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To Carlos Aveline: You may believe anything or everything Paul Johnson has....

Feb 12, 2006 10:25 PM
by danielhcaldwell

To Mr. Carlos Aveline:

You may believe anything or everything Mr. Johnson has
written or stated.  

For example maybe you are now even having second thoughts and are 
ready to accept and believe the following statements which Mr. 
Johnson has written, had published and promoted:


HPB told at least four distinct versions of her acquaintance with 
the Master she met in her youth in London. . . . With four mutually 
contradictory versions of the same character, all that can be 
concluded is that most if not all of HPB's stories about him were 


...much of HPB's portrayal of Morya and Koot Hoomi was designed TO 
MISLEAD in order to protect their privacy....


If I can prove to the satisfaction of many scholars that Mme. 
Blavatsky FICTIONALIZED her Masters, and that the personae of Morya 
and Koot Hoomi are covers for other people, that does not detract 
one iota from the truth of the spiritual principles enunciated by 
her or the alleged Masters.


In 1880, the Mahatmas' letters were full of geographical references 
to Punjab and Kashmir. But in the next few years, a cover story 
about their residence in a Tibetan ashram was promoted and a number 
of FALSE testimonies concocted [by HPB?] as a diversionary 
tactic. . . .  


In light of these four statements, how does Mr. Johnson view the 
following written by H.P. Blavatsky and Master Koot Hoomi?

In a letter to A.P. Sinnett (dated Oct. 9, 1882), H.P.B. recounts 
her visit with Masters K.H and M. in Sikkim: 

"Oh the blessed blessed two days! It was like the old times....The 
same kind of wooden hut, a box divided into three compartments for 
rooms, and standing in a jungle on four pelican's legs....the same 
eternal `gul-gul-gul' sound of my Boss's [Morya's] inextinguishable 
chelum pipe; the old familiar sweet voice of your KH (whose voice is 
still sweeter and face still thinner and more transparent)....." 
(The Letters Of H.P. Blavatsky To A.P. Sinnett, 1925, p. 38) 

In a letter to Sinnett (received Oct., 1882), Master K.H. himself 
describes this same visit: 

"I do not believe I was ever so profoundly touched by anything I 
witnessed in all my life, as I was with the poor old creature's 
[HPB's] ecstatic rapture, when meeting us recently both in our 
natural [physical] bodies...Even our phlegmatic M[orya] was thrown 
off his balance, by such an exhibition---of which he was chief hero. 
He had to use his power, and plunge her into a profound sleep, 
otherwise she would have burst some her delirious 
attempts to flatten her nose against his riding mantle besmeared 
with the Sikkim mud!...." (The Mahatma Letters, Letter No. 92 in the 
new chronological edition; Letter No. 54 in the 2nd, and 3rd 

According to Johnson's views of "cover-up" and "disinformation," it 
would appear H.P.B.'s visit with these two Masters in Sikkim never 
In other words, Mr. Johnson is claiming and promoting the idea that 
Blavatsky and "Koot Hoomi" were lying to Sinnett when they wrote the 
above letters.

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