for illusion.

I have said and shall say no more, and now if you don't listen and believe
what I now tell you I shall have to turn Karma into a new direction.
M...  "

	[Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom---Second Series, Letter 47]



 H.P.B. Articles,  II p. 308


"But there are some cases in which we can judge with a degree of certainty
that such adepts were incarnated and what they were named.  Take Thomas
Vaughn, Raymond Lully, Sir Thomas More, Jacob Boehme, Paracelsus, and others
like them...These souls were as witnesses to the truth, leaving through the
centuries in their own natures, evidence for those who followed, and
suggestions for keeping spirituality bright--seed-thoughts, as it were,
ready for the new mental soil.  And as well as these historical characters,
there are countless numbers of men and women now living who have passed
through certain initiations during their past lives upon earth, and who
produce effects in many directions quite unknown to themselves now.  They
are, in fact, old friends of "the sacred tribe of heroes," and can therefore
be more easily used for the spreading of influences and the carrying out of
effects necessary for the preservation of spirituality in this age of
darkness."	WQJ Art I 192-4

 H.P.B. Articles,  II p. 308

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    			H. P. B.  --  WHO WAS SHE ?


"I never gave myself out for a full-blown occultist, but only for a student
of Occultism for the last thirty or forty years.  Yet I am enough of an
occultist to know that before we find the Master within our own hearts and
seventh principle--we need an outside Master...I got my drop from my Master
(the living one)...He is a Saviour, he who leads you to finding the Master
within yourself.  It is ten years already that I preach the inner Master and
God and never represented our Masters as Saviours in the Christian sense."
[ HPB to Dr. Hartmann = PATH X p. 367]

" I venerate the Master, and worship MY MASTER--the sole creator of my
inner Self which but for His calling it out, awakening it from its slumber,
would never have come to conscious being--not in this life, at all
events..."	Letters of HPB to APS,  p. 104

'Scoffers and the press asked one another 

"How is it that this pupil [HPB] of semi-omniscient Mahatmas, the natural
clairvoyant and trained reader of the minds of men, cannot even tell her
friends from her foes?"

HPB: "Who am I," she said answering one question with another, "who am I
that I should deny a chance to one in whom I see a spark still glimmering of
recognition of the Cause I serve that might yet be fanned into a flame of
devotion?  What matter the consequences that fall on me personally when such
an one fails, succumbing to the forces of evil within him -- deception,
ingratitude, revenge, what not -- forces that I saw as clearly as I saw the
hopeful spark: though in his fall he cover me with misrepresentation,
obloquy and scorn?  What right have I to refuse any one the chance of
profiting by the truths I can teach him, and thereby entering upon the Path?

I tell you that I have no choice.  I am pledged by the strictest rules and
laws of occultism to a renunciation of selfish considerations, and how can I
dare to assume the existence in the faults in a candidate and act upon my
assumption even though a cloudy forbidding aura may fill me with
	[Something we can all at least aspire towards. (  from Tony )]

"The Occult Science is not one in which secrets can be communicated of a
sudden...till the neophyte attains to the condition necessary for that
degree of illumination to which, and for which, he is entitled and fitted,
most if not all of the Secrets are incommunicable.  The receptivity must be
equal to the desire to instruct.  The illumination must come from
within...Fasting, meditation, chastity of thought word and deed;  silence
for certain periods to enable nature herself to speak to him who comes to
her for information;  government of the animal passions and impulses;  utter
unselfishness of intention, the use of certain incense and fumigations for
physiological purposes, have been published as the means since the days of
Plato and Iamblichus in the West..." 	 M L  p. 282-3


"The Secret Doctrine was the universally diffused religion of the ancient
and prehistoric world."
  	[ SECRET DOCTRINE  I   xxxiv ]  

"These truths are in no sense put forward as a revelation, nor does the
author claim the position of a revealer of mystic lore now made public for
the first time in the world's history."    [ SD  I   vii ]
"We give facts and show land-marks:  let the wayfarer follow them.  What is
given here is amply sufficient for this century."  	[ SD II 742 ]  

"There are more secrets of Initiation given out in the Introductory Chapter
than in all Isis...Fancy Masters giving out the secret of the "Divine
Hermaphrodite" even ! and so on."
	  [ HPB Letters to A.P.Sinnett, p. 172-3 ] 


"We have offered to exhume the primeval strata of man's being, his basic
nature, and lay bare the wonderful complications of his inner Self...and
demonstrate it scientifically...It is our mission to plunge and bring the
pearls of Truth to the surface...

For countless generations hath the adept builded a fane of imperishable
rocks, a giant's Tower of INFINITE THOUGHT, wherein the Titan
dwelt...emerging from it but at the end of every cycle, to invite the elect
of mankind to cooperate with him and help in his turn enlighten
superstitious man...until that day when the foundations of a new continent
of thought are so firmly built that no amount of opposition and ignorant
malice guided by the Brethren of the Shadow will be found to prevail.  But
until that day of final triumph, someone has to be sacrificed--though we
accept but voluntary victims.  The ungrateful task did lay her [HPB] low and
desolate in the ruins of misery, misapprehension, and isolation:  but she
will have her reward in the hereafter for we never were ungrateful..."
M L 51

"...our true progress lies in fidelity to Masters as ideals and facts."...I
think a constant reliance on Masters as such ideals and facts--or
either--will lead the T S on to greater work...I belong to that class of
persons in the T S who out of their own experience know that the Masters
exist and actually help the T S...I am not acting impulsively in my many
public statements as to the existence of Masters and help from Them.  It is
done under an old order of Theirs and under a law of mind.  The existence of
Masters being a fact, the assertion of that fact so often made in America
has opened up channels in men's minds which would have remained closed had
silence been observed about the existence of those Beings...Experience has
shown that a springing up of interest in Theosophy has followed declaration,
and men's minds are more powerfully drawn away from the blank Materialism
teaching."  	WQJ Art II 43

"Concentrate the mind upon the Masters as ideals and facts--living, active,
beneficent Beings, working in and on the plane of causes.  Meditate upon
this exclusively, and try to reach up to Them in thought."    	F P 13-14

" worker, however feeble or insignificant, is outside the range of
Master's eye and help."
	WQJ Art II 47

"...I can swear it, the Masters are watching us all, and, without fail, when
we come to the right point and really deserve, They manifest to us.  At all
times I know They help and try to aid us as far as we will let Them.  Why,
the Masters are anxious (to use a word of our own) that as many as possible
may reach to the state of power and love They are in.  Why, then, suppose
They help not?  As They are Atman and therefore the very law of Karma
itself, They are in everything in life, and in every phase of our changing
days and years.  If you will arouse your faith on this line you come nearer
to help from Them than you will recognize."	  	LETTERS 68

"...fix your thoughts again on Those Elder Brothers, work for Them, serve
Them, and They will help through the right appropriate means and no other.
To meditate on the Higher Self is difficult.  Seek, then, the bridge--the
Masters."	LETTERS 112

"...the great Adepts live in the plane of our inner nature, it must follow
that they might be actively helping every one of us after the date referred
to, and we, as physical brain men, not be conscious of it on this plane."

