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Carlos' "tit for tat" argument, etc.

Feb 09, 2006 10:32 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

I have questioned the responsible people at Adyar 
TS, starting with Betty Bland, who obviously have 
an influence onver TPH, about the Annie Besant
"Secret Doctrine". When I have the time I may write 
to the TPH itself.

But Carlos just as you live in Brazil, Betty Bland lives
in the USA.  Why write to her?  What "influence" does she
really have over the policies of the Adyar TS and its publishing arm.
Have you written directly to Radha Burnier or John Algeo, the top 
officials of the Adyar TS?

But since you refer to "the Annie Besant 'Secret Doctrine'", unless 
I am not properly informed this edition hasn't been published for 
many years and right now the only edition of the SD published by the 
Adyar TS (or by its publishing houses) is the Boris de 
Zirkoff/Collected Writings edition.

But as far as I know the "tampered" edition of THE VOICE OF THE 
SILENCE issued by the Theosophy Company is still being sold thru the 
catalog division of Theosophy Company and by local lodges of the 
ULT. About a month ago I was in San Diego and saw a copy of said 
version being sold by the local lodge of the ULT.

You also write:

What about you, Daniel?  Did you question "The Theosophy 
Company" about the issue you are raising?  When was it?

Since Dallas TenBroeck is (or at least was a few years ago)
a director on the board that governs the Theosophy Company,
I have several times conveyed my concerns about the tampered
Voice edition to Dallas and asked him to bring this matter up
to the board of directors.

But as far as I know, this edition is still being sold and no notice
has been added stating the true facts about said edition.

Carlos, you also write:

If you did not raise the issue to them yet, why are you  raising it 
to me now?  I do not live in Los Angeles. I live inm Brazil.  And, 
besides  and I am not the diretor of "The Theosophy Co."  Then, 
write to them, please, and you shall have your due answer.

Carlos, you are the one who feels strongly about the issue of
tampering with HPB's original writings.  Witness your letter to 
Betty Bland in which you give examples of what Adyar TS has done.

And since you wrote on Theos-Talk that you are now an associate of 
the ULT, I simply wondered if you were aware of the tampering in the 
Theosophy Company's edition of the VOICE.  And if you were aware of 
this tampering, do you approve or disapprove of this tampering?

And since you were motivated enough to write Betty Bland about this 
tampering issue, are you motivated enough to write the Theosophy 
Company and ask them to publicly acknowledge their mistake, etc.?

Unfortunately, over the years I have found a number of ULT 
associates who are quite critical and vocal about what the Adyar TS 
may or may not have done concerning HPB's writings but they ignore 
what the ULT and/or the Theosophy Company has done concerning HPB's 
writings.  I can only conclude that they have a double standard. 

In other words, for whatever reasons, they have a partisan view of 
the matter. 

This is unfortunate because it clouds the real issues especially for 
inquirers and beginners in Theosophy.

So yes, my interest in this issue is authentic. Is your interest
authentic, too?

I am also going to forward these several postings to Betty Bland so 
that she will have a fuller appreciation of the issues involved and 
what your whole approach is to this issue of tampering, etc.


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