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Re: Theos-World Every Challenge is ...

Feb 08, 2006 06:31 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

=>Thanks for your views and your frankness.

Dear Carlos, nomen est omen!

=>As I am an independent student, I can only write 
for myself.

Me too. I am a student of HPB and a truth 
searcher, not a party liner or a follower of any 

=>I recognize no too important difference between 
the Pasadena TS and the ULT
as long as I am concerned.

I was writing rather about the Point Loma TS.

=>I believe that in the long run the United Lodge 
of Theosophists (ULT),   the
Edmonton Theosophical Society (ETS, Canada),  the 
Pasadena TS, most
independent theosophists around the world and many 
Adyar TS students have
much more in common than not. That is my feeling.

I think that, too. But the party liners, bigots 
and ideologists do not see it.

=>I only believe that to include in "our" books 
false letters ascribed to H.
P. Blavatsky, "letters" which say that she was a 
Russian Spy, or that she
help torture a cat to death,  during "occult 
experiences", or publishing in
our "theosophical" books all those other lies 
against her and directly the
Masters, invented by the Coulombs --  is not 
correct. Notr at all.   If you
take the time to take a look at the "material", 
you will see what I mean.

At present - I have not come to final conclusions 
about that matter - I follow the middle way 
between the two fighting poles: No republications 
of her foes and the kind Wheaton has handled the 
republication of the forged letters in vol. I, 
appearing as to be autentic.
Basically, they should be reprinted as new 
generations are coming which must have access to 
all available sources, even to that of foes. But 
in my humble opinion it would have been better to 
take them into a chapter of its own or into an 
appendix rather as to intermix the true and the 
false letters.
We should have learned from the errors of the past 
some 2,000 years ago when hysterical church 
fathers destroyed all documents which they 
recognized as from the devil.
Theosophists of the future will do their own 
research and it is not enough for them to them 
that our generation has solved the problems, has 
finished the research and destroyed the false 
Every theosophical generation has the DUTY to 
reexamine anew and not to dogmatize on hear-say.

=>None of this "publishing work"  has been done by 
the Pasadena TS.

The Pasadena TS was founded in 1973, but I spoke 
of the Point Loma TS and Katherine Tingley.
In KT's time other things were important than to 
take care of the foes.
Don't you see that the Theosophical MOVEMENT is a 
LIVING ORGANISM and not a concrete slab?

=>So I have nothing to say against the Pasadena 
TS.   As to Radha Burnier, the
Adyar international president since 1980, well, 
she said in a 2004 letter
to me that she did not support,  the publication 
of those "obviously
spurious letters" (her words)  fabricated by 

To me she can write what she likes. She is not an 
expert on Theosophy to me just because old aunts 
elected her as PTS.
Basically, I agree with publication of foe texts. 
I have collected for myself a big shelf full of 
German anti-theosophcial pamphlets and I pray to 
the Gods that one day I will have the opportunity 
and time and money to publish them! Of course that 
makes me a dugpa, esp. among those theosophists, 
who claims to be student of Purucker. That GdeP 
himself taught his students to study the foe 
literature and present them in the Point Loma 
library disturbs these emotional sectarians not. 
They believe they get bad karma, when they read 
foe literature. I for myself believe they already 
have bad karma as they cannot think logically and 
create further bad karma as not understandng a 
dialectic process does not help themselves nor the 
Masters plan with the TM and humanity in general.

>Respectful difference are mutually enriching in 
>the long run.

I subscribe.

=>Besides, as long as I know the Pasadena TS did 
not make any attack to the
ULT, or to Robert Crosbie.

That is true, and it seems that to KT and GdeP 
there was nevertheless something good in Crosbie's 
actions, although both were critical about the 
bigotry the ULT in their times.
OTOH, the ULT made several attacks against KT and 

Thanks for your comments.

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