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Aveline's crusade against the Adyar TS????

Feb 11, 2006 08:36 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos Aveline has written a letter dated Jan 6,
2006 to Betty Bland, in which he writes in part:

"In time I hope the Adyar TS will come to publicly acknowledge and
debate other mistakes it made."

Could this letter by Aveline be part of a crusade Aveline has against
the Adyar TS??

If anyone criticizes the ULT and the Theosophy Co., and points out 
their "mistakes" they are accused of "crusades" and "attacks" 
against the ULT.

So if Mr. Aveline goes on a writing "campaign" in two Theosophical 
magazines constantly pointing out the "mistakes" of the Adyar TS and 
criticizing officials of that society, does that mean Mr. Aveline is 
on a crusade against the TS Adyar, that he is "attacking" the TS 
Adyar? Especially if he ignores similar "mistakes" in the 
association he says he now belongs to???


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