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Theos-World Re: UPADYA versus UPADHYAYA & Narjol versus naljor

Feb 13, 2006 02:22 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "M. Sufilight" wrote:

> Maybe "naljor" and other words refers to their use in a special 
> region of Tibet or a historical time in Tibet when these words were 
> pronounced differently...?

Naljor is OK, it's the same as rnal byor, but there's Narjol in the Vi
Voice of Silence. I'm inlined to think that it's the typo which no 
one cared to correct.

There is also possible that the Masters had their special terms.
For example, I couldn't find out the meaning of the word Chohan from 
a Tibetan teacher. He has probably never heard that word. I've 
thought that it is derivation from chos (dharma) but I cannot be sure.

There is also a famous and greatly misunderstood (as it seems to me) 
word dugpa. Some associate it with drugpa kagyu, the name of a 
buddhist school. But it is spelled quite differently, brugpa bka 
`brgyud. One of the meaning of the word dug is poison, so dugpa mean 
poisonous ones, and in this sense they are correctly opposed to 
gelugpa in Mahatma Letters. Maybe some adherents of the drugpa school 
really dabbled in black magic, so someone having a sense of humor 
invented the name dugpa which sounded alike but had quite other 

Yet I'm not an expert in the Tibetan language, so it would be 
desirable to have the comment from those who know it.

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