"...between adept and chela--Master and Pupil--there gradually forms a
closer tie;  for the psychic interchange is regulated
the water in a full tank runs into an empty one which it is connected with;
and as the common level will be sooner or later reached according to the
capacity of the feed-pipe, so does the knowledge of the adept flow to the
chela;  and the chela attains the adept-level according to his receptive
capacities.  At the same time the chela, being an individual, a separate
evolution, unconsciously imparts to the Master the quality of his
accumulated mentality.  [ we ] always ascertain independently and for
ourselves whether the ideas so reflected in us are right or wrong."
Letters From the Masters of Wisdom  [1919] (I)  p. 82-3

"the Master-Soul is one"...  [Thou art THAT.]   		VOICE 54

"...the light of the ONE MASTER, the one unfading golden light of Spirit,
shoots its effulgent beams on the Disciple from the very first.  Its rays
thread through the thick dark clouds of matter..."    	VOICE 19

" the best and most important teacher is one's seventh principle [Atma]
centred in the sixth [Buddhi]." 

"The Masters are not Eastern nor Western, but universal." 	 LETTERS 109

"And whoever therefore wants to see the real MAHATMA, must use his
intellectual sight.  He must so elevate his Manas that its perception will
be clear...His vision will then be bright and he will see the MAHATMAS
wherever he may be, for, being merged into the sixth and seventh principles,
which are ubiquitous and omnipresent, the MAHATMAS may be said to be
   	 HPB Art I 294

"Just now the best and biggest work by us poor children is on this plane
with the great aid of Master, Whose simple single will keeps the whole
organization [in being], and acts as its support and shield." 	LETTERS 87

"the image of the Master is the best protection against lower influences;
think of the Master as a living man within you."	 	LETTERS 164

"The whole sweep, meaning, and possibility of evolution are contained in the
word Mahatma...those great souls who have triumphed before us...but just
because they are of the human race." 
   	WQJ ART II 39

"A Mahatma is not only an Adept, but much more...This does not mean a
noble-hearted man merely, but a perfected being, one who has attained to the
state...when time and space are no obstacles to sight, to action, to
knowledge or to possess information of a decidedly
practical character concerning the laws of nature, including that mystery
for science--the meaning, operation and constitution of life itself..."
ECHOES, p. 23

"...more help could be given to the movement in America because the fact of
their existence was not concealed from motives of either fear or
doubt...Occult help from Masters requires a channel just as much as any
other help does...the persons to be acted on must take part in making the
channel or line for the force to act, for if we will not have it they cannot
give it.  

Now as we are dealing with the mind and nature of man, we have to throw out
the words which will arouse the ideas connected with the forces we desire to
have employed.  In this case the words are those which bring up the doctrine
of the existence of Adepts, Mahatmas, Masters of Wisdom.  Hence the value of
the declaration of our beliefs."	WQJ ART II 41

Q.:--	"What then are the Adepts doing?

A.:--  (a)     Assisting all good movements by acting on men from behind the
scenes through mental influence.

       (b)     Preparing as many men and women who are fit for it so that
they may, in their next incarnation, appear in the world as active devotees
to the good of the Human Family.

       (c)     Spreading now, through impulses given in many places which
must not be mentioned, a philosophy of life which will gradually affect the
race mind, and in particular the active, conquering Western peoples, thus
preparing the whole people to change and evolve yet further and further
until evils disappear and better days and people reappear."   
    	WQJ Articles  II  53-4





	{From letters written by HPB and the Mahatmas )

Almost 109 year ago, Julia Keightley (Jasper Niemand) had the following

"A few days after Madame Blavatsky died, H.P.B. awoke
me at night.  I raised myself, feeling no surprise,
but only the sweet accustomed pleasure.  She held my
eyes with her leonine gaze.  Then she grew thinner,
taller, her shape became masculine; slowly then her
features changed, until a man of height and rugged
powers, stood before me, the last vestige of her
features melting into his, until the leonine gaze, the
progressed radiance of her glance alone remained.  The
man lifted his head and said:  'Bear witness!'  He
then walked from the room, laying his hand on the
portrait of H.P.B. as he passed." Reminiscences of
H.P. Blavatsky and The Secret Doctrine, 1893, p. 127.

Some two years earlier, James Pryse also had a remarkable encounter with

"One evening [in 1889] while I was thus meditating the
face of H. P. B. flashed before me.  I recognized it
from her portrait in Isis, though it appeared much
older.  Thinking that the astral picture, as I took it
to be, was due to some vagary of fancy, I tried to
exclude it; but at that the face showed a look of
impatience, and instantly I was drawn out of my body
and immediately was standing "in the astral" beside H.
P. B. in London.  It was along toward morning there,
but she was still seated at her writing desk.  While
she was speaking to me, very kindly, I could not help
thinking how odd it was that an apparently fleshy old
lady should be an Adept.  I tried to put that impolite
thought out of my mind, but she read it, and as if in
answer to it her physical body became translucent,
revealing a marvellous inner body that looked as if it
were formed of molten gold.  Then suddenly the Master 
M. appeared before us in his mayavi-rupa.  To him I
made profound obeisance, for he seemed to me more like
a God than a man.  Somehow I knew who he was, though
this was the first time I had seen him.  He spoke to
me graciously and said, "I shall have work for you in
six months."  He walked to the further side of the
room, waved his hand in farewell and departed.  Then
H. P. B. dismissed me with the parting words, "God
bless you," and directly I saw the waves of the
Atlantic beneath me; I floated down and dipped my feet
in their crests.  Then with a rush I crossed the
continent till I saw the lights of Los Angles and
returned to my body, seated in the chair where I had
left it. . . ." 
	 Pryse, James Morgan.  "Memorabilia of
H.P.B."  The Canadian Theosophist, March 15, 1935, pp.

James Pryse wrote to William Q. Judge about his
out-of-body experience and "vision" of H.P.B.  Judge
referred to these experiences in his reply to Pryse
dated Sep 3, 1889:

"My dear Pryse:

I have your letter, and fully appreciate your feelings
as they resemble my own.

I do not think your position is so strange or
remarkable as to be beyond our ken, nor do I look at
your experiences as being solely mediumistic, nor at
the dream or vision as unsolvable. You are now
struggling with the personal self in the early stages,
and can consider yourself fortunate that you have the
chance to overcome in the initial battle. . . .

. . . . Your vision that when you looked at H P B and
saw no old woman but a God is correct. You were
privileged to see the Truth --- For the Being in that
old body called H P Blavatsky is a mighty Adept
working on his own plan in the world. And 
thus we do not need to go to Tibet or S. America to
find the sort of Being so many wish to see. Yet having
seen the reality better keep silent and work with that
in view. For even did you go and tell Him you knew He
was there he would smile while he waited for you to do
something such as you could in your limited sphere.
For flattery counts not and professions are worse 
than useless. But it is a great thing to see as much
as you have, and a greater thing it will be if you do
not doubt for you may never see it again. . . . "




In a letter dated Feb. 23, 1887, HPB wrote to William

"Yes there are 'two persons' in me.  But what of that?
 So are there two in you; only mine is conscious &
responsible & yours is not."  THE THEOSOPHICAL FORUM,

July 1932, p. 226

" 'Two persons' in me"?  What does that phrase mean?

