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On Flooding

Feb 10, 2006 03:36 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Friends,

More "flooding", and endless repetition of the same multiple messages in the same internet group.

If it is not conscious "flooding", it might be some kind of anxiety to be read and accepted. I do not know. Haven't you seen this before?


From: "Daniel H. Caldwell" <>
Subject: Theos-World Misleading Statement in Mr. Aveline's Critique of ESOTERIC WORLD OF MADAME BLAVATSKY
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 21:17:42 -0800 (PST)

Misleading Statement in Mr. Aveline's Critique of

In his FOHAT article (which was also repeated in THE
AQUARIAN THEOSOPHIST), Carlos Aveline wrote:

In the disgusting volume THE ESOTERIC WORLD OF MADAME
BLAVATSKY - while believing the editor has selected
truthful documents - the reader will bump into many of
the lies written against HPB.

There he will see two texts by Emma Coulomb ... with
no word from the "editor" Daniel Caldwell admitting he
is publishing documents which have no trace of truth
in them whatsoever.

Notice what Mr. Aveline writes:

....NO WORD from the editor....

I ask: Is this statement by Mr. Aveline correct,
truthful and factual?

CONTRARY to what Mr. Aveline writes, some of the
editorial notes in my book do call the reader's
attention to the conflicting testimony and even to the
falsity of these charges against HPB.

Here are some of my notes to the readers:

p. 205: "Emma Coulomb later claimed that she
collaborated with HPB at Adyar, as she had earlier in
Bombay, in producing false phenomena; however, her
descriptions of what she did are not consistent with
the observatations of others, who witnessed the
phenomena, both Indian and Westerners, as some of the
following selections demonstrate."

p. 263: "Meanwhile, a vicious attack on Blavatsky by
two of her staff members at Adyar, Alexis and Emma
Coulomb, was rapidly building up....She wished to sue
the couple, already dismissed from Adyar for their
gross libel concerning her supposedly fraudulent
production of psychic phenomena...."

p. 264: "The Coulomb attack, as was later evident, had
no solid foundation whatsoever...."

p. 406: "In May 1884, the Coulomb couple were expelled
from the Theosophial Society for theft, attempted
extortion and slander...."

p. 264: "In 1963, Adlai Waterman....refuted Hodgson's
contentions against Madame Blavatsky....Another
refutation of some of Hodgson's charges against HPB is
Vernon Harison's article...."

Of course, many of Hodgson's contentions were based on
the Coulomb testimony.

In light of these notes, why did Mr. Aveline write
what he did?

One might conclude that Mr. Aveline either didn't
carefully read my book to know about these notes or
else he didn't want his readers to know that I had
added such comments.

Daniel H. Caldwell

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