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Re: Theos-World We are family-- but what kind?

Feb 11, 2006 05:21 PM
by adelasie

Hi Paul,

You are much too kind. I am merely very fortunate to have found a 
place to live where I feel happy.

> Is the way Theosophists feel and react towards members of related
> organizations more like the way people feel towards their distant
> cousins, or the way Baha'is feel towards covenant breakers?  It varies
> from case to case, but alas common ancestry tends to be more a marker
> for antagonism rather than friendliness within this "spiritual
> family."  

It's pretty difficult for anyone today, in the midst of so much 
institutionalized antagonism and adversarial activity, to find the 
place of balance within that allows a person to treat others with 
compassion and equanimity, or even with courtesy. Theosophists are 
only people after all, children of our times, like everyone else. In 
this time of great change and transition, the forces of darkness that 
seek always to separate and destroy that which seeks to unite are 
very strong. But I derive great support from the statement that all 
that is asked of those who study this ancient wisdom (which takes 
many forms, after all, and many names) is to never give up. It is 
said that a thousand failures are nothing compared to one successful 
effort, that all that is needed is that the student keep trying and 
never give up aspiring to his/her ideals. Hotheaded and stubborn as I 
am, I have been magnificently forgiven many times. How can I do other 
than try to do the same when the opportunity presents itself? And if 
I fail, to try harder next time? 

You and I, Paul, manage to have some very stimulation conversations, 
and I am pretty sure that there are many things we disagree on. But 
you are always courteous, and I keep trying. 

Keep on keepin on, as we used to say,

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