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Re: Theos-World Every Challenge is ...

Feb 07, 2006 12:26 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

=>Such efforts are now new, and they are not 
original. We have had persons of
this typeattacking H.P.B.'s work all the time 
since the mid-1880s. We also
have had people successfully defending Theosophy 
all along.  Yet -- there is
something sad about this.

Does this criticism also include the ULT policy, 
which opposed the humanitarian and occult work of 
Katherine Tingley, who continued HPB's work and 
fulfilled her last hope to build a Mystery School 
in the West? It is well know about HPB students 
that she died not before her closest co-worker 
William Judge was able to confirm her that he has 
found her successor.
Why did the ULT tried to crystallize the evolution 
of the Theosophical Movement and propagated a 
status quo of OUTER FORMS?

=>The very existence of students who try to live 
up to the inner side of
H.P.B.'s Teachings seems to gravely offend these 
poor people.  This is
unfortunate. No sincere student could ever aim at 

One can only wish that these aggressive skeptics 
will understand and accept
the existence of such a thing as an occult life 
and spiritual path.

In other words Point Loma students should direct 
all their compassion to ULT students, who opposed 
KT's spiritual work (which included the 
preparation of Blavatsky's Collected Writings and 
the complete edition of all Mahatma Letters to 

=>The lack of respect that these skeptics seem to 
show for the inner instances
of the theosophical movement  might be connected 
to a lack of respect they
have for their own inner consciousness and 

In other words ULT people like Robert Crosbie 
opposed the work of the messenger of the Masters 
merely because of their lack of consciousness and 

>As paradoxes are part of the occult life, there 
>is a bright side to this.
Esoteric philosophy states that great 
opportunities are generally in direct
proportion to the difficulty of challenges.

In other words students of KT should thank Crosbie 
and other foes to give the white side an 
opportunity for growth!?

There must be evil in the world, but watch that it 
is not you who does it.

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