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Re: Self-Introduction

Feb 10, 2006 08:22 AM
by robert_b_macd

Dear Manjusri,

Thank you for your welcome and thank you for inviting me to focus on
something constructive.  Let's read the passages and see if there is
evidence that H.P.B. might have read it.

--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Robert,
>    Well said and put. Welcome to the Forum. do you think H.P.B.
might have 
> read something like the below some time in her life?
> Manjusri
> The Bodhisattva with the Sword of Discriminating Wisdom
> The perception of truth is not for all minds
> These are the qualities which force its exclusion:
> Desire, greed, ignorance, pride,
> Joy in sensation, love of the past, fear for the future,
> Anger at the present, the inability to see clearly.
The above qualitites are not ones readily associated with H.P.B. It is
true that sometimes she vented around her close friends but there did
not seem to be the vitriol in her venting associated with anger as her
associates usually ignored her until the storm passed.
> These are the qualities which bring it nearer:
> Hope, joy in change, love of the many
> Creative action, individual growth, acceptance of new ideas
> The ability to understand potential.
The above describes beautifully the establishment of the Theosophical
Society during the latter part of the 19th century.  Hope, joy in
change, etc. and especially "The ability to understand potential" were
all needed in order to push the project forward.  A woman like H.P.B.
was needed.
> These are the qualities when truth is here:
> Acceptance of all form as having equal reality
> Clear vision over long distances
> Love of all things and non-things
> Joy in what is.
Harder to say here but I would think that H.P.B.'s willingness to give
everyone a chance even if she knew in certain instances that the
person she was going to give a chance to was likely to betray her, is
testement to her clear vision and allowing things to unfold as they must.
> With my sword I strike down those who presume to travel
> to places forbidden to them
> I decide the worthiness of an adept, the talent of a master
> the distance both may travel
> My book records the karma of each whose deeds
> determine the world which they shall inhabit.
It seems that H.P.B. always deferred to karma, see the previous comment.
> I guard the door to Truth unending
> Neither mercy nor power shall move me from my decisions
> I wear the robes of judge and jury
> Across the abyss I hold my golden ladder to aid the worthy
> While the unworthy who try to cross
> Find only shifting sands within their grasp.
H.P.B. certainly understood this and tried to encourage all to think
for themselves and do the work that they have to to progress.  The
aspirant has to make himself worthy through trial and error so that
when they approach the abyss they are ready.
> I am blue and gold and also white 
> I bend neither to the right nor the left
> If you wish to ascend to truth, then you must do these:
> Look deep within your heart
> Feel the many chains which bind you, hold you like an anchor
> To the planes of illusion
> Not one link will I allow to pass the sacred gates.
Again, in the early days of the T.S. there were many people who wanted
to take on the trials of chelaship.  As much as possible I think she
tried to dissuade people from following this dangerous path if they
were not ready as most weren't. 
> Impartial understanding, great in the wisdom of many worlds
> Only these do I allow to pass
> That they may have wisdom to trade for Truth.
Interesting "wisdom to trade for Truth".  What would H.P.B. say
concerning this?  It reminds me of what I understand from the tantric
tradition where the aspirant meditates on the goddess (wisdom) in
order to atract the corresponding Boddhisattva and his Truth.
> No dramas, no mantras, no striving will I let by me
> Those who are ready shall pass
> The rest shall strive, dissatisfied and fight among themselves
> Letting their true natures come to the surface
> And wonder 
> Why was I not chosen?
Perhaps the above is why the T.S. was set up as it was.  To allow
people the opportunity to draw forth their karma in an atmosphere of
brotherly understanding.  As the nature of our chains show themselves
we can work to dissolve them without fear of judgment.
> You who wish to ascend follow the path
> To the cave of loneliness, in the mountains of the self
> And when you have found the Hidden
> Return to me and I shall bless you
> And point you on your way.
Sounds like there are further mountains to climb, alas!  If anyone
practiced an understanding of the above, it was H.P.B. which seems to
indicate that if she did not read it or something very similar, she
was certainly sympathetic with its contents.

Peace, Bruce
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