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Answer to Betty Bland

Feb 08, 2006 11:43 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear friends in Theos-talk,

Daniel Caldwell kindly brought here part of my recent letter to Betty Bland.

The complete text is below.

It is an answer to the text Ms. Bland had sent to several theosophists, in an attempt to explain why the Adyar TS in America started a lawsuit against the of Narada Theosophical Society -- a historically autonomous group in Tacoma. The Adyar TS seems to be somewhat interested in the possession and control of the building belonging to the Narada TS.

My letter:



Dear Betty Bland,
Jan 06th, 2006

As a theosophist, I thank you very much for your message.

This is really an important debate. Indeed, every theosophical lodge should have its independence respected, and this includes Tacoma/Narada TS.

After at first denying any direct involvement in the lawsuit against the Tacoma TS theosophists, now the Adyar TS in America accepts the facts.

In time I hope the Adyar TS will come to publiclly acknowledge and debate other mistakes it made.

A few, selected examples:

*The tampering with the first edition of “The Secret Doctrine”, until the ULT finally published the first facsimile edition in 1925;

*The creation of a shadow power-structure in the Theosophical Society, entirely dependent on rituals since the beginning of the 20th century, which includes the so-called “E.R.” (of which Geoffrey Farthing wrote in his 1996-97 “Manifestos”);

*The inclusion of texts not written by H.P.B. in the volume entitled “Practical Occultism”, published by TPH as if it were all written by H.P. Blavatsky;

*The recent publication as theosophical texts, and in the name of H.P.B., of all the lies and libels made by Mr. V. Solovyov in the 19th century;

*Denying the importance of William Q. Judge’s contribution to the esoteric philosophy and to the theosophical movement.

I admire your courage to debate. It expresses the respect you have for the movement as a whole. I hope we can count on you to let Truth be better known about the History of the Theosophical Movement – and also about its actual power mechanisms.

Theosophical efforts must be based on Truth – in order to be able to meet their challenges in the 21st century. And this is, no doubt, our common responsibility.

The search for truth is our common ground, and you have my sincere, unconditional respect and goodwill.

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline, from Brasília, Brazil.

O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O

The above note was published in “The Aquarian Theosophist”, March 2006, p. 05.


O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O

From: "danielhcaldwell" <>
Subject: Theos-World Carlos Aveline on Tampering with First Edition of THE SECRET DOCTRINE
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2006 16:56:08 -0000

In a letter dated Jan 6, 2006, Carlos Aveline writes to
Betty Bland, President of the American Section of the TS

"In time I hope the Adyar TS will come to publicly
acknowledge and debate other mistakes it made.

"A few, selected examples:

"1. The tampering with the first edition of The Secret Doctrine,
until the ULT published the first facsimile edition in 1925...."
[The Aquarian Theosophist, March 17, 2006.]

Yes I would like to see such debate and discussion of such

But I would also hope that Carlos Aveline and ULT would
also want to publicly debate and discuss the publication
of "tampered" editions of HPB's writing by the ULT (actually The
Theosophy Company).

See the following articles that demonstrate the
unacknowledged "tampering" with HPB's original text in two
books published by the Theosophy Company and sold at ULT lodges

• The Theosophy Company's Edition of HPB's The Voice of the Silence

• HPB on "thin oblong squares" as found in the original edition of

• An Update on The Theosophy Company's edition of THE VOICE OF THE

• Reprint of A Modern Panarion by the Theosophy Company

Does Carlos acknowledge that these are mistakes that the ULT/
Theosophy Company has committed? etc. etc.


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