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Re: Theos-World Re: Self-Introduction

Feb 10, 2006 08:26 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

robert_b_macd wrote:
I argued that Carlos is not worshipping Blavatsky but rather
demonstrating respect by protecting her from those who would throw mud
on her outer garments.
The use of the capital "T" in "Teacher" goes WAY beyond respect, and into worship. He has stated that we shouldn't be allowed to say anything bad about Blavatsky, or repeat anything bad, even if the purpose is to refute this. We should just bury the past. But the past exists. To deny the past is to deny truth. And Blavatsky was far from perfect. Even the Mahatmas said so, although the also said that they, themselves, were not perfect either.

Of course, anybody who denies that the Holocaust took place isn't interested in historical truth, anyway, only their own hatred.

> I showed why one would be motivated to protect
one's fellow man in general, one's Spiritual Teacher in particular. Bart countered with the following three arguments:
1. All humans sin, Blavatsky is human therefore Blavatsky has sinned,
and 2. Blavatsky is guilty until proven innocent, and 3. It is fair to
accuse sinners of particular crimes and repeat these accusations for
all eternity.
I never said anything even remotely resembling that, and I defy you to find where I did.


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