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So Leon let me get this straight.....: Re: Changes in The Voice of the Silence

Feb 12, 2006 08:33 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Hello Leon,

Thank you for your comments at:

on the subject of "Changes in THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE"
as published by the Theosophy Company.

So Leon, it appears that the bottom line with you can be summarised 
as follows concerning the hundreds of changes made in the VOICE OF 
THE SILENCE published by the Theosophy Company:

"... all I can see is nonsensical and personalized nit 
picking over minor changes made in one of HPB's books that makes 
mountains out of molehills about simple editorial touch ups...."

And at the end of your long email you also write:

" imply or suggest that the VOS teachings were deleteriously 
altered -- is utter nonsense -- and certainly not worth taking up 
the time of members of this forum to continue harping on...."

So Leon, I'm curious.   If none of these changes bother you even if
Annie Besant and G.R.S. Mead made them, what do you think about
Mr. Carlos Aveline's statement which reads in part???

"In time I hope the Adyar TS will come to publicly
acknowledge and debate other mistakes it made.

"A few, selected examples:

"1.  The tampering with the first edition of The Secret Doctrine,
until the ULT published the first facsimile edition in 1925...."
[The Aquarian Theosophist, March 17, 2006.]

Now you say that the alleged "tampering" with the VOICE OF THE
SILENCE is nothing more than "nonsensical and personalized nit 
picking over minor changes" and the making of "mountains out of 
molehills about simple editorial touch ups..."

If that is really the case, then what about the alleged "tampering" 
with THE SECRET DOCTRINE that Mr. Carlos Aveline is writing to Betty 
Bland about.  

As far as I can tell, it was also Mr. Mead who did the "updating" of 

If the same Mr. Mead was making "simple editorial touch ups" 
to the SECRET DOCTRINE, would you also be willing to say that Mr. 
Aveline is simply engaged in "nonsensical and personalized nit 
picking over minor changes"???

That in fact, Mr. Aveline is ALSO guilty of making "mountains out of 

And Leon as you contemplate answering my above questions, please 
keep in mind that it was this same Mr. Mead who edited A MODERN 
PANARION which was reprinted in 1981 by the Theosophy Company.

I refer you to my article on that subject:

I assume that you also see no problem with the Theosophy Company in 
1981 issuing and recycyling this edition of A MODERN PANARION which 
as my article indicates has 100s of changes to HPB's text?  Correct?

Thank you for your input and I look forward to your thoughts on the 
issues and questions I have addressed above.


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