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Re: Theos-World Frank on Edmonton Theosophical Society created "good karma"

Feb 07, 2006 12:01 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

=>Just to clarify what you have written below.

Daniel, that is always a good motive to ask.

=>Are you saying that you think the Edmonton 
Society created "good karma" for reprinting the 
112 pages of Madame Coulomb's "disgusting" (to use 
description) pamphlet?

Yes. I think to silence criticism (as it is 
customs among the "theosophical" groups in Germany 
f.e.) is always a position of fear and 
According a movement can only win its struggle 
when it includes its opposition.
The present German ostrich policy will not help 
ONE iota the Masters cause in the present and in 
the future.

=>Did the Wheaton Theosophical Publishing House 
also create "good
karma" for publishing my book which contained only 
3 or 4 pages of
the Coulomb pamphlet?

Yes. Quoting foes is not a sin. On the contrary 
the theosophical leaders I accept (HPB, KT, WQJ, 
GdeP) always invited critics.
All spiritual minded leaders will to that. I've 
just got in a theosophical German magazine of 
1936. One article was a report of a "Congress of 
Critics" propaganda minister Goebbels has 
organized to teach what real criticism and wrong 
criticism is, that is to say that only people who 
have knowledge about the subject can rightful 
criticize, not people without knowledge, who 
criticize only for money or an ideology like 
Bolshevism which taught (teaches) that its 
devotees must swindle and lie for their goal of a 
Communistic World Republic (Globalism).

One sarcastic critic of GdeP was Dr. Stokes, who 
at one time believed that he cannot understand 
well both English and Sanskrit. He was invited to 
share his events, got convinced to the contrary 
and beame a Point Loma member!

The bad habit to silence critics and hold 
Communistic party meetings with all delegates 
having one and the same opinion and punishement of 
deviaters and contrarians was introduced in the 
Theosophical Movement from above by Besant and 
Leadbeater, because they believed they have found 
the complete truth. One of the reasons may have 
been that their Masters were not HPB's Indian and 
Tibetan Masters, but rather talmudic rabbis from 
Paris. Gosh!


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