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Re: Theos-World Every Challenge is an Opportunity

Feb 10, 2006 07:03 AM
by adelasie

Hi Carlos,

Your comments are certainly to the point. How can we understand 
contention among us? Especially since Theosophy was intended to 
provide humanity with tools to facilitate harmony.

> Perhaps a list of practical steps people could take right now would
> include:
> a)  to improve whatever mutual help mechanisms there are;
> b) to try to honestly examine differences in views in a basiclly
> respectful way, though with frankness --  and to remember no one is
> the sole owner of Truth.  In fact, no one owns Truth, not even
> partially, we can only belong to It unconditionally.

We might also consider that nothing can change until the individual 
looks into his or her own heart and begins to work to bring what is 
found therein into alignment with the Law of Love, Unity, and all its 
ramifications. It is interesting to contemplate the fact that what we 
see wrong in others is simply a reflection of the unaddressed 
wrongness in ourselves. We are nothing if not reflections of each 
other. Change in the composite occurs because of conscious efforts of 
change in every unit. We are in this together, whether we will or no.


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