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RE: SCIENCE & THEOSOPHY Hello - New comer

Jan 31, 2006 03:39 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

1/31/2006 3:23 AM

Welcome back Jacques:

Here is an apercu written by L. Maurer alon the lines you seem interested in:


HPB had no knowledge of the empirical (material) science that, today, 
still hasn't answered any of the real "hard" questions -- such as the true 
relationship between consciousness, mind, and matter -- that the ancient 
philosophers answered thoroughly long before the SD was written.  

In fact, while modern physics has made great strides in understanding the 
mechanics of the outer physical world, they haven't the faintest idea about the 
true nature of the inner world.  

Sure, the understanding of "how (physical) things work" has given us lots of 
mechanical tools and entertaining toys to play with, and drugs to keep us 
alive and soothe our psyched-out minds -- but what has any of that that done for 
helping us live our lives more fully and understand ourselves better?  

No matter how far science has progressed, they still haven't found any of the 
answers that theosophy has given us to achieve self-realization -- which is 
far more important than feeding our physical wants and personal pleasures, or 
controlling our lives solely for the sake of money, power and greed.            

If you dig deep enough into the metaphysical teachings in the SD, 
you will find that everything that science has achieved, based on the theories 
of relativity and quantum physics (which were completely presaged by HPB) has 
done nothing to further our inner human development.  

In fact, the theories of relativity, photoelectrically, quanta, and even 
superstrings -- with its multidimensional [3+7] hyperspaces and M-branes 
[coadunate but not consubstantial spherical fields] which almost identically emulates 
the "wheels within wheels" teachings in the SD -- still hasn't caught up with 
the deeper metaphysical teachings in the SD... Although they are getting closer 
and closer.  Unfortunately, since they still haven't found out the whys and 
wherefores of consciousness and the root of mind, modern science is still far 
away from achieving their goal of a true "theory of everything."  

But, eventually, when they finally realize that consciousness, along with 
mind (as a separate entity in itself) is the fundamental cause of everything and 
was existent long before our present material universe evolved) -- science 
will reach an understanding of the truths of metaphysics (as clearly outlined in 
the SD) -- that is actually the way the real universe works in its 
interdependent entirety...  Not merely the way its particular and superficial physical 
nature works.  Which, after all, is only a small part of that true reality... 
That considers consciousness and mind as separate and even more important 
elements of our real nature.  And, without which, our present physical world would 
just be a temporary and meaningless glitch in the vast scope of universal 

What good is knowing how the physical universe works, if we don't know 
ourselves? ... Or, how the conscious macrocosm (of which we are the analogous 
microcosm) involved and evolved in the first place?

So, what does physical science have to do with human evolution?  Can their 
present genetic knowledge create a better human being?  Can it change the course 
of individual karma?  Does it even understand karma?  

This is not to say that the investigation of the physical world isn't important.  But, 
what has that got to do with the universal truths that theosophy has already 
thoroughly examined and given us all the tools we need to take care of our 
individual and even (if we look deep enough into its teachings) the evolution of 
all humanity? 

 So, how does science add anything useful toward achieving those aims?  Does
having cell phones, television, and the Internet teach us anything about our 
human nature or the nature of the eternal realities that we all are all 
destined to face, now, and in the future?

Why would Masters have to communicate further? -- when the whole story was 
already known to them and outlined for us in the SD?  All the rest is just a filling 
in of the details, of which physical science is just a small part of the whole picture.  

Besides, what makes you think the Masters have stopped communicating?  Some 
theosophists, I'm sure, have found the "Master within" (as HPB said they would 
if they kept following the path she laid down) and those Masters certainly are 
still communicating with them. 

Those "secrets," I'm also sure, weren't meant to be given out (and couldn't 
be written down, even if we wanted to.)  Besides, with respect to my ABC theory 
(which is a sideways look at the true "scientific" reality -- if I showed the proof that would 
make science unequivocally accept that theory, such a proof might end up 
killing them... (Either physically, or by taking away all the "need to know" that 
has served as their motive to keep on living).  

One nuclear physicist (an A-bomb designer …  now deceased) who
helped with this theory and examined a proposed design of an experiment 
to prove it, said that the design, while technically feasible, could easily turn into 
what he called a "creation bomb."  (So, I've destroyed all the plans for such a 
proof, and am content to let the physical scientists bumble their way closer to 
the ultimate truth all by themselves.:-)   

No doubt there is much more knowledge to be discovered..  And, I'm all for it to 
keep the scientists alive and busy.  But, it would be nice if you could tell us 
what such knowledge of the physical details has to do with our own inner 
development?  Isn't that what theosophy is all about?  


