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Self-Intro, and disappointment

Feb 10, 2006 06:27 PM
by T. H. Hauw

Hi all,

My name is Hauw. I live in Singapore. The TS lodge here was formed by Col.
Olcott and 19 other people in 1889. I became a member in the beginning of
this year and subscribed to theos-talk at about the same time.

Like most people, I joined TS because I want to know more about the meaning
of life and want to increase my self-knowledge and awareness further. I am
waiting for a basic course on Theosophy to commence in March at our lodge.
Meanwhile I am searching high and low to have a better understanding of
Theosophy. So far, I must say that most of the material (incl. most   from
this discussion group) that I have come across are too wordy and difficult
to absorb. Can anyone recommend any beginners books written by modern-day

It's also confusing. I read that there are different lineages e.g. Annie
Besant (and CWL) of the Adyar TS and William Judge of Point Loma. A
university website even said that their teachings are different from the
original teaching of HPB in some areas. Then, after HPB many people also
claimed that they have contact with the Masters. Finally I also read about
the charge against CWL concerning young boys.

So I joined theos-talk thinking that the older souls here might be able to
clear things up a bit. But alas that's not to be; there are just too many
unhealthy exchanges among some members here!

How are new students of Theosophy to make sense out of all the above? We
don't want to dogmatise or institutionalise TS, it's not a religion. But I
wonder if some form of agreed framework, guidelines or decision-making
process would be better to the cause of Theosophy?

I also came across postings here which I think (I may be wrong) is on
Hinduism teachings. I don't think Theosophy is entirely the same as Hinduism
or Buddhism; is there any form of moderation here?

T H Hauw
P.S. When responding to a post, can members try to delete the original
content, save those points that they are responding to, before sending? That
way, all the postings will be neater and easier to read.

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