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Re: Theos-World Every Challenge is ...

Feb 08, 2006 05:22 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Frank,

Thanks for your views and your frankness.

As I am an independent student, I can only write for myself.

I recognize no too important difference between the Pasadena TS and the ULT as long as
I am concerned.

I believe that in the long run the United Lodge of Theosophists (ULT), the Edmonton Theosophical Society (ETS, Canada), the Pasadena TS, most independent theosophists around the world and many Adyar TS students have much more in common than not. That is my feeling.

I only believe that to include in "our" books false letters ascribed to H. P. Blavatsky, "letters" which say that she was a Russian Spy, or that she help torture a cat to death, during "occult experiences", or publishing in our "theosophical" books all those other lies against her and directly the Masters, invented by the Coulombs -- is not correct. Notr at all. If you take the time to take a look at the "material", you will see what I mean.

None of this "publishing work" has been done by the Pasadena TS.

So I have nothing to say against the Pasadena TS. As to Radha Burnier, the Adyar international president since 1980, well, she said in a 2004 letter to me that she did not support, the publication of those "obviously spurious letters" (her words) fabricated by Solovyov.

As to the Pasadena TS, I only have to express to my friends there my deep gratitude for the splendid books they have published, among them the "Mahatma Latters", the "HPB Letters" to A. P. Sinnett" and Margareth Conger's "Combined Chronology".

I also enjoy reading the Pasadena TS "Sunrise" magazine, of which I was an air mail subscriber for some time. People in the Pasadena Library have generously helped me in more than one occasion.

As to differences in occult matters, having differences is no reason to make propaganda of them.
Respectful difference are mutually enriching in the long run.

Most people have an ethical attitude towards different occult efforts and traditions or organizations, for which they feel they should have respect.

And I have plenty of reasons to have respect and gratitude for the Pasadena TS.

Besides, as long as I know the Pasadena TS did not make any attack to the ULT, or to Robert Crosbie. Therefore I would rather put my energy in the mutual help between people who do not accept of publicize the lies against HPB, fabricated by Solovyof and the Coulombs in the 19th century.

Consider that Olcott himself wrote Solovyov was fifty times worse than the Coulombs. If we examine the Sylvia Cranston's book "HPB", we see what the Coulombs did. Thus we can have at least a glimpse of Solovyov's "work".

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline


From: "Frank Reitemeyer" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World Every Challenge is ...
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 21:27:02 +0100

=>Such efforts are now new, and they are not
original. We have had persons of
this typeattacking H.P.B.'s work all the time
since the mid-1880s. We also
have had people successfully defending Theosophy
all along.  Yet -- there is
something sad about this.

Does this criticism also include the ULT policy,
which opposed the humanitarian and occult work of
Katherine Tingley, who continued HPB's work and
fulfilled her last hope to build a Mystery School
in the West? It is well know about HPB students
that she died not before her closest co-worker
William Judge was able to confirm her that he has
found her successor.
Why did the ULT tried to crystallize the evolution
of the Theosophical Movement and propagated a
status quo of OUTER FORMS?

=>The very existence of students who try to live
up to the inner side of
H.P.B.'s Teachings seems to gravely offend these
poor people.  This is
unfortunate. No sincere student could ever aim at

One can only wish that these aggressive skeptics
will understand and accept
the existence of such a thing as an occult life
and spiritual path.

In other words Point Loma students should direct
all their compassion to ULT students, who opposed
KT's spiritual work (which included the
preparation of Blavatsky's Collected Writings and
the complete edition of all Mahatma Letters to

=>The lack of respect that these skeptics seem to
show for the inner instances
of the theosophical movement  might be connected
to a lack of respect they
have for their own inner consciousness and

In other words ULT people like Robert Crosbie
opposed the work of the messenger of the Masters
merely because of their lack of consciousness and

>As paradoxes are part of the occult life, there
>is a bright side to this.
Esoteric philosophy states that great
opportunities are generally in direct
proportion to the difficulty of challenges.

In other words students of KT should thank Crosbie
and other foes to give the white side an
opportunity for growth!?

There must be evil in the world, but watch that it
is not you who does it.

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