Q. -- Since the Masters are not there to spoon feed us the knowledge of the 
>Universe, we should use our tools, and our minds to try to evolve 
>further, just as evidently they did.

Yes, that's exactly what theosophy was given to us for.  But, its the 
evolution of the soul as an inner process, not an outer one, that they were teaching. 

 It is the inner tools and the higher intuitive mind that they were speaking 
to...  Not, the physical instruments of our senses or our rational, lower mind.  
Hasn't the whole story of universal knowledge already been thoroughly 
explained in the SD?  Why would the Master have to "spoon feed us" any more of it?  

So, what is it that science can do to help us evolve?  All I can see is that 
it has done so far, is to give us more misery and grief by making us wage and 
consumer slaves to feed the industries they develop, making us into fat and 
effete couch potatoes, feeding our lower natures with all the tools we need to 
destroy our ecological and biospheric balance, stressing our lives still 
further with all the new degenerate diseases such stress of "economic slavery" 
causes, and gave us more efficient ways to kill each other.  Even the food that 
they produce by their "scientific methods" is becoming more and more devoid of 
essential nutrients.  And, all that their scientific medicine, with its money 
making pharmaceuticals and boutique surgeries has done, is to turn what should 
be "Health Care" into "Sick Care."  Where's the evolution in that?  Seems more 
like devolution to me.

When science finally admits that theosophy has the true answer to how the 
universe really works, and their followers who believe in them change their minds 
and give up their materialism and begin searching for their own inner truths 
-- then science will have done us some good.

But, until then, science has nothing to say that is useful toward achieving 
the real evolution of the soul -- which is what theosophy is all about.

Right, but the fundamental teaching of theosophy was completed then [in 1891].  
And, if science keeps on going along on its merry materialistic way without 
accepting and incorporating in its findings the knowledge of theosophy that has 
already been given to us in full -- the world might really end sooner than we think.  

L Maurer





Lenny wrote:


Yes, I agree that having a section on the BLAVATSKY.NET site that looks at 
the progress of modern and post modern SCIENCE and considers its confirmations 
of theosophical metaphysics, as well as helps us examine their contradiction of 
the more or less false metaphysics (along with the religious interpretations) 
 who have tried in the past, and are continuously attempting to turn theosophy into an organized, 
hierarchically ruled and personalized messianic religion (in direct contradiction of 
the original teachers, not to mention its metaphysics) -- is a very good idea. 
In this light, interpreting the theosophical metaphysics scientifically from 
an impersonal theoretical point of view, and comparing such possibilities with 
the developments of contemporary science in all its various disciplines, 
including physiology, chemistry, biology and physics -- for purposes of individual 
study or discussion on the various theosophical forums -- could also be very 

One eventuality to look forward to is; That when theosophical metaphysics 
will be ultimately confirmed by Science and all of humanity can, on their 
authority, accept that its imperatives, such as Karma, Reincarnation, Universal 
Brotherhood, Altruism, etc., are "facts in Nature" -- there will be no further need 
for any "organized religions," or even theosophical organizations or 
"societies," for that matter.

Such comparative study would also serve to aid each of us in our individual 
search for self realization or enlightenment -- (depending on our own 
visualization capabilities and control of our will based on self devised and self 
determined efforts, such as thorough study and practice of the Jnana and Rajah 
Yoga's recommended by HPB) -- to awaken a better understanding of those "occult" 
(esoteric) aspects of theosophical metaphysics that can only be gained 


>Dear Lenny:
>I agree with you: --
>Claims mean nothing,  They scare me  -- also "quotations" without full
>references.  If anyone has something good to offer, then they might as
>well tell us ASAP where to verify the statements.
>Honest inquiries I am happy to read and try to answer  -- or I may be able
>to  point to sources that answer better than I can. 
>The value of anything lies in its contents and its cohesiveness with the FACTS 
of NATURE and the established uniformity of the UNIVERSE, and, of course
>the original teachings.  All the rest is usually time-waste.


1 A


Recent postings concerning setting up a department in BLAVATSKY.NET seem to
draw our attention to the need for regularly comparing THEOSOPHY withal
discoveries and changes in Science and world thought.


