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Re: Fighting with friends...

Feb 10, 2006 11:40 AM
by christinaleestemaker

--That is a good point of vieuw, because we are not face to face,
we are missing the essence of someones writings and meanings.
Also all are depending on the motion of the moment, which later gives 
other and sometimes better vision.
And then with longtermwritings of several persons, it is not easy to 
follow what has been meant.
By the way, ONE thing For Sure, that keep us away from Alzheimer.

- In, Noel vasco <nenqueteba2000@...> 
> I dont really see Mrs Caldwell bad will. I always have seen good 
arguments from him, that nobody never answer contundently. 
> About "flooding" we can see the quantity of messagess from Carlos 
Cardoso at this moment. He appeared like a ghost and now we see him 
> Stop attack personalities. We all are human beings. We all are one. 
I know that if we were face to face we could be good friends.
> good day for you all.
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