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Re: Theos-World Re: Think Again: Charlie Darwin's angels

Feb 10, 2006 07:24 PM
by leonmaurer

Hi Cass,

Thanks for looking. :-)

But, I was talking about the theory of ABC -- which is essentially a theory 
of evolution starting with the involutionary birth and subsequent evolutionary 
growth of the Universe -- that is identical with the teachings of Cosmogenesis 
in the Secret Doctrine (i.e., Book of Dzyan).   

Since, in the SD commentaries, HPB also speaks of the errors of Darwin's 
theory, although not denying its basic roots, there's no need to mention it in my 
presentation of the ABC theory... As, this theory is simply a scientific 
interpretation of the theosophical metaphysics that is the basis of all 
evolutionary processes...   Processes that -- due to the guiding powers of consciousness 
(awareness and will) which are inherent in the universe, along with the 
intelligence resulting from memory of all its past manifestations, right from its 
initial awakening out of the primal zero (Laya) point's abstract motion or 
"Spinergy" -- fundamentally contradicts the essentially unintelligent, "graduated 
evolution" concepts of Darwin's theory based on chance mutation and survival of 
the fittest.   

Since these theosophical theories of evolution also support the morphogenetic 
field theory (morphic resonance) of Rupert Sheldrake -- which also 
contradicts Darwinian theorists' concept of evolution based on chance mutations -- this 
is sufficient to "plug the holes" in the Darwinian theory of evolution as it 
is currently accepted by the scientific community.    

On the other hand, since these theosophically consistent scientific theories 
also deny the Judeo-Christian religionists' notion of a miraculous creation 
out of nothing by a separate personal God/creator -- the scientifically valid 
metaphysics of theosophy (i.e., ABC) also serves to plug the holes in their 
wrong views. 

Actually, we might say that the theosophical theories of evolution, being the 
fundamental truth, actually blows both these contradictory as well as false 
notions into a cocked hat, and supplies us with a valid substitute that is 
consistent with all currently proven scientific theories, including much of 
Darwin's theory, and adds a valid (and proven by the Eastern science of Gupta Vidya) 
"theory of consciousness" to the mix -- that neither the scientists nor the 
religionists have ever been able to get a handle on. :-)

Incidentally, the ABC website contains only some of the preliminary notes on 
a book that has been in progress since the early 90's.   Someday, I hope to 
correlate all these notes along with the many hundreds of letters written on the 
subject to the various theosophical and scientific forums concerned with or 
interested in consciousness studies, and finish the book.   But, although I 
have more than enough material to fill such a book -- since I am still waiting 
for collaboration with an accredited scientist capable of obtaining peer rev
iewed publication in scientific journals or under an academic imprimatur -- until 
that happens, I don't know if ABC will ever reach publication beyond the 
Internet exposure it already has.   

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

In a message dated 2/9/06 12:18:18 AM, writes:

> Leon,
> I went to your website. Is this part of your new book on consciousness? I 
> couldn't find any reference to the Darwinian theory.
> Cass
> wrote: Here's an interesting commentary with 
> reference to the ongoing controversy between Intelligent design 
> and scientific evolution or Darwinism.   I wonder whether my "unscientific" 
> (since, non "falsifiable" - using that method) ABC theory could 
> effectively counter both sides of this argument (since they also rely on 
> unprovable premises) and give them both a common ground of agreement 
> that plugs all the holes in Darwin's theories, and knocks the religious
> creationists personal God into a cocked hat?  

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