In the Glossary appended to the 2nd edition of THE KEY
TO THEOSOPHY, HPB writes about the "two Egos in man":

"Esoteric philosophy teaches the existence of two Egos
in man, the mortal or personal, and the higher, the
divine or impersonal, calling the former 'personality,'
and the latter 'individuality.' "  (See entry on

In another glossary definition, HPB writes that
"Individuality," is one "of the names given in
Theosophy and Occultism to the human Higher Ego. We
make a distinction between the immortal and divine and
the mortal human Ego. . . ."

Elsewhere in the glossary, we find this:

"The Individuality is the Higher Ego (Manas) of the
Triad considered as a Unity. In other words the
Individuality is our imperishable Ego which
reincarnates and clothes itself in a new Personality
at every new birth."

Let us now give a number of statements by HPB in which
she apparently refers to the conscious Individuality
within her:

"Do you believe that, because you have fathomed---as
you think---my physical crust and brain; that shrewd
analyst of *human* nature though you be---you have
ever penetrated even beneath the first cuticles of my
REAL SELF ?  You would gravely err, if you did...You
DO NOT KNOW me;  for whatever there is INSIDE it, is
NOT WHAT YOU THINK it is;  and---to judge of me
therefore, as of one UNTRUTHFUL is the greatest
mistake in the world besides being a flagrant 
injustice.  I (the inner real "I") am in prison and
cannot show myself as I am with all the desire I may
have to. Why, then, should I, because speaking for
myself AS I AM  and feel myself to be, why should I be
held responsible for the OUTWARD jail-door and ITS
appearance, when I have neither built nor yet
decorated it ?"   
	Letter of H.P. Blavatsky to A.P. Sinnett, 
	MAHATMA LETTERS, 2nd ed., pp. 465-466.

". . .  I am enough of an occultist to know that
before we find the Master within our own hearts and
seventh principle---we need an outside Master....I got
my drop from my Master (the living one)....He is a
Saviour, he who leads you to finding the Master within yourself. . . . "  
	Letters of H.P. Blavatsky to Franz Hartmann, 
	THE PATH, VOLUME X, p. 367.

". . . I venerate the Masters, and worship MY
MASTER---the sole creator of my inner Self which but
for His calling it out, awakening it from its slumber,
would never have come to conscious being---not in this
life, at all events..."   
	Letters of H.P. Blavatsky to A.P. Sinnett,  p. 104

"Several times a day I feel that besides me there is
someone else, quite separable from me, present in my
body. I never lose the consciousness of my own
personality; what I feel is as if I were keeping
silent and the other one -- the lodger who is in me --
were speaking with my tongue. For instance, I know
that I have never been in the places which are
described by my 'other me', but this other one -- the
second me -- does not lie when he tells about places
and things unknown to me, because he has actually seen
them and knows them well. I have given it up: let my
fate conduct me at its own sweet will; and besides,
what am I to do? It would be perfectly ridiculous if I
were to deny the possession of knowledge avowed by my
No. 2, giving occasion to the people around me to
imagine that I keep them in the dark for modesty's
sake. In the night, when I am alone in my bed, the
whole life of my No. 2 passes before my eyes, and I do
not see myself at all, but quite a different person --
different in race and different in feelings."  
	THE PATH, December 1894,

"Do not be afraid that I am off my head. All that I
can say is that someone positively inspires me --
..... more than this: someone enters me. It is not I
who talk and write: it is something within me, my
higher and luminous Self, that thinks and writes for
me. Do not ask me, my friend, what I experience,
because I could not explain it to you clearly. I do
not know myself! The one thing I know is that now,
when I am about to reach old age, I have become a sort
of storehouse of somebody else's knowledge... "



Some students believe that HPB herself reveals that
the mighty Adept using the "H.P. Blavatsky" body was a
Nirmanakaya.  In a letter dated Sept. 15, 1887, Madame
Blavatsky writes Mr. Judge:

"Begin by being elected both of you [Judge and Elliott
Coues] for a year, and then if you are prepared to
pledge yourselves both for life - then affairs &
events may be turned off by unseen powers into such a
groove that you will be unanimously elected for life -
just as Olcott & I were - to go on with the work after
our deaths. Do you understand what it means? It 
means that unless you consent, you force me to a
miserable life & a miserable death with the idea
preying on my mind that there is an end of theosophy.
That for several years I will not be able to help it
on & stir its course, because I will have to act in a
body which will have to be assimilated to the
Nirmanakaya, because even in Occultism there are such
things as a failure, & a retardment, and a misfit. But
you don't understand me, I see."  


HPB writes that following her death:

"I will have to act in a body which will have to be assimilated to
the Nirmanakaya."  Since this assimilation can take
years, she was concerned that "I will not be able to
help" the Theosophical cause and movement for that
period of time.

HPB writes in her Glossary to the KEY TO
THEOSOPHY (2nd Edn.)  about a "Nirmanakaya":

". . . Occultism...says...that Nirmanakaya, although
meaning literally a transformed "body," is a state.
The form is that of the Adept or Yogi who enters, or
chooses, that post-mortem condition in preference to
the Dharmakaya or absolute Nirvanic state. He does
this because the latter Kaya separates him for ever
from the world of form, conferring upon him a state of
selfish bliss, in which no other living being can
participate, the adept being thus precluded from the
possibility of helping humanity, or even devas. As a
Nirmanakaya, however, the adept leaves behind him only
his physical body, and retains every other "principle"
save the Kamic, for he has crushed this out for ever from his nature during
life, and it can never
resurrect in his post-mortem state. Thus, instead of
going into selfish bliss, he chooses a life of
self-sacrifice, an existence which ends only with the
life-cycle, in order to be enabled to help mankind in
an invisible, yet most effective, manner. . . . Thus a
Nirmanakaya is...verily one who, whether a Chutuktu or
a Khubilkhan, an adept or a Yogi during life, has
since become a member of that invisible Host which
ever protects and watches over humanity within Karmic
limits. Mistaken often for a "Spirit," a Deva, God
himself, &c., a Nirmanakaya is ever a protecting,
compassionate, verily a guardian, angel to him who is
worthy of his help...."




Let us first give two suggestive statements from the
letters of Mahatma Koot Hoomi that may shed some light
on this question.

Referring to Madame Blavatsky, Master K.H. wrote:

"After nearly a century of fruitless search, our
CHIEFS had to avail themselves of the only opportunity
to send out a European BODY upon European soil to
serve as a connecting link between that country and
our own."  

	The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett,
Letter No. 26, K.H.'s Confidential Memo about Old Lady
[HPB]. Received Simla, Autumn, 1881., 

The Master wrote:

"The TCHANG-CHUB (an adept who has, by the power of
his knowledge and soul enlightenment, become exempt
from the curse of UNCONSCIOUS transmigration) --- may,
at his will and desire, and instead of reincarnating
himself only after bodily death, do so, and repeatedly
--- during his life if he chooses. He holds the power
of choosing for himself NEW BODIES -- whether on this
or any other planet --- while in possession of his old
form, that he generally preserves for purposes of his
	The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett, Letter No. 49,

Madame Blavatsky offers a suggestive remark in LUCIFER:

"It had also escaped him [A.P. Sinnett] for the
moment, no doubt, that among the group of Initiates to
which his [Sinnett's] own mystical correspondent [Koot
Hoomi] is allied, are two [Initiates] of  European
race, and that one [Initiate] who is that Teacher's
[Koot Hoomi's] SUPERIOR is also of that origin
[European], being half a Slavonian in his 'present
incarnation,' as he himself wrote to Colonel Olcott in
New York. "  
	Lucifer, October, 1888, p. 173; reprinted
in H.P.B.'s COLLECTED WRITINGS, Volume X, p. 153  


This is a quite fascinating statement by HPB that Koot
Hoomi's Superior was of European origin and was "half
a Slavonian in his 'present incarnation.' "  HPB also
tells us that this latter information was conveyed to
Colonel Olcott in New York in a letter written by the
Adept Superior.

