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Sai Gurukulam Website

Feb 08, 2006 09:54 PM
by saidevotee

I am blessed with an opportunity to create a Website out of the 
compilations that I have posted in some forums, in three E-zines 
so far. I invite the readers to visit the site at the address: and give me their valued 

Since the Web host does not allow storage of large files, readers 
can at present only read the contents online, which can, however 
be saved to their disks freely, in the HTML form with all their 
bells and whistles.

Sai Gurukulam is an attempt in a small way to reach people of all 
ages--mainly the younger generation--by showcasing the values, 
truths and traditions of Sanatana Dharma and exhorting the young 
and old to adhere to the call of dharma in the four purusharthas 
or goals of life: dharma, artha, kama, moksha. 

Sai Gurukulam draws for this ambitious task from the time-revered 
Vedas and the lofty teachings of the rishis of yore to the 
practical advice of the gurus of this kali yuga, spanning the 
disciplines of Sanatana Dharma and other Indian religions, 
Theosophy, Occultism, Mysticism and Philosophy. 

The main focus is on the practical aspects of spirituality in 
general and Sanatana Dharma in particular. Readers are encouraged 
to interact with the contents, assess their own level of knowledge 
and practice, and improve on them. 

The spiritual compilations of the Website span the following topics:

Bala Gurukulam 
- Family Time 
- Prayer Time 
- Story Time 
- Quiz Time: Hinduism 
- Quiz Time: India 

Ancient India 
- Ancient and Modern 
- India Quotes 
- Know Your Roots 

Modern India 
- Good, Bad and Ugly 
- Writing on the Wall 
- Quiz Time: India 

One World 
- Brief Biographies 
- Guide-post 
- Relationships 
- Touching Stories 

Spiritual Initiatives 
- Japa Mantras 
- Physical Life 
- Sadhana 

Spiritual Education 
- Gurudevas Speak 
- Spiritual Inquiries 
- From the Scriptures 

Bhakti Yoga 
- Ganesha Collection 
- Devotees' Experiences 

Divine Company 
- From the Scriptures 
- Quiz Time: Hinduism 

Sai Gurukulam 
- Realizing Sai 
- Sai Miracles 
- Experiencing Sai 

The top menu has the links: About Us, Alpha Index and Mail Us.
I have plans to update the Website on a regular basis, probably
every fortnight.

Please visit the Website when you can and mail me your valued 


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