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Re: Theos-World Re: Don't Forget HPB & her writing, or consider Besant as founder & move on

Feb 12, 2006 02:22 PM
by leonmaurer

Found this month old e-mail buried in my outgoing mail box.
Late, but worthwhile thinking about.   My response below. LM

In a message dated 12/22/05 6:49:24 AM, writes:

> Your opinion that G.S. Arundale made everything Theosophy, is
> interesting. Maybe other members would like to comment on whether
> this is correct or not. Few books which are written by Arundale and
> printed by TPH are on Theosophy. However I think President is
> allowed to adopt certain strategies temporarily depending upon
> situation. As you know any, organization and government has
> continuously changing plans to be successful in continously changing
> environment. If he found that plan as suitable tempararily, it is
> OK. But in the long run TS should focus on publishing writing done
> by occultists like AB, CWL, Hodson, Clara Codd, Arundale himself and
> Taimni. Also TS should direct it's members to study these books. TS
> should not say everything is Theosophy and so members should study
> everything. This is practically wrong. After suggesting these books,
> they should give freedom to members to accpet or reject. Also
> members should be told that TS has unique literature written by
> occultists. All sciences, philosophies and religions and also
> knowledge given by these occultists constitute Theosophy. But as
> other organizations are already providing other literature, TS is
> providing and promoting study of writing done by it's occultists. So
> TS literature is part of total knowledge available to mankind. And
> as other organizations are providing knowledge on other subjects, TS
> should concentrate on providing and promoting study of writing done
> by occultists in TS. So all knowledge available to mankind is
> Theosophy. But work of TS is to make available and promote study of
> writing done by it's occultists. So definition of Theosophy is one
> thing and what TS should practically is different issue. Definition
> of Theosophy and what TS should do practically are two different
> things.
> Actions of TS are to be guided not by just definition of Theosophy
> but also by taking into account other factors mentioned above.

How about considering that the actions of the TS should be guided solely by 
its own original guiding objectives...   Namely, the "Three Objects of the 
Theosophical Movement" set down by HPB when she, William Q. Judge and Henry Olcott 
originally founded the Theosophical Society in America in 1875.   Those 
objects are:

1. "To form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of humanity, without 
distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color."

2. "The study of ancient and modern religions, philosophies and sciences, and 
the demonstration of the importance of such study."

3. "The Investigation of the Unexplained Laws of Nature and the Psychical 
Powers Latent in Man."

Accordingly, for individual students, I think that, even though there was no 
limit placed on the literature to be studied, it makes the most sense to first 
study the books, articles and letters written in support of these objects by 
the three founders and the Masters who informed and guided them (as well as 
dictated the bulk of the Secret Doctrine), along with the writings of those 
relevant ancient and modern books and scriptures pointed out and quoted by them. 

After that, each student -- guided by the three objects, and based on the 
three fundamental principles outlined in the Proem of the Secret Doctrine -- must 
choose his/her own path of study empowered by their own individual, self 
induced and self determined efforts.  Only thus, can one gain a true picture of 
theosophy from the ground up, and through an awakened discernment, make educated 
comparisons and judgments so as to separate the wheat from the chaff.   

Accordingly, the TS itself, should, as an organization, have no control over 
how student members go about their studies, other than supplying them access 
to any and all available literature, facilities, school rooms, meeting halls, 
teachers, etc. -- that will enable them to acquire an enlightened understanding 
of theosophical metaphysics at its deepest and most occult levels, as well as 
demonstrate, as a group, a true brotherhood in action. 

Let's hope that the modern remnants of the original TS can live up to those 
primary aims, purposes and ends in view as set down by the initial founders. 

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

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