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Re: HPB Declared Innocent

Feb 07, 2006 07:53 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos wrote:

"If the SPR revised and abandoned all its charges 
against HPB, this is tantamount to declare her inocent."

Unless Carlos has information I'm not aware of, the SPR
did NOT revise and abandon all its charges against

Technically speaking , the SPR as
a society did NOT have any charges against HPB in the
first place.  The charges against HPB were made by
Hodgson and a committee of SPR members.

But see also Leslie Price's relevant comments at:

But it was certainly significant that in 1986 the SPR 
journal published Harrison's report.  

Walter Carrither's book and Harrison's book certainly
call into question many of the major charges made against
HPB by Hodgson.

But each reader, student, interested inquirer will have to decide
for himself (herself) the validity of Hodgson's original charges
and the rebuttals by Carrithers, Harrison and other defenders of 

Some of my own thinking on the matter can be found at:

especially in Footnote 1 at:

For example, interested readers should compare and contrast
Henry Olcott's testimony about his encounters with the Masters 

with the testimony of Coulomb and Hodgson at:

I would think that the perceptive reader of this material might
see some glaring differences.....


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