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HPB -- an Occult Mirror

Feb 07, 2006 08:45 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear friends,

As we discuss HPB's loyalty and respect for Truth, and perhaps have to decide whether we consider as "theosophical texts" those old 19th century libels fabricated against her and recently published by the TPH -- this paragraph by Robert Crosbie may be rather useful:


"If we would look at the bodily H.P.B. as a mirror which reflected from above and from below as well, giving back to each who confronted it his own reflection according to his nature and power to perceive, we might get a better understanding of her nature. To the discriminative, it was a well of inspiration; in it the commonplace, the Judas, the critic, and every other saw himself reflected. Mighty few caught a glimpse of the real individuality. Each got the evidence that he sought. We have the Master’s words that the body of H.P.B. was the best that they had been able to obtain for many centuries. Those who looked at the body and its human characteristics got what the view was capable of giving them; those who looked at the mind behind got what came from it, in the degree of their comprehension; those who were able to look into the causes of things saw what their depths of sight gave them – more or less of Truth. 'By their fruits, shall ye know them'.

[Robert Crosbie, in "The Friendly Philosopher", The Theosophy Co., Los Angeles, 1945, see p. 150.]

Greetings, Carlos C. Aveline

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