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The Question of Spiritual Soul

Feb 09, 2006 10:55 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Daniel, Friends,

Peace to all.

I will take the opportunity to write a few lines clarifying, perhaps,
my views on the points Daniel raises. (See below.)

I would say -- in addition to what I wrote in the article -- that everyone
is entitled to examine if and up to what extent he himself is loyal to his own
Monad, Atma-Buddhi, Higher Self.

So, in Daniel's case, since he pays so much attention to it, I would say
I am sure that Daniel is
entitled to judge if and up to what extent he himself is loyal to his own Spiritual
Soul. And -- I would add that Daniel is not the person best entitled to judge other persons'
loyalty to their own spiritual souls, or vows. That includes Mr. Robert Crosbie.

Besides that, I would say that such matters refer to some subtle vibration rates.
They can only be really examined in peace of mind and not in an anxious
mood. Anyone can write about these matters, but in order to know something
about them, the vibration rate must include one's inner soul, one's higher, peaceful,
silent perception of things.

That is perfectly possible if one decides to gradually purify one's life, to look for self-knowledge,
and to have respect for other beings out of respect for oneself and for one's higher self.

Best regards and peace to all, Carlos.

From: "danielhcaldwell" <>
Subject: Theos-World Carlos on the "Robert Crosbie" Article
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2006 18:20:03 -0000


In your article at:

you indirectly refer to the article about Mr. Crosbie
which can be found on the web at:

First of all, are there any MISSTATEMENTS about
Mr. Crosbie in this article? Are there any inaccuracies?

If so, what are the REAL facts? Please
provide us with the "corrections."

Secondly, I assume you do NOT like us actually
posing the question:

"Did Robert Crosbie Break the Seventh Clause of
His Solemn Pledge as a Member of the Esoteric School?"

I assume that you "bristle" at us even asking the question!!

But I will say that the question is a honest one
and in light of the facts STATED in the article it
has occurred to more than one student. I have
even received inquiries years ago about this very issue.

At least on my part, if I have asked similar HARD
questions about the claims of Mr. Leadbeater, Mrs.
Besant, Mrs. Bailey, the speculations of Mr. Johnson, etc. ,
etc., I see no good reason why one cannot ask
that question about Mr. Crosbie or similar questions
about claims concerning Mr. Crosbie made by ULT writers.

In the article we quote Theosophy magazine writers
who assert Mrs. Besant broke her seventh pledge.

One might ask if that was an "attack" on Mrs. Besant?
Dedicated followers of Mrs. Besant would, no doubt,
consider it such an attack.

But I ask: is it "unfair" or to be considered "an attack"
in light of what was actually  stated in the article, to
ask the same relevant question about Mr. Crosbie?

Notice we did NOT answer the basic question and even
posed the question:

"Did Mr. Crosbie believe and claim that he was in contact
with the dead Blavatsky, the deceased Judge and the Mahatmas
receiving their permission to start the Dzyan Esoteric School
and reissue H.P.B.'s esoteric instructions, etc. in 1909?"

If Mr. Crosbie believed he was in such contact, then he
would not have necessarily broke his pledge by reissuing
the E.S. Instructions.

Apparently Mrs. Besant believed she was in contact with
the dead HPB for she writes in the SD III, page 434 about
HPB's esoteric instructions:

"....they are published with her consent."

So IF Mrs. Besant BELIEVED she was in contact with the
dead HPB and that HPB had given her consent, then did
Mrs. Besant actually break her pledge?

As far as I can tell, the writers in Theosophy magazine
did NOT bring up THAT particular point but merely stated
Mrs. Besant had broken her pledge, etc.

The questions asked in the article under question were
asked in all honesty and sincerity and if that is
considered "attacking" then so be it.

Another ULT associate also complained that we did not
include "the view" from the ULT in this article under discussion.

The gist of this Crosbie article was published several
years ago by David Green and he asked for input and the
view of the ULT from a number of ULT students. To this
date,no student has come forth and presented "the view
of the ULT" --- at least has NOT presented any relevant
historical information that would answer the question
which is the title of the article.

So if YOU would like to throw more light on the subject
by giving the ULT  view and HISTORICAL FACTS that will
give readers of that article further answers
and insights, then I ask you to write something and
we will be more than happy and willing to append your
comments to the said article and circulate both the
original article and your additional comments to our

But hopefully what you give about "the
ULT view" will be more than vague assertions such as
one ULT associate gave one time about the D.E.S. in emails
to Dr. Gregory Tillett.

Here on Theos-Talk you have a chance to inform readers of the true
history in this particular matter.

Hopefully your comments will actually help to answer the question
rather than obscuring it further.


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