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Re: Fighting with friends...

Feb 10, 2006 08:41 AM
by robert_b_macd

I don't think anyone is accusing Mr. Caldwell of bad will, but rather
of inappropriate behavior.  Will speaks to motive which none of us can
know.  Behavior is there for all to see.

I suspect what people object to with Mr. Caldwell is that there is a
personal aspect to his attacks.  Many members of theos-talk belong to
different Societies.  No one believes that any Society is perfect, but
you still feel obligated to defend your group.  Often the reasons for
descisions made in the past are much more complex than can be
discussed in a forum such as this.  One way to get around this
defensive posture would be to discuss things in the abstract.  People
would not feel threatened and at the end any understandings that have
been reached could be taken by respective members back to their own
societies where change could be discussed internally.  I don't think
anyone objects to the principles of the subjects that Mr. Caldwell
wants to discuss, but rather to his confrontational style.  If after
years of trying he hasn't gotten answers to his questions, maybe he
should change his approach.  What do you think Daniel?


--- In, Noel vasco <nenqueteba2000@...> wrote:
> I dont really see Mrs Caldwell bad will. I always have seen good
arguments from him, that nobody never answer contundently. 
> About "flooding" we can see the quantity of messagess from Carlos
Cardoso at this moment. He appeared like a ghost and now we see him
> Stop attack personalities. We all are human beings. We all are one.
I know that if we were face to face we could be good friends.
> good day for you all.
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