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Re: Theos-World Re: Self-Introduction

Feb 12, 2006 04:05 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

> later white Christian supremacists, like the Thule Society, the Nazi 
> Party, etc. I've had to deal with statements on this very list who 
> believe that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a factual document. 

1. The Thule Society and the National-Socialistic Movement including its Leader were not Christian.
They had a theosophical background. F.e. did Hitler use the term "race" in the same sense as HPB, in a spiritual way.
The demand for brotherhood and co-operation among the nations without compound interest were demands similiar to HPB.
If you call that anti-semitic then you must call Karl Marx, son of two Rabbi families, whom HPB opposed strongly, also an Anti-Semit.
Marx desribed the Jewish people as money-makers, hypocrites whose only God is haggling and fraud.

That was before the Jews have slaughtered endless Millions of Europeans.

2. Those who claim that the Protocols, regardless of the history of the 20th Century, are a fake, should simply present the TRUE protocols.
One thing is certain from philosophical logic: If there are wrong protocols, there must be also true protocols.
That in 1897 Theodor Herzl launched a Zionistic Congress in Basle is certain. Also certain is that resolutions were passed.
Also certain is that there was an open Congress and a secret Congress, because Herzl states it for himself in his published diaries, which nevertheless were censored by ommissions.

3. It is a matter of fact that parts of the Theosophical Movement (it was not the Point Loma Society and it was not the ULT) supported the Zionist mass slaughter program against Russia and Germany to force the already assimilated Jews in Russia (farmers) and Germany (physicians, lawyers, business men) to leave their home for an absurde physical Israel.

4. Those who invented the Holohoax are the biggest anti-semitis, because the Jews suffer also from that monster religion and its satanic dogmas. In the tyrannic Jewish state Israel every Jew who does not believe in that satanic religion is persecuted, jailed and tortured.

5. Bruce seems to be one of the very few true Theosophists of today, for which no ideology or party is the highest goal, but nothing else like truth.
That is the true HPB spirit. I support Bruce's analysis of the Holohoax religion. There is danger that it will become the universal world religion and bring absolute, super-Orwellian tyranny.
6. The holocausters never presented any photo or other evidence that there existed gas chambers in Auschwitz, in which human beings have been killed.
Nevertheless more and more people, scientists and private researchers are persecuted in the name of the Holo God.

Read: Germar Rudolf - Lectures on the Holocaust, Controversial Issues Cross Examined.
You can download the complete book for free under:

7. Read Canadian Press about the persection of thought criminal Ernst Zundel and his trial in Mannheim, Germany:

I was present as a theosophical watcher for human rights and freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.
The foreign rule over my occupied homeland Germany entertained us with a tyrannic show trial.
The "freedom" the Jews claim to have brought us looks rather like the dark Inquisition of the Middle Ages.

If they will have succeed in destroying Germany's soul and by race intermixing, they will NOT stop. The WHOLE WORLD is danger, all free people are in danger to be destroyed by those fanatics who believe in the dead letter of their stolen and faked holy writings which they misinterpret as their order of God to become the supreme and Master race above all other races and nations.

Free human beings instead of free trade!

Peace all beings!

Holocaust Conference in Teheran!


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