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Re: Theos-World Re: Self-Introduction

Feb 12, 2006 05:24 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

To Bruce: Now you know what I have to deal with, and why I reacted so negatively to your article.


Frank Reitemeyer wrote:

=>Society and anything else in its way. At some point Theosophy will
once again be forced underground as the Western Democracies decay
into Tyrannies. Already, one of the two scholars in my editorial,
David Irving, sits in an Austrian jail awaiting a trial in which he
will not be able to bring forward any evidence that contradicts the
official version of the Hollocaust. He is effectively guilty before
the trial begins. When Theosophy is branded a hate-religion, and it
will be, Theosophists will not be able to bring any evidence forward
to defend themselves as they will be considered guilty a priori. I
chose these two scholars to defend precisely because their cases were
well argued. If they were not, then why should anyone defend them.
There has to be a place for responsible dissent and questioning of
accepted theories, not simply the defense of a man's right to speak.
By not defending what they had to say we allow them to be branded
anti-Semites and "separated" from the herd. Once separated they are
easily picked off one by one. This is happening now. David Irving is
not the only one sitting in a European jail.

Bruce, I am lucky to see that there are other Theosophists out there, whose eyes are open.
There are many dissenters jailed now, and the list is increasing:

You are quite right, the Holohoax religion presents show trials, where the victims a guilty a priori, without the right to speak out their arguments, without the right to present any document etc.
Like the Nuremburg show trial.
The latest development in foreign rule talmudic Germany is that even the lawyers of such thought criminal victims are now persecuted, the first sentences against them are out.
They want to spread fear among the lawyers that no one of them in further trials are willing to take over a Holohoax mandate´, in danger to be jailed for themselves.
And although never ever any clear proof pro gas chambers was presented.
In such show trials you and your lawyer have no rights - if you speak, your are guilty, if you not speak, you are guilty, too.
Can you image that?

Imagine as a Theosophist, Theosophy and its supporters will be persecuted tomorrow. And it can became sooner as you think.
The "German" authorities hold data based about Esotericists, Theosophists, Anthroposophists, Occultists, etc.
Here two powers rule: The Jews and Marxists and the Christians, and Theosophy (in its wider meaning) is their common enemy.

When a tried Theosophist has to defend against accusations like "Anti-Semit", "hate religion" etc., he will have be no right to speak for himself.
He will have the right to hire a lawyer. But the lawyer must not speak, too, otherwise he will be sentenced as a supporter of the criminal.

High time that Theosophists stand up for TRUTH and destroy the ugly Holohoax religion.

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