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Re: Theos-World HPB Declared Innocent by SPR

Feb 12, 2006 05:01 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>The only institution who ever "judged" HPB, that 
>I know, was the SPR.

Dear Carlos, that is right.
There would have been a court session about the 
forged letters, as HPB wished, but Olcott and 
other Indian counsil members found it better to 
kick her out.

>In your own words, Vernon Harrison  prooved all 
>charges were false.


>And you say this is not enough as a proof and 
>evidence that HPB was

No. I just wanted to say that Harrison proofed 
that Hodgson's claims were false.
But he did not proof that the Mahatma Letters were 
genuine or that HPB's claim was proofed true that 
the letters were written by hidden Masters.
That is the difference.

>And what about the depth of the wisdom she gave 
>humanity?  Would a false
person, a fraud, spend her life doing what she did 
and writing what she wrote?

No. But that was not part of Harrison's proof, 
that's all.
You are going to far, when you say that Harrsion 
proofed that HPB wrote the truth.
He just proofed that Hodgson wrote not the truth.

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