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Some calming "KERNELS OF WISDOM" in difficult time

Feb 10, 2006 09:39 AM
by Compiler

Some calming "KERNELS OF WISDOM" in difficult time


These articles were posted here
almost a year ago, but based on
what is presently going on here I'm
posting them again because I think
a few of them will add much food for
thought for many people to consider.

I hope that many readers, especially
newcomers to theosophy, will find
this very superb 10-part series
of articles, which is entitled
"KERNELS OF WISDOM", all presented
in the bright "Light of Theosophy",
to be very informative and useful.
All of the articles are from
THEOSOPHY magazine and are on my web site. This is
the direct link to the index page,
which contains the headings and the
links to each article:

If for some reason the link is broken
because of its length, this shorter
link is to the 1st of 18 sections on
the "Additional" articles Index page
that is entitled: "Newcomers: You
Can't Go Wrong Starting Here!"
The 2nd link in it takes you to
the index page to the series:


Dear newcomers to Theosophy:

I sincerely do hope that my web site offers
a well-rounded overall view of Theosophy and
the Theosophical Movement. The 3 main links
to everything on it are found below.

Please know that I'm only the compiler of
all the articles found on my web site; I'm
not a scholar; and also that I personally
do not like to take part in conversations,
even though I do hope that what I present
from time to time will help a little in
the discussions being carried on by others.
So please do not be insulted when I do not
respond if someone addresses me, or addresses
anything that is found in any of the articles
on my web site; I leave that for others to
deal with if they want to -- whether pro, con,
neutral, friendly or unfriendly.

John DeSantis

You may find a great deal of the Truth that you
are searching for here: web site (Main Page):

This is the Index page of the "Introductory",
"Setting the Stage" book, which was especially
compiled for newcomers to Theosophy:

The page where "Additional" articles are slowly
being added (which contains 18 sections that
can each be clicked on at the top of the page
in order to go directly down to them, as well
as to get the link to any particular section
that you may want to use in a posting on a
discussion board, or in an e-mail to someone):

This next link is to the most updated version of my
economic proposal to humanity, a practical project
to help our suffering world that I also consider
to be Theosophical. In it you will find a new and
unique, but mostly unknown, economic system
model that might be able to put an end to involuntary
poverty on earth. How? It presents a way to fully
finance everything of importance that is needed
in every nation. Because of this it's well worth
pointing to. Please note that, for strategic
reasons, of wanting it to have the best chance
of being accepted by all peoples worldwide,
no matter what their religious, philosophical,
and scientific beliefs are, I've put it on a
completely different web site; it contains
no mention of, or link to, the Theosophy and
the Theosophical Movement that is presented
on my web site:


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