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Re: Theos-World Hello - New comer

Feb 04, 2006 10:57 PM
by leonmaurer

Hello Jacques,

Since I have been working at the correlation of cutting edge modern and post 
modern sciences and technologies for more than 50 years (CGI system design and 
engineering for digital motion picture 3-D animation and special effects 
production, etc., with previous background in chemical, mechanical and electrical 
engineering machinery and process design and manufacturing) I'm sure you would 
be interested in some of the conclusions I've reached and theoretical 
approaches taken to devise a new paradigmatic unified field theory explaining, in 
scientific terms, the genesis of both consciousness and matter -- that not only 
is consistent with the metaphysics of theosophy, but also with the relativity 
and quantum theories as they are consolidated by the latest 
superstring/M-brane, quantum field, and cosmological plasma physics theories.   

Interestingly, my electrodynamic (coenergetic field) synthesis of all these 
theories rests solidly on the fundamental laws of cycles and periodicity that 
is the inherent nature of the abstract motion or "spinergy" (spherical angular 
momentum) centered in the primal zero-laya point located everywhere in 
absolute empty space -- as described by HPB in the Secret Doctrine. (Modern physics, 
as I'm sure you know, speaks of this as the "quantum foam" in the minuscule 
Planck space or scientific vacuum between the fundamental quantum particles.)   
Recently, the "Casimir effect" has more or less proven the extremely high 
energetic of this zero-point space -- which approaches infinite force (i.e., 
mass-energy) at the zero-point itself.

All the rest of these ABC field involutional and evolutionary processes can 
be deduced by straight forward scientific logic and multidimensional fractal 
geometry's, while keeping firmly in mind the fundamental laws of 
electromagnetics and electrodynamics (similar to those of hydrodynamics and thermodynamics) 
along with their harmonics, holographic (wave interference patterned) 
information carrying capability... With such wave patterned information most likely 
transformed from field to field on the interpenetrating hyperspace realms (i.e., 
coadunate but not consubstantial frequency/energy phase orders) by analogous 
electrical inductive resonance processes. 

As HPB clearly indicated in her symbolic occult writings, all this is closely 
tied in with the chemistry and physiology of the universal genetic code 
replicated analogously in the DNA molecular structure of all living organisms.

To get some background of the rationale behind this theory, and its 
correspondence with theosophy, so that we can discuss it further, I suggest you look 
into the following web sites and their associated illustrations.
(incidentally, the above was drawn automatically during a meditative trance 

I am currently looking for collaboration with accredited theoretical 
scientists in various disciplines, so that papers may be published in peer reviewed 
scientific journals.   Any help along these lines will be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to question anything that might be unclear.

Best wishes,


In a message dated 1/29/06 7:51:22 PM, writes:

> Hello everybody,
> My first name is Jacques, I am almost 55 now, and a T.S member since 1980.
> I had the opportunity to join this discussion list back in the mid 90' 
> during one of my stay in US. I am now back to France and ready to share again some 
> ideas on Theosophical subjects.
> We (together with my spouse Anne-Marie who joined T.S. at the same time than 
> me) have had 4 children (and 2 grand-children by now).
> I am working since 30 years in aerospace industry as an electronic engineer.
> My main topic of interest is the relationships between modern science and 
> theosophical teachings (a subject HPB spent some time with...).
> Talk to you soon.
> Jacques

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