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Many thanks

Feb 10, 2006 03:23 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline


Perhaps Daniel is repeating himself a little bit,

as he tries to make  my writings better known.

Haven't you seen this message before?

Peace to him and to all beings,


From: "danielhcaldwell" <>
Subject: Theos-World Has the Edmonton Theosophical Society created bad "karma".....?
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 05:57:33 -0000

Has the Edmonton Theosophical Society in Canada
created bad or negative "karma" for publishing the entire
pamphlet of Emma Coulomb's "lies against the Masters
and HPB"?

Carlos Aveline wrote some interesting thoughts
about "karma". Notice how he phrases his words:

The disgusting material [in THE ESOTERIC WORLD
OF MADAME BLAVATSKY compiled by Daniel Caldwell] includes utter
disrespect for two Sacred Teachers and Their names, in
one of the libels signed by Emma Coulomb. Its
reproduction by a Publishing House which calls itself
'Theosophical' is something which surpasses and goes
relatively far beyond the limits of absurdity....

As to this kind of action, there are two levels of
karma: the karma of actively publishing lies
against the Masters and HPB, and the karma of anyone
who knows about this and does nothing. This will not
be the karma of earnest students.... [FOHAT, Summer
2005, p. 32]

Trying to understand Mr. Aveline's "reasoning" in this
matter, I wonder if his above comments about "beyond
the limits of absurdity" and the creation of karma
("bad" I assume) would ALSO apply to a 1995
"reproduction" or reprint of Emma Coulomb's pamphlet??

In 1995, the Edmonton Theosophical Society (who is
the publisher of FOHAT where the above comments by
Aveline first appeared) REPRINTED the ENTIRE 112
pages of Madame Coulomb's "disgusting" (to use
Aveline's description) pamphlet.

I only reprinted 3 or 4 pages of the Coulomb pamphlet
in my book! :)

It should also be noted that there are no publisher's
comments or notes appended to this Edmonton Theosophical
Society reproduction to indicate to readers that this pamphlet
contains "old well-known falsehoods and proven lies"
(again to use Mr. Aveline's phraselogy).

At least I added some notes warning the reader! :)

So would Mr. Aveline ALSO conclude that the
"reproduction [of the entire Coulomb pamphlet] by a
Publishing House which calls itself 'Theosophical'
[ETS of Canada] is something which surpasses and goes
relatively far beyond the limits of absurdity...."????

Furthermore, would Mr. Aveline also agree that the
Edmonton Theosophical Society as publisher of this
reprint has generated "karma" [bad or negative] for "actively
publishing lies against the Masters and HPB"?

If Mr. Aveline can make the kind of comments he has
about the Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton,
Illinois, USA publishing my book, is he also willing to
castigate the Edmonton Theosophical Society for similar
if not worse actions??

These are just some of the questions and thoughts that
came to me as I seriously pondered on what Mr.
Aveline's statements and reasoning actually mean.


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