The anonymous author of THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT
(1925 edition, p 378) pens a valuable suggestion about
this passage:

"Just why H.P.B. should put the phrase 'present
incarnation' in quotes is worth some intuitional
effort, as is also the fact that 'H.P.B.' was herself
precisely and exactly 'half a Slavonian' in her then
'present incarnation.' "  




Pursuing this intuitional effort, let us examine some other primary sources.

A.P. Sinnett had a remarkable encounter with the
Master K.H.  Sinnett wrote in a brief note of the

"I saw K.H. in astral form on the night of 19th of
October, 1880, --- waking up for a moment but
immediately afterwards being rendered unconscious
again (in the body) and conscious out of the body in
the adjacent dressing-room where I saw another of the
Brothers afterwards identified with one called
'Serapis' by Olcott, --- 'the youngest of the
chohans.' "  THE MAHATMA LETTERS, Letter No. 3a in the
first three editions.

Some four years later, while William Q. Judge was in
London and on a visit to Mr. Sinnett's home, the
following interesting conversation ensued.  Mr. Judge wrote:

"I asked him [A.P. Sinnett] about his sight of K.H.
and he related thus:  'He was lying in his bed in
India one night [see above], when suddenly awakening,
he found K.H. standing by his bed.  He rose half up,
when K.H. put his hand on his head, causing him to
fall at once back on the pillow.  He then, he says,
found himself out of the body, and in the next room,
talking to another adept whom he describes as an
English or European, with light hair, fair, and of
great beauty.  This is the one [adept] Olcott
described to me in 1876 and called by name -------. 
Please erase that when read. . . . S[innett] says he
[the European adept] is very high. . . ." 

In 1883, Colonel Olcott was healing people with his
mesmeric "power".  He relates the following

"On the day in question, while under treatment for his
eyes, upon which business my thoughts were closely
concentrated, [Badrinath Babu, the patient] . . .
suddenly began describing a shining man whom he saw
looking benevolently on him.  His clairvoyant sight,
had, it seemed, become partially developed, and what
he saw was through closed eyelids.  From the minute 
description he then proceeded to give me, I could not
fail to recognise the portrait of one of the most
revered of our Masters. . . . .[Badrinath]...described
to me an individual with blue eyes, light flowing
hair, light beard, and European features and
complexion. . . . The description...fitted accurately
a real personage, the Teacher of our Teachers [KH and
M.], a PARAMAGURU, as one such is called in India, and
who had given me a small colored sketch of himself in
New York, before we left for Bombay. . . ."	
	OLD DIARY LEAVES, Volume III, 430-1

It is on record that the Master Serapis gave Colonel
Olcott "a small colored sketch of himself in New
York."  See Letters from the Masters of Wisdom, Series

Concerning Colonel Olcott's mesmeric healing, Master
Koot Hoomi wrote to A.P. Sinnett:

"This [healing] is all done thro' the power of a lock
of hair sent by our beloved younger Chohan to H. S. O."

This is KH's annotation to a newspaper article titled
MESMERIC PASSES" that was published in the Calcutta
INDIAN MIRROR. See The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to
A. P. Sinnett, Appendix III,

Confirmation that the SUPERIOR or MASTER of both KH
and M  was Serapis is again found in this statement by
Henry Olcott:

"One of the greatest of them, the Master of the two
Masters [KH and M] about whom the public has heard. .
. . , wrote me on June 22, 1875:

'The time is come to let you know who I am.  I am not
a disembodied spirit, Brother, I am a living man;
gifted with such powers by our Lodge as are in store
for  yourself some day.  I cannot be with you
otherwise than in spirit, for thousands of miles
separate us at present. . . . .' "  
	OLD DIARY LEAVES, Volume I, p. 237.

Koot Hoomi's SUPERIOR is further mentioned in a letter
of HPB's:

"K. H. or Koot-Hoomi is now gone to sleep for three
months to prepare during this Sumadhi or continuous
trance state for his initiation, the last but one,
when he will become one of the highest adepts.  Poor
K. H. his body is now lying cold and stiff in a
separate square building of stone with no windows or
doors in it, the entrance to which is effected through
an underground passage from a door in Toong-ting
(reliquary, a room situated in every Thaten (temple)
or Lamisery; and his Spirit is quite free.  An adept
might lie so for years, when his body was carefully
prepared for it beforehand by mesmeric passes etc.  It
is a beautiful spot where he is now in the square
tower.  The Himalayas on the right and a lovely lake
near the lamisery.  His Cho-han (spiritual instructor,
master, and the Chief of a Tibetan Monastery) takes
care of his body.  M[orya] also goes occasionally to
visit him. . . .

"Now Morya lives generally with Koot-Hoomi who has his
house in the direction of the Kara Korum Mountains,
beyond Ladak, which is in Little Tibet and belongs now
to Kashmire.  It is a large wooden building in the
Chinese fashion pagoda-like, between a lake and a
beautiful mountain. . . . They come out very rarely. 
But they can project their astral forms anywhere." 
	Letter from H. P. B. to Mrs. Hollis Billings, Simla.
Oct. 2. 1881.  
	The Theosophical Forum (Point Loma,
California), May 1936, pp. 343-346,

>From the above material, it would appear that Serapis,
one of the Chiefs or Chohans of the Occult
Brotherhood, was the SUPERIOR or TEACHER of both
Master KH and Master M.  Furthermore, Serapis being a
Nirmanakaya had taken on his "present incarnation"
using the "old body" called H.P. Blavatsky as a
instrument for his "life of self-sacrifice." 

These insights help us to understand more fully the
significance of KH's words about H.P. Blavatsky:

"After nearly a century of fruitless search, our
CHIEFS had to avail themselves of the only opportunity
to send out a European BODY upon European soil to serve as a connecting
. . . "




HPB does not claim "authority."   She claims to be a "messenger."

Specifically a messenger from the Great and Ancient Lodge of ADEPTS.  
In both ISIS UNVEILED and The SECRET DOCTRINE she disclaims any personal
authority and gives the credit for the records she transmits to the real
authors, the Mahatmas.

Since she was well aware that the Theosophical theories and hypotheses would
be received with various degrees of incredulity from the academies, she was
careful to make it clear that the information was in reality taken from the
HISTORY that the Adepts and their disciples
(chelas) had recorded down the ages.  All that she requested was "equal
time" and open consideration of what Theosophy had to offer.  [ S D  I 272 -
300 ]
This suggests that THEOSOPHY is not a new fangled system of collated ideas
drawn from many sources -- in fact if it were even that, then the marvel is
of HPB's mind.  And, her capacity in drawing such a vast diversity together
and showing how the many pieces hung together to form a seamless whole in
the world of ideas and concepts.  In many student's experience and wide
reading, there is no one who has written such a comprehensive view of our
world, the organization of the universe,  on the spiritual, intellectual and
psychological basis, and the part that Mankind plays in that.
The immortality of man's Spirit / Soul and the "God-spirit" (the Universal
DEIFIC ESSENCE), being present in every "life-atom" of our LIVING UNIVERSE,
are fundamental concepts.  

