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Re: Theos-World Self-Introduction

Feb 08, 2006 02:28 PM
by robert_b_macd

Thank you for the inspiring and humbling welcome.


--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Robert,
>   Welcome, nicely written and well put to the "seekers of Truth" of
> Forum. Patanjali is the ruling patronage here. Recently I was
allowed to come into 
> possession of a beautiful Tibetan Thangka, I took to a friend who
was at the 
> time hosting a Tibetan Monk who teaches Tibetan Philosophy, he
looked at it 
> and told me it was "Chenrizig ( Hindu Avalokitesvara )." However I
came to 
> determine it was really a Thangka of Manjusri. I was lead to read
the below in 
> regard to Manjusri:
>                                     Manjusri
>  The Bodhisattva with the Sword of Discriminating Wisdom 
> The perception of truth is not for all minds
> These are the qualities which force its exclusion:
> Desire, greed, ignorance, pride,
> Joy in sensation, love of the past, fear for the future,
> Anger at the present, the inability to see clearly.
> These are the qualities which bring it nearer:
> Hope, joy in change, love of the many
> Creative action, individual growth, acceptance of new ideas
> The ability to understand potential.
> These are the qualities when truth is here:
> Acceptance of all form as having equal reality
> Clear vision over long distances
> Love of all things and non-things
> Joy in what is.
> With my sword I strike down those who presume to travel
> to places forbidden to them
> I decide the worthiness of an adept, the talent of a master
> the distance both may travel
> My book records the karma of each whose deeds
> determine the world which they shall inhabit.
> I guard the door to Truth unending
> Neither mercy nor power shall move me from my decisions
> I wear the robes of judge and jury
> Across the abyss I hold my golden ladder to aid the worthy
> While the unworthy who try to cross
> Find only shifting sands within their grasp.
> I am blue and gold and also white 
> I bend neither to the right nor the left
> If you wish to ascend to truth, then you must do these:
> Look deep within your heart
> Feel the many chains which bind you, hold you like an anchor
> To the planes of illusion
> Not one link will I allow to pass the sacred gates.
> Impartial understanding, great in the wisdom of many worlds
> Only these do I allow to pass
> That they may have wisdom to trade for Truth.
> No dramas, no mantras, no striving will I let by me
> Those who are ready shall pass
> The rest shall strive, dissatisfied and fight among themselves
> Letting their true natures come to the surface
> And wonder 
> Why was I not chosen? 
> You who wish to ascend follow the path
> To the cave of loneliness, in the mountains of the self
> And when you have found the Hidden
> Return to me and I shall bless you
> And point you on your way.
> From:   <A
w/Sword of Discriminating Wisdom</A>
> John 
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