We all have a lot to learn and are learning new things every day.  
There are no finalities, but only an ever-focused sharpening of understanding.  
We, the entire Universe, ever pursues a common and conjoint path of
discovery, so while recording facts and events, our final conclusions ever
ride along with us, and have to remain as flexible hypotheses -- they help
us understand until they for lack of finality, break-down and have to be
reframed.  The general plan is there all right, but as we all progress
through time and events, we reframe the conclusions we will have to
meet in the future. 
There is no “stasis” (except some assumed ones) anywhere.  What are those?
1          the UNIVERSE exists.  (On many planes of substance and sensitivity)
2          we as OBSERVERS exist – we said to be are immortals -- no beginning or end to our work -- seems plausible.  Bodies wear out and die, but Universal Law (Karma) provides us with new ones, and so on and on… (we, as Essential Beings,  are not physical nor mental, but of some kind of SPIRITUAL SUBSTANCE that survives the continual “ravages of change,” in its correlates of time, and alterations in space.
3.         the ongoing relations between the UNIVERSE and OURSELVES are an essential part of this timeless and limitless REALITY. In the SECRET DOCTRINE they are said to be seven-fold [ see S D  I,  157-8;   II,  296 ].

We may assume that you have visited this Theosophy Study Discussion List
because you hope that there may be answers from students of Theosophy which
you could compare with the thesis you seem to have already set up.
You have said:
” I read your interesting mail with some delight. Yet again, when confronted
with anything that goes against Theosophical thinking or asked to use
sources other than Theosophy to give your thoughts weight you resort to the
age old argument of "You don't agree so you don’t understand". “
The present day scientist and Theosophical students – and we are all
students --  study the information provided and compare them.
Our “Science” tries to explain by hypothesis and theories what may have been
the “past” of present day observations (of course limited by the
availability of artifacts and relics, and their present knowledge of the
LAWS, so far detected and observed to be operating, in many correlated
departments of Nature).
No one will dispute facts.  One proviso in this work of scientific discovery
and identification is the one of extreme honesty – no secrets, no hiding --
is that all facts and discoveries (anomalies especially) are to be made
available for all to see and draw conclusions about. 
>From evidence occasionally made available, it would seem that on occasion,
certain facts (and artifacts) are removed from the glare of publicity – and
we might conclude that this is done because they could upset or question
some well-established hypothesis or theory.  If true, this is not strict
“honesty.” Where has the “public” been invited to review the “facts?” This I
have looked for but rarely if ever found in a systematic, scientific way.
As a result, I, for one distrust scientific hypotheses, and any kind of
pontification.  There are in Science no “authorities” – only seekers,
observers and honest, accurate reporters.
As a case in point, let me refer you to the voluminous work HIDDEN
ARCHEOLOGY (by Cremo and Johnson)  published in San Diego, and a second
volume issue two years later, in which they document the reception by
scientists of their first book and the “facts” it displays.  
As we are speaking of disagreements and anomalous discoveries, several
authors down the years have pointed to these and (to my knowledge) have
never been thoroughly refuted by Science – or given prominence -- to my
We may take the writings of John Anthony West, Von Danni ken, Emanuel
Velikovsky, Charles Fort, H. P. Blavatsky. These are four authors, who in
their writings, articles, books -- have challenged – not Science’s facts --
but their interpretations of the past as they have reconstructed it in their
widely accepted (but rarely re-investigated)  theories and hypotheses. 
There are in existence challenging anomalies that demand a review of the
older theories – after all, a “theory, or, an hypothesis” are not inflexible
and are always subject to revision as new facts are discovered.
In my opinion, the exposing of challenges to scientific “hypothesis and
theories” show us, who are thinkers and observers, that they are not
invariably of the highest value (although they are often taught as “truths).
They cannot be adopted or treated as “authoritative.”
There are differences to be investigated.  
One may well ask: Why is it a fact that there are disagreements?  We present
our views and findings, you have your own to compare.  Naturally we will
present to you what we know in terms drawn from Theosophy as you have
approached us to find out what THEOSOPHY says.  
As to providing you with information from “other systems,” while this is
available, we have not all done that extensive work and concentrated it.  I
believe it will prove difficult (but ought to be initiated), as the
fundamental Theosophical approach is:  that it, Theosophy, is a very ancient
system of continued Scientific research and observation in all departments
of Nature, and of the world religions, philosophies, and also this