Everything in Nature trends in its life-experience towards a higher degree
of knowledge, wisdom, and perfection.  Each life-cycle (incarnation) is like
a separate day at school and all are drawn together by the uniting thread of
the immortal, and eternal spiritual Self which is at their core.  In fact
she shows how Theosophy traces the evolution of the "consciousness and
intelligence" of the SPIRITUAL SOUL or Monad, through many forms -- from the
atom to the human condition of independent free-will.  As below, so above --
said the wise Hermes.  The Atom and the Universe correspond in structure,
movement and objectives. They are integrated into one vast brotherhood of
sensitive and inter-protective laws.  The great and the "small" are mutually
dependent.  "Spirit" cannot exist without "matter."  Eternal Mind -- is the
witness to all progress and life.

This sweep and concept is one that can be traced in every one of the great
religions and philosophies of the world.  It is the record of their
existence, of their common source, and of our participation, again and
again, in those processes.  
Currently there is debate as to whether Theosophy has its roots in Buddhism,
Hinduism, Jainism, etc...  And the place of Judaism, Kabala, Islam and
Sufism is debated and considered in many ways.  The question is always
asked:  'Does knowledge, wisdom, and action have limits?"  The Universe
stands as evidence that they not only do, b out that the inter-relationship
which permits diversified "life," is as ancient as Science and philosophy
are able to trace.

It is understood that scholars who are deeply familiar with those systems
and their development can trace the evidence and the pathways of the
development of similarities in observation and thought.  However, HPB claims
on behalf of the great and ancient Lodge of Adepts, that all those were
derived from the "Sanatana Dharma," the "Perennial Philosophy." which is a
record of Life's development and history which they have observed and left
records of..  [ ISIS UNVEILED Vol. 2, pp 98-105. ]  Modern "Theosophy" [ the
Wisdom of the Deity ] claims to expose the outlines of this system and
traces these facts everywhere in the world, and in the records of history on
all continents.
As such Theosophy claims to be at the root and at the origin of all the
great ancient religio-philosophical systems and provides a reason for their
development as systems of practice leading to that kind of "initiation"
which develops Wisdom in thought and mind as well as simultaneously the
application of compassion and harmlessness in motive.

Thus, Theosophy, is not exclusively religion, or philosophy but also
includes science -- it is the power to investigate and record the workings
of NATURE  (Life as a Whole) in every stage and department of the world and
our Universe.
The sweep of the ever-present immortal Life, through cycles of evolution
lead at last to the "all-Knowingness" of the PERFECTED MAN.  The designation
"Mahatma" (Great Soul) is one that includes all such self-developed men of
superior knowledge and nature. It is held that every single "monad" in our
world, and our Universe is destined to eventually enter the human stage of
"freedom to think."  From there on, as we, humans can, the power to develop
further is placed squarely in our hands.  The current test of humanity is?
will it dare to assume the responsibility?  Will it follow Hermes' other
injunction:  " Man, Know Thyself." 

The SECRET DOCTRINE therefore speaks of those great Initiates, the "Fathers"
and the "Guardians" of wisdom, as the intelligent guides, and assistants
that Nature employs to assist every fresh evolutionary effort, a "new Day"
of intelligent development and progress -- open without exceptions to all
If this is grasped the minute details and studies of specialists, while
respected, as continuing proof of the inclusive nature of Theosophy, is also
shown to be but the outer covering, to be but one way to approach to the
interior mystery of man's own mind, and its almost infinite capacities.  
If this infinite capacity of the human mind to grow and to understand the
most simple, as well as the most complex subjects is grasped, the more
learned will continually encourage the learners to investigate and prove for
themselves all avenues, however diverse, of information, tradition and lore.
And that is the always growing tip of the self-enlightening Mind.  It always
widens out to that which is permanent and universal, when given a chance to
emerge from ignorance, doubt, skepticism and lethargy.

Theosophy shows us that the real energizers are OURSELVES.

	Dallas TenBroeck 


1		To consider

				DEFENSE OF HPB   -    

		 Re:	       "GEnie Information Services"




The sheets of information (copy attached) on this may have been written by
an uninformed person, who, perhaps may not have had time to read any of the
books Mme. Blavatsky wrote, mentioned below.  

Those books will be found to present a more accurate view of Mme.
Blavatsky's life and of her work. It is possible that the sources used by
the contributor in the "Round Table" (quoted without reference to them or
their sources), were written by a sensation seeking writer, who repeats
slanders that were set to rest as inaccurate and untrue over 100 years ago
at the time of Mme. Blavatsky's death in 1891 in New York at the conclusion
of what is known as the "New York SUN Case."  Full documentary records of
this can be produced.

The owners of the newspaper the NEW YORK 'SUN', having published late in
1890 a slanderous article authored by a man named Coues, and being
subsequently sued by Madame Blavatsky (then resident in London, England)
independently investigated every slander reported, and proved to their
satisfaction that they were unfounded in fact.  They then wrote a sincere
retraction in 1891 after the death of Mme. Blavatsky (May 8th, 1891).

It is hoped you will consider the following facts:  the enclosed paper
outlines facts concerning H.P.Blavatsky's life and work.  It is brief, but
is also thorough, and the research "sources" can be easily verified.

Please look on this as material offered for your criticism and review and
with a sincere desire to present you with the results of a study which any
sincere researcher can verify for themselves.  They are of course entirely
subject to anyone's criticism, amendment or inquiry.

It is presumed that GEnie attempts to offer matters of factual exactitude,
since its authority and respect will be based on such review as is presented
here for the benefit of the service and its sponsors.



	The subject is: "THEOSOPHY".  "Madame Blavatsky" is considered to be
the modern exponent of ancient theosophical propositions and ideas.

	The ideas and principles of the theosophical scheme are not novel,
but can be shown to be extremely old, and well known to the whole of the
antique world of scholarship, philosophy, science, religion and thought.  

	It may be said, subject to verification by anyone, that it repeats
in modern language the historical facts that concern the origin of our
Earth, and the subsequent history of its evolving.  All religious
philosophies, as well as all scientific research will be found on close
examination to be based on this ancient record.  Evidence of its antiquity
is to be traced in every one of the old systems in an unbroken stream. 

	Madame Blavatsky was important to its re-presentation in our modern
era.  She was an accredited member of the ancient "brotherhood" concerning
which traditions exist chiefly in the Orient, although one can find them in
Masonic and Rosicrucian literature, and also in the original documents that
contain the "Old Testament" of the Jews, which form the basis for the
various translations of the "Bible."  

	The re-presentation of the tenets of this ancient system called
THEOSOPHY by early Greek philosophers, such as Pythagoras, begins for us in
the modern "West," with the founding of the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY in the Fall
of 1875, in New York, over 100 years ago.  

