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Please - STOP this....

Feb 10, 2006 00:51 AM
by Shel Steijl



What are we doing?  


We ARE NOT : political organisations vying for electoral votes, nor are we kindergarten children defending our claim to the biggest swing in the playground.


We ARE : all students of theosophy.


Please, spend a little time looking at what each person / organisation / lodge is trying to achieve in his / her / its own way.  Are we not simply trying to promote knowledge and understanding of the "truth" of theosophy while at the same time seeking further knowledge and understanding ourselves?  


Such knowledge has been recorded and accumulated over many lifetimes in many formats / media by many Masters, teachers and initiates from many countries / realms.  We are all (aspirant) disciples of these forebears, be it one, some or all of them;  we are all walking the same path albeit at varying stages on that path.  


In all our readings we search, sift, and apply/discard that which we have read.  Yes, language and translations continue to muddy interpretations;  and our personal interpretation of any given teaching will most likely differ further as we are at different stages along our respective karmic paths.  


However, I doubt that any of our teachers (HPB, WQJ, AB, AAB to mention but a few) would endorse the nature of the recent (and not so recent) tirade between their students and fellow-travellers.  This rivalry and one-upmanship is weakening the foundation of our own teachings and quest for knowledge;  it is in direct conflict with many of the teachings of all our mentors (pl) - consider the Ego, the Self, the Personality for starters.  

Is this what we want, i.e., to invalidate much of that which we are trying to achieve/promote?  What message are we sending out to those students new to theosophy: preach but do not practice?  I hope not.


Criticism - be it scathing or gentle - has no positive gain;  and with this letter I acknowledge that I am also "voicing my opinion" and therefore guilty of the same, but to NOT say anything seems to be worse. If you have something to teach, TEACH it.  If you have something to learn, ASK it.  If an offering by another student / teacher offends you , then...


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