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On studying Theosophy, its purpose and practice

Feb 07, 2006 08:58 PM
by leonmaurer

To all,

Not to disagree with anyone... But, just to set the record straight, and to 
prevent misunderstandings with respect to claims by some students that 
theosophy as presented by HPB doesn't relate to modern times, people, places and 
circumstances... Here are some additional views to consider:

The only thing outdated in the timeless teachings of theosophy presented in 
Isis Unveiled, the Secret Doctrine, The key to Theosophy, The ocean of 
Theosophy, and other writings of HPB and WQJ, are the references to the classical 
sciences of their time -- which were later modified by the modern sciences of 
Einstein and others. (We might also consider the inadvertent mistakes due to these 
presumptions in some of the earlier theosophical writings, later corrected 
and explained by HPB.) 

However, these modern sciences were not only clearly and accurately predicted 
by HPB, but were thoroughly presaged and explained in the esoteric (symbolic 
language) teachings in her books and articles as well as in transcripts of her 
direct discussions with her students.   See:

Incidentally, one must learn how to interpret and translate the symbolic 
language that was necessary to be used in all metaphysical teachings prior to the 
modern and post modern scientific breakthroughs of the past and present 
century -- for which there were no terms in any western language, prior to this 
time, which could explain such transcendental science... Other than the 
anthropomorphism's and euphemisms utilized by the ancient mystic philosophers and 
religious teachers.   Unfortunately, this could lead to great misunderstandings, as 
well as generate skeptical denials and materialistically biased counter 
arguments against the theosophical truths. 

Accordingly, it is wise to learn how to properly study the Secret Doctrine 
for its occult esoteric meanings (including the "7 keys") hidden in its 
inadvertent and sometimes necessary "blinds" -- so as to avoid any "dead letter" 
interpretation, including those sometimes made unintentionally by later 
theosophical teachers (or intentionally, to suit their own personal agendas). See:

Today, the newer post modern sciences of Superstring, M-brane, quantum field, 
and holographic paradigm concepts theorized by scientists such as Greene, 
Kaku, Bohm, Pribram, and many others, as well as the synthesis of their ideas in 
my theory of ABC -- that eliminates the paradoxes and incompatibilities of 
both relativity and quantum physics, and, besides explaining the holographic 
nature of the universe along with its genesis in scientific terms, also explains 
consciousness and its relationships with mind, brain and physical matter -- 
completely vindicates the metaphysical teachings of pure theosophy given out 
originally by the Masters and transcribed by HPB in the Secret Doctrine.   See:

While not yet fully accepted by the established scientific community, this 
new synthetic, and fundamentally electrodynamic "Unified Field Theory of 
Everything" -- when demonstrated to be true by suitable experiments and observations 
(now partially underway, and soon to be correlated) -- is destined to become 
(perhaps under a different name) the final scientific proof of theosophy in the 
not too distant future (as predicted by Blavatsky).

As an added observation, since all these theories first were brought forth 
and made public during the last quarter of the 20th century, they may constitute 
the "New Message(s)" of theosophy, and their proposers the "New Messenger(s)" 
that was also predicted by Blavatsky to occur in this present, and possibly 
last cycle of the Theosophical Movement.

Therefore, it is evident that the metaphysical teachings presented in the 
Secret Doctrine and confirmed by its correspondence with the most ancient occult 
scriptures, as well as its consistency with the most advanced emerging 
multidimensional hyperspace scientific theories, cannot be, nor has ever changed 
since time began -- regardless of the changing conditions of our world, as well as 
the universe.   This also includes the teachings of the necessity to form the 
"nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity," and the direct means to 
achieve it through individual, self devised and self determined efforts related 
to the last two objects of the Theosophical Movement.   Similar teachings 
were also given out to their disciples in the language of their ages, by Krishna, 
Buddha, Jesus, etc., and all the Master occultists from ancient to modern 
times.   See:

However, this is the first time, such esoteric teachings were given out to 
the world at large... Presumedly, because of the possible immanence of a human 
evolutionary setback due to the general ignorance of the eternal verities and 
the almost total acceptance of materialism and its concomitants of selfishness, 
greed, competition, endless wars and runaway technologies that, ultimately, 
can only lead to economic and ecological collapse of the Earth's life support 
systems...   Which occurrence, as HPB warned, could possibly set back human 
evolution another million years.

Accordingly, it is a mistake to confuse or conflate the teachings of 
theosophy and its occult metaphysics, with its practical application related to the 
conditions of the modern world -- which incidentally, was predicted by HPB, 
along with sufficient warnings and enough suggestions for action to help modern 
theosophists devise their own methods of dealing with these changes.   The only 
things necessary for this is, as she advised, to understand the nature of 
modern communications, and to utilize its "language of this age" to spread 
broadcast the teachings of theosophy so that all people can come together and 
voluntarily practice its precepts of unity, liberty, independence, and brotherhood -- 
which would ultimately lead to a peaceful and more stable world condition.

However, the forming of new cults or religions centered around self promoted 
gurus, messiahs, saviors, channelers of so called "descended masters," etc. -- 
is NOT the answer.   Although, it certainly is wise to study the writings of 
other or later theosophical teachers and modern occultists, so as to compare 
them with the timeless original teachings given out by the true theosophical 
Masters KH and M through their direct agents, HPB and WQJ.

How else is one to find out for themselves, what is true and what isn't, and 
be able to act on it voluntarily for the good of all -- without outside 
pressure, coercion, or intimidation based on a blind and passive, nonsensical belief 
in a personal God who listens to our prayers and punishes us for our sins, or 
a hierarchical messianic religion based government that dictates our every 
thoughts and actions?

I hope this may help us better understand the purpose, teachings and practice 
of theosophy in this present day and age.

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

In a message dated 2/7/06 12:33:57 PM, writes:

> My views are:
> Carlos quoted a Mahatma Letter starting with:
> "In a letter dated October 1884, a Master announces that the enemies of the
> theosophical movement "...and more.
> I would say:
> Truth is the same regardless of the book that presents it or the teacher who
> proclaims it. It is the motive behind the activity and the level of
> Knowledge, which is important.
> Scholary dinners around an almost "Blavatsky books only ideology"
> is maybe not always that good.
> That was why Blavatsky wrote about the 7 keys in The Secret Doctrine and
> elsewhere, and said, that dogmatic dead-letter teachings is not to be given 
> much 
> value if any at all.
> Theosophical teachings aught to relate to TIME, the time of evolution,
> place, people and circumstances.
> Just a few views.
> from
> M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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