observation and recording in old as well as modern Sciences, are derived
from it.  
As an example, in H P B’s The SECRET DOCTRINE you will find it stated that
the doctrines discussed have an antiquity going back some at least 18
million years.  HPB states those are actually physically in the possession
of the  “Masters of Wisdom.” That exceeds by a great many years, and cycles
of years,  any concept of time that the research done by organized Science
in the past 300 years --  (I mean, since “Orientalism,” began with the
scientists that Napoleon 1 had accompany him to Egypt in the very early 19th
It is of course very annoying to find that the ancients (India, China,
Egypt, Iran, the Incas and Mayans, etc…) had made discoveries and had
observed the movement of the stars for millennia before our present
“discoveries.”  In many cases we (our Science) corroborates those, and in
some we have disagreement.   The main point and attitude we, as
investigators and Scientists, ought to always adopt ought to be:  Lets
verify. Let’s freely admit that we have discovered evidence that shows
antiquity, in many parts of the world, had processes and used materials they
were able to manufacture for which we have yet to discover the secrets. 
There is no “shame” in this, but any claims to novelty disappear in the
rightful process of verification. 
Theosophical sources are the writings of Mme. Blavatsky:  books and
articles, most of which can be studied and understood by anyone..  Also, to
some extent, they have to be individually supplemented with first hand
observation and inquiries over years. 
Neither you, nor we (as students of Theosophy), are the final arbiters in
this.  We do make comparisons.  Some we understand and others we do not.  We
are continually learning, all of us.  
But, as I understand it, it is facts that we are looking for, as well as,
the  supporting of mental acuity and freedom of thought.  
Those who worship at the shrine of TRUTH and FACT are contemptuous of no
source of information, nor of any anomalies, or of contemporary or earlier
work done by any one. We seek for traces of similarity, of analogy, or
Look through ISIS UNVEILED, (by HPB) if you wish to see what facts and
events are brought forward for consideration there.  It tends to point to
important evens and anomalies that the Science of her days (and now, still)
need to verify. On publication, ISIS UNVEILED created a sensation, and in a
week all copies of the book were sold.  It has been kept in print since
Eleven years later The SECRET DOCTRINE was issued;. There you have a
synopsis and review of the Occult records of the history of our Earth’s
formation and the evolution of mankind.  These are meticulously contrasted
with Science and its theories as known and taught in her time of writing. 
Some of those are still maintained. In many cases, and most often in terms
of cycles and time–periods, the SECRET DOCTRINE does not agree with the
current theories and hypotheses of modern Orientalism and Science.  But that
does not make them wrong, or extraordinarily fanciful, or suspect. [see S D 
II,  pp. 78-80]
We (as students of Theosophy)  take the position that NATURE (or Deity)
already contains everything.  It is Nature as a fully conscious and
intelligent lawful ENTITY of enormous size – which, as a whole, supports
every detail of our needs (as well as those of all other beings in
existence).  It gives us, not only our “life,” but that of all ‘beings’ that
make up our total environment. Law and Laws alone govern every aspect of
being and manifestation.  Our Science studies those. NATURE is the universal
shrine of our common worship. Its organization ranges through seven stages
between the limits of INFINITY and NOUGHT. It is a calculus made living and
perfectly obvious to the seeker.
All living beings, of whatever kind, are supported by the united processes
of laws that Nature has already in place. [ Chemistry, physics, mathematics,
astronomy, biology, medicine, sociology, linguistics, politics, history,
etc… are as old as thinking man -- a period said to comprise at least 18
million years. [see  S D  I,  p. 150 footnote ]  
All the discoveries of Science are simply the revealing and verifying of
what is already there laid down and operating under Nature’s control and
supervision.  There is no “novelty” only DISCOVERY, and verification of
facts observed.
Our present knowledge has, and is, gradually being built up.  It is NOT
built on the basis that any one individual “knows best,” or knows
“everything,” and therefore challenging words like “lies,”
“misunderstandings,” “charlatanry,” “fraud,” etc. are not used, unless there
is verified evidence, at FIRST HAND of their existence. Their use in inquiry
and conversation implies to me, that certain judgments have been made. 
Permit me to question their validity.  
If you have read the literature of Theosophy, then, in a broad-minded, free
capacity to embrace information, let me ask what are your specific
objections to statements made there.  Inquiry starts with dialog.  But if
there is a pre-judged position assumed by either party, at that point
inquiry and exchange ceases.  I then becomes argument – and “opinions” as
viewed by some impartial third party” are made to emerge and strand on
whatever basis they deserve. 
Incidentally, have you have read Sylvia Cranston’s biography of H.P.B.