	Mme. Blavatsky published her first book ISIS UNVEILED in 1877,
dedicating it to "The Members of the Theosophical Society," so that they
might study the basis from which its teachings spring.  This work was hailed
widely for its research and scholarship by contemporary authorities all over
the world and it forms the basis for the serious consideration of the work
which the Theosophical Society was dedicated to:


	"1. To form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity,

		without distinction of race, color, or creed.

	2. To promote the study of Aryan and other Scriptures, of the 	
		World's religion and sciences, and to vindicate the
		of old Asiatic literature, namely the Brahmanical, Buddhist,

		and Zoroastrian philosophies.

	3. To investigate the hidden mysteries of Nature under every aspect

		possible, and the psychic and spiritual powers latent in man

		especially."  THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY - Blavatsky, p. 39

	To assist members of the new Society the "Brothers," the real
Founders of the Theosophical Society, determined that a book should be
written which would make available evidence concerning its tenets;  so that
these could be traced in history and literature.  To do this, Mme. Blavatsky
was assisted by several of them, and with the help of Col. H. S. Olcott, Dr.
Alexander Wilder, William Q. Judge, and many others, began this work.

	"Theosophy" as a term has been traced to Pythagoras by Greek
scholars.  It is known to have been used among the Neo-Platonists of the
2nd-5th centuries A.D. in Alexandria, Egypt;  and also by other Greek and
Middle-Eastern writers and philosophers of antiquity right up to modern
times.  It is made clear at the outset that Theosophy is not a "religion."


	The period spent in preparation for the mission of about 20 years
from 1850 to 1870 was declared private to her by Mme. Blavatsky.  In the
enclosed paper one has a glimpse of the way in which she spent it.  One has
yet to read of her being a "stage magicians' assistant, and a circus
performer."  Even if that were so, how could it have any bearing on the
presentation of Theosophical philosophy?  The fact that Boehme was a
shoemaker, or that Jesus was a carpenter have nothing to do with their
teachings or their morals!


	Many persons around HPB attested to her being frequently visited by
Personages using a variant of the "astral" form.  HPB made no secret of
collaborating with these in recording the Theosophical teachings, as she
attributed all she wrote to Them, calling herself only their agent.  She
maintained this position her whole life.  She claimed no special position
for herself other than being a faithful and loyal representative.

	She maintained that all the proofs of the doctrines presented were
in Their custody as guardians.  A doctrinal continuity is to be traced as an
unbroken thread from the most ancient of the Oriental systems (Indian and
Chinese), through the Zoroastrian (Zend), to that of Chaldea, Babylon and
Assyria, Egypt, Greece, and finally to that of the Jews, embodied in the
early books of the "Old Testament," and other early Jewish literature from
which Christianity is largely derived as the Bible.

	Christianity was shown to be the result of an attempt by Jesus, a
member of the same antique "Brotherhood," to reform Judaism at a period
about 100 years anterior to the arbitrary date of birth that the early
Church Council of Laodicia selected for him (c. 345 or 381 A.D. -
Encyclopedia. Britannica).

	This "Brotherhood of Wise Men" has always been known to the Hindus.
Its existence had become almost totally forgotten by Europeans after the
death of Hypatia, the last of the Neo-Platonists (414 A.D.).  Some traces of
that memory can still be found in Masonic and Rosicrucian records.

	The Theosophical Society was established to unite into a single body
those who sensed the Unity of the Human family. ISIS UNVEILED serves to
provide evidence that the oldest continuous record of the "Wisdom of the
Ages" was guarded by "The Masters of Wisdom," and in their possession.
Since fragments are known to the Hindu, the Zoroastrian  and the Chinese
civilizations, and since the re-presentation of Theosophy was to be for the
benefit of the whole World, we find that They made use of those available
ancient records, philosophico-religious systems, and terms.  They pointed to
these, now found in the religious systems of the ancient Persians, the Jews,
and finally, in modern Christianity.  (The Bible can no longer be relied on
for accuracy as it has been through the hands of so many translators and
re-arrangers as to become distorted from its original meaning in many cases.
This is a fact that is conceded by most Biblical Scholars of these days,
especially in the light of the recent findings of the Dead Sea Scrolls and
the Nag Hemadri Gnostic manuscripts.  This in no way detracts from the
appreciation of the efforts of the great Reformer named Jesus who came to
the Jews, and from whose moral and ethical teachings Christianity has been


	Mme. Blavatsky was not a "psychic" in the sense of a "passive
medium."  She was an Adept.  She had active and positive control over
Nature's secret forces.  Evidence of this control has been given by hundreds
of witnesses.  This is not novel or unusual in the annals of "occultism."
But positive and voluntary control of occult forces, at will is highly
unusual in the records of "Spiritualism," be it 125 years old, or the more
modern day "New Age" channeling and other manifestations.

	Scattered through the literature of the past, available to us, from
Pythagoras and Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Josephus and Philo Judaeus, down
through medieval times to our modern age, are accounts of similar control by
individuals over Nature's hidden forces.  Apollonius of Tyanna, Simon Magus,
Porphyry, Iamblichus, Paracelsus, Van Helmont, Mesmer, Baron Du Potet, Edgar
Caycee, Uri Geller, ... the list is endless -- are among those who have
testified to and demonstrated the existence of these forces.  This ought not
to be ignored.

	The "miracles" performed by Jesus, have been duplicated by all
those, who, as he did, knew the secret laws of Nature that enabled him, and
many others known to history and antiquity, both in the "West" of Europe and
America, and the "East" of Judea, Assyria, Chaldea, India, Tibet, China and
Japan to perform them.  The literature of all these countries will be found
to give such evidence, from antiquity up to the present.  This should not be

	Those who exercised such control were called Magi, Sages, Wise Men
of the East, Magicians (in the true sense - not prestidigitators), Adepts,
Hierophants, Rishis, Mahatmas, Brothers, Masters of Wisdom, and so forth.
They are all members of the Antique Brotherhood.

	Spiritualism did not "father or mother" Theosophy.  The phenomena of
"spiritualism" are well known to all serious students of Theosophy because
it explains what happens when "phenomena" occur.  Mme. Blavatsky was never
either "disdainful or critical" of Spiritualism, she explained it.  Those
explanations were not pleasing to some persons who had evolved theories
other than those which Theosophy demonstrates. 

	Surely there is no reason to equate the work that any one did (
Boehme was a "shoemaker," and Jesus was a "carpenter" ) with the value of
the teachings that they gave.  Surely the real test of any truth lies in its
capacity for being proved by others.  If something is true, then it will
stand any test applied to it.  It is well known in the case of Mme.
Blavatsky, that being out of money when she landed in New York in 1873
(because of a charitable act) she supported herself making ties and
artificial flowers (writes Col. Olcott) for a time, until she received a
part of her inheritance from her father's will.  

	Theosophy is not a religion !  It is a statement of facts about
events (history), and about the laws that operate in Nature (whether visible
physical, or invisible).  It includes three ranges of phenomena: physical,
meta- as well as infra-physical.  Mme. Blavatsky advanced evidence for this,
in great detail in the two volumes of ISIS UNVEILED (1877), and, she
amplified this and 
later in THE SECRET DOCTRINE (1888).  These were published with the object
(among others) of inducing investigation of the most rigorous kind.  Suffice
it to say that such testing has invariably demonstrated the accuracy of her
statements.  No scholar has yet seriously disputed the philosophy or the
logic and the facts which she adduced to support it.


	Mme. Blavatsky and Col. H.S.Olcott traveled to India in 1879, as a
"Committee of the Theosophical Society" to cement relationships with Indian
correspondents, and in particular with Pundit Dayanand Saraswati, founder of
the Arya Samaj (the "Assembly of Nobles") a reform movement with similar
objectives, in India.  They were much in sympathy, as Dayanand was
instituting similar reforms in Brahmanism, and attempting to rid it of its
creedal exclusiveness.  His position was that the wisdom that the Brahmins
preserved (and which gave them power over the ignorant and superstitious
masses ought to be made widely available.  He also opposed ritual practices
supported by the Brahmins, who had interpolated these into their scriptures,
and which supported the rigid exclusiveness of castes that vitiates India. 

	Judaism is found to be derived from the original wisdom of India,
which those "Semitic" tribes had brought from there, through Persia, where
the seat of their religious strength remained in Babylon until well past the
era of Jesus.  To this was added the wisdom of Egypt (Moses was an initiated
Hierophant in the Egyptian priesthood), and of the Chaldean Magi.  Before
that, the wandering tribes, can be traced back to India, when at a period
around some 5,000 years B.C. the "tchandalas" (brick-layers and shepherds)
emigrated, passing through what is today called Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, on
into Arabia, Ethiopia, Egypt and settling, mainly in and around Palestine
(Pali-shepherd;  stan-place).  The Phoenicians, for instance were sea-faring

	Hinduism (Vedic Brahmanism) and what is called Zoroastrianism
(Zend), are found to be root contributors to ancient Jewish lore and
scriptures, as can be traced by a careful study and comparison of early
Hebrew texts (compiled before Ezra's revision), and from the records left to
us of all those many Middle-Eastern sects and religious philosophies, such
as the Ebionites, Essenes, Therapeutae, Nazarenes, Sabeans, Ophites,
Gnostics, Pythagoreans, Mendeans, Basilideans, Marcionites, and finally to
the Dervishes, Sufis and Druzes of modern times.

	"Adyar" is not the "spiritual" center of the modern Theosophical
Movement.  That "center" is with the Mahatmas, ( The BROTHERS ) and with
Mme. Blavatsky,  Their Agent, wherever They may be at present, since death
of the body does not mean a termination of the existence of the
Spiritual-Soul or its work in and for the world.


	Mme. Blavatsky made no changes in doctrine from the first to the
last page of her writings in the survey of evolution that she outlined.  If
her books are studied this can be easily proved.  All her writing form a
single, consistent whole.

	Many "secrets" of antiquity are made clear by her in those writings.
This is freely acknowledged by scholars of her day, as now.  

	She single-handedly brought on a revolution in those branches of
modern scholarship which deal with antiquity, as also, psychology,
philosophy and religious studies.  

	The simple process was to expose the connecting links of history
that exist between the many sects and civilizations of the past.  It is to
be conjectured that the "Sages" who are the Founders of the "Theosophical
Societies" are, and were "eye-witnesses" of those same events which to us
are history and only verifiable through ancient literature and rock



	The evolutionary scheme depicted makes of the Universe a wholly
living, sensitive and continuously evolving entity.  It is a living UNIT.
As such, its many components:  the "atom", the dust on our feet, the
molecule, mineral, cell, plant, animal forms--all represent steps an
individual evolution, and these components are of the same indestructible,
eternal substance as the WHOLE.  The intelligence using any form is the
Witness and the Perceiver of this process.   The form is incidental.  The
Intelligences are as immortal as the "atom," and as uncountable (by us), yet
each is united with all the rest to form the ever-living essential network

	The man-stage, ours, is one where the light of mind (the soul) is
individualized and gives the "personal mind" a sense of what continuous
identity may be.  The Higher Mind is the true immortal and forms the basis
for continued evolutionary experience through the process of reincarnation.

	The great law of KARMA (action produces an equal reaction, on the
moral as well as the physical plane) guides the whole of evolution without
playing favorites.  It is unerring, honest, rigid, and therefore merciful,
returning to the person the exact consequence for any of his actions,
feelings or thoughts.  Simultaneously, it takes into account the progress of
every component of nature, which is deemed to also be evolving in its own
way, interdependently with all others in the system, and co-dependent each
on the other.

	The goal is that the man-mind may become, first, a Perceiver of the
Universe, in its entirety, and of all planes of existence, visible, and
invisible; secondly, a voluntary assistant and cooperator in the process of
evolution.  It is natural to see that the third stage is the development of
an infinitely sensitive sense of compassion and co-existence with all other
living beings.  Therefore it assumes responsibility for a portion of, and
acts as a participant in, the management and education of the rest of the
"pupils" engaged in that scheme.  All the rest is detail.


	This includes basic information about the operations of nature in
its invisible and non-corporeal side.  As an illustration:  atomics, and
astro-physics, the power of thought-controlling physical matter, health,
disease, the phenomena of clairvoyance, second-sight, apportation,
prescience, etc... are all manifestations of some of its "invisible"
actualities and potentials.

	All this is credited by Mme. Blavatsky to the wisdom and
compassionate process of the Universal Educative Process.  She said of her
Teachers:  the Brothers who guard the "Wisdom of the Ages," that They hold
this wisdom as custodians and guardians of every man's birth-right.  The key
to securing such information and its use lie in every man's hand, they
state.  It is the key to self-atunement of ones' nature to the great
purposes of NATURE.  They further define this, for us to understand, as
self-induced moral and ethical refinement.  We are responsible for our own
progress.  As we advance we assist all beings also.  If we err, we retard
their evolution, and we become responsible, under Karma for the

	This ethical and moral refinement consists in apprehending the fact
of individual worth, and applying this concept in daily life through the
practice of BROTHERHOOD.  They view the Universe as a living and cooperative
entity.  Each man, They urge, ought to learn to deal with his own progress
and self-education, as well as with others in the same open-handed and
large-hearted manner.  Universal Brotherhood, They declare, is a fact in



	Sylvia Cranston MADAME HELENA BLAVATSKY :-  The Extraordinary Life
and 		Influence of,  The Founder of the Modern Theosophical
		- Tarcher/Putnam, New York - 1992 ( Illus., 640 + pages )

	Wm Kingsland:  THE REAL H.P.BLAVATSKY - Watkins, London - 1928 -   
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1937 -  	( 330  + pages )

	THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT : 1875 - 1950 - Cunningham Press, 
		Los Angeles - 1951 -  ( 350 + pages )

 		Stokes, New York - 1925 - ( 410 + pages )




		[ All texts are verbatim or photo-reproduced from the
originals. ]

	ISIS UNVEILED  (1877)  ( 1300 + PAGES )  Theosophy Company, Los

	THE SECRET DOCTRINE  (1888)  ( 1500 + PAGES ) Theosophy Company, 
		Los Angeles

	THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY (1889) (310 pages) Theosophy Company, Los

	THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE  ( 1889 ) 	Theosophy Company, Los

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		Los Angeles 

	A MODERN PANARION  (500 + pages) Theosophy Company, Los Angeles


	THE LETTERS OF H. P. BLAVATSKY,  Vol. I  ( 2003 )  (634 + xix)
Quest 			Books, T P H , Wheaton




-----Original Message-----
From: carlosaveline cardoso aveline
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2006 3:45 PM
Subject: Theos-World 	A Prophecy by Robert Crosbie

Dear Friends,

Peace to All Beings,    Carlos.





----------------------Carlos Cardoso Aveline----------------------

Indeed Mr. Robert Crosbie's texts should not be underestimated by students 
of the esoteric philosophy.

I have with me the 1945 edition of Crosbie's thought-provoking book "The 
Friendly Philosopher",  published for the first time in 1934 and which 
reproduces texts from his letters and talks.

There -  at the letter one,  page five -  we  see some deep perceptions as 
to the way the Mahatmas have worked, since 1897-1900,  with regard  to those

who are aspirants to learning from Them.  But  that is not all that there is

in that page.

It is relatively well-known, by now, that the Adyar/Wheaton Theosophical 
Publishing House (TPH) published in 2004 a book arranged and edited  by Mr. 
John Algeo which shows as "true documents" most of  the old lies and libels 
fabricated by Mr. Solovyov against HPB.

Mr. John Algeo is currently the international vice-president of the Adyar 
TS.  The book he published  is  titled "The Letters of H.P. Blavatsky", and 
it includes as if they were authentic some 20 false texts which  in fact are

criminal forgeries made by Mr.  Solovyov against the main founder of the 
Theosophical Movement.

In the same page five of "The Friendly Philosopher",  a commentary made by 
Mr. Crosbie at the beginning of  the 20th century  foresees, nearly one 
hundred years in advance,  the kind of situation created last year  by  the 
Theosophical Publishing House, TPH, Adyar:

"Those who belittle Judge", wrote Crosbie, "will be found belittling H.P.B."

It is worthwhile to read once again and to calmly meditate upon the two 
complete paragraphs:

"Into each fragment of the original T.S., there have entered many attracted

by the philosophy. The right or wrong of the splits does not affect them. In

each fragment there must be those who are true and good disciples of  
Masters. As far as my knowledge goes, I would say that Masters are working 
in many ways,  and through many organizations as well as with individuals. 
There are no barriers to Their assistance, except such as personalities 
impose upon themselves. Their  work is universal: let our view be as much in

that  direction as possible. So shall we best serve and know."
And Robert Crosbie continues:

"H.P.B. was the Messenger from the Great Lodge to the western world. William

Q. Judge was a co-founder and co-worker with H.P.B. from the beginning. It 
is well to remember that  H.P.B. and W.Q.J. were not accorded the positions 

They held through any authority, but through  recognition of Their knowledge

and power.  Those who belittle Judge will be found belittling H.P.B. An 
ancient saying has it, 'Accursed by karmic action will find himself he, who 
spits back in the face of his Teacher'.  Not an elegant saying, perhaps, to 
our ideas, but it conveys a fact  of most grave import in occultism. 'By 
their fruits ye shall know them'."

Mr. John Algeo still has a chance to  step back from what he did. As to the 
Adyar Theosophical Society, it should clarify its position with regard to 
the false accusations against HPB. 

Readers have their responsibility too. 

Those who want to defend the Truth about HPB can do so by  writing both to 
the TS president, who did not support this publication, and to Mr. Algeo, 
editor of the forgeries:

Mrs. Radha Burnier
President, The Theosophical Society
Adyar, Chennai 600 020, India.

And also:

Mr. John Algeo,
P.O. Box 80206
Athens, GA 30608-0206

I  welcome commentaries and news from readers and fellow-students interested

in defending HPB.


The text above was published in "The Aquarian Theosophist",

Los Angeles, June  2005, pp. 1-2.





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From: [] On
Behalf Of carlosaveline cardoso aveline
Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2006 3:45 PM
Subject: Theos-World A Prophecy by Robert Crosbie

Dear Friends,

Peace to All Beings,    Carlos.




----------------------Carlos Cardoso Aveline----------------------

Indeed Mr. Robert Crosbie's texts should not be underestimated by students 
of the esoteric philosophy.

I have with me the 1945 edition of Crosbie's thought-provoking book "The 
Friendly Philosopher",  published for the first time in 1934 and which 
reproduces texts from his letters and talks.

There -  at the letter one,  page five -  we  see some deep perceptions as 
to the way the Mahatmas have worked, since 1897-1900,  with regard  to those

who are aspirants to learning from Them.  But  that is not all that there is

in that page.

It is relatively well-known, by now, that the Adyar/Wheaton Theosophical 
Publishing House (TPH) published in 2004 a book arranged and edited  by Mr. 
John Algeo which shows as "true documents" most of  the old lies and libels 
fabricated by Mr. Solovyov against HPB.

Mr. John Algeo is currently the international vice-president of the Adyar 
TS.  The book he published  is  titled "The Letters of H.P. Blavatsky", and 
it includes as if they were authentic some 20 false texts which  in fact are

criminal forgeries made by Mr.  Solovyov against the main founder of the 
Theosophical Movement.

In the same page five of "The Friendly Philosopher",  a commentary made by 
Mr. Crosbie at the beginning of  the 20th century  foresees, nearly one 
hundred years in advance,  the kind of situation created last year  by  the 
Theosophical Publishing House, TPH, Adyar:

"Those who belittle Judge", wrote Crosbie, "will be found belittling H.P.B."

It is worthwhile to read once again and to calmly meditate upon the two 
complete paragraphs:
"Into each fragment of the original T.S., there have entered many attracted

by the philosophy. The right or wrong of the splits does not affect them. In

each fragment there must be those who are true and good disciples of  
Masters. As far as my knowledge goes, I would say that Masters are working 
in many ways,  and through many organizations as well as with individuals. 
There are no barriers to Their assistance, except such as personalities 
impose upon themselves. Their  work is universal: let our view be as much in

that  direction as possible. So shall we best serve and know."
And Robert Crosbie continues:

"H.P.B. was the Messenger from the Great Lodge to the western world. William

Q. Judge was a co-founder and co-worker with H.P.B. from the beginning. It 
is well to remember that  H.P.B. and W.Q.J. were not accorded the positions 
They held through any authority, but through  recognition of Their knowledge

and power.  Those who belittle Judge will be found belittling H.P.B. An 
ancient saying has it, 'Accursed by karmic action will find himself he, who 
spits back in the face of his Teacher'.  Not an elegant saying, perhaps, to 
our ideas, but it conveys a fact  of most grave import in occultism. 'By 
their fruits ye shall know them'."

Mr. John Algeo still has a chance to  step back from what he did. As to the 
Adyar Theosophical Society, it should clarify its position with regard to 
the false accusations against HPB. Readers have their responsibility too. 
Those who want to defend the Truth about HPB can do so by  writing both to 
the TS president, who did not support this publication, and to Mr. Algeo, 
editor of the forgeries:

Mrs. Radha Burnier
President, The Theosophical Society
Adyar, Chennai 600 020, India.

And also:
Mr. John Algeo,
P.O. Box 80206
Athens, GA 30608-0206

I  welcome commentaries and news from readers and fellow-students interested

in defending HPB.


The text above was published in "The Aquarian Theosophist",

Los Angeles, June  2005, pp. 1-2.



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