(Tarcher, New York) as it answers seriously and with documented facts all
the innuendos cast at this life and work of this remarkable Personage
If permitted, let me ask, if you have read ISIS UNVEILED or The SECRET
DOCTRINE?  I am interested in the opinions you have to offer, and their
If one has had the benefit of a wide acquaintance with Science and Academic
research in general, one may find that the most valuable attitudes among
such wonderful and dedicated people can be classed as humility, diligence,
and unprejudiced research – and of course, this has to include a wide
research, and a good knowledge of all adjacent disciplines.  
Those who are at the forefront of discovery in Science, Orientalism, and
Philosophy ask probing questions, seek for facts, and do not make
pronouncements, designed to support their views, guesses and opinions of the
past or present.  To take but a few we have at the cutting edge of Science: 
Hawkings, Penrose, Sheldrake, Margulis, Mandelbrot, Viswanath Diwakar, etc.
Theosophy fills gaps that Science is still trying to bridge, and for which
(and it is a lack of specific knowledge) it has erected “possible views” of
plausible causes and procedures in the establishing of a reasonable
“history,” and calls them:  theories and hypotheses, which are found to
frequently change as the history of Science reveals, when new evidence
It would seem to me, that you may have adopted some conclusions which today
are acceptable in your “Discipline.”  And it also seems to me that you are
seeking to verify and prove your pre-judged position.  To me, this is most
commendable as it will enable you to make strict scientific research
You have obviously made a unique study -- leading to specialization.  You
have therefore assumed that the solutions (theories and hypotheses) accepted
by your “authorities” and adopted by you are correct.  But are you not in
the process of proving them?
In contrast to you, I prefer to call myself a “generalist.”  I listen to all
sides and take notes and reserve assuming any position until it is clear we
are all considering such facts and reports as are available.  
I try to cover a number of inter-related disciplines, since it is evident
that Nature has interlocking and cohesive systems in place.  For example, on
careful examination I believe we might say:  Nature (taken as a whole)
appears to be infinitely sensitive and responsive to the needs of the
individual components of its many systems.  One can see order and precision
in the motions, and influence  surrounding an atom, a crystal, an element or
a chemical compound, a plant, an animal, a man, a mathematical equation, or
a chemical, physical or astronomical problem --  or take the remarkable
advance in astro-physics and look at a Solar System and the large number of
interacting Galaxies that the use of the Hubble telescope has revealed in
all directions.  Is the Universe in fact an enormous SUN ?  Are we bathed
(as unit parts of its inhabitants) with a constant stream of the most varied
radiations? We live on Earth, but our “heads” are in those far stars. Are we
then to limit and sequester our knowledge?  What roads of endeavour lead to
Law and Laws are found to rule everywhere.  Science depends on the honesty
and accuracy of Nature in all its works near and far.  Science makes its
declarations based on the facts it discovers.  It chooses NATURE as the
final authority.  It says that any discovery can be replicated and
demonstrated by any one else.  It is the universality of facts that is
valuable, and not the individual opinions of the discoverers.  
In the orient, the oldest texts were transmitted verbally with great control
over sound and inflection because (and I have tapes that demonstrate this)
concealed in the sound were some of the “codes” whereby secret knowledge was
transmitted.  The superficial sounds in ancient verses were made to present
a coherency that served as a kind of “blind” which diverted and deflected
the attention of a newcomer or a non-initiate.
There are certain euphonic similarities which, studied in terms of actual
linguistic distribution (present and past) are said to have a relationship
-- but your study and research says that is not so.  It remains to find out
what is correct.  [ see SECRET DOCTRINE  (on language and codes:   I,  pp.
269, 307-25, 362, 568;  II, pp, 198-201, 334-5, 364, 560, ]
Again, neither of us are either right or wrong, but we seek to find out
where the greater accuracy is.  Your research and mine may overlap in
places, but they are not invariably coincident, and certainly neither of us
can assume that their position and our particular observations are
necessarily final, and the statements made by the other are idiotic. And as
I understand it, in a life time of dealing with experts in all departments
of Scientific research, prejudice is usually careless of the findings of
other disciplines, unless the researcher has a rare and inquisitive  (even
intuitive) nature and is determined to find the TRUTH by any and every
means, and accept no conclusions unless they are proven to general
satisfaction. We accept nothing and reject nothing.  The future will teach
Theosophy does not have to be moved “forward.”  
It is already descriptive of all observable phenomena, as it deals with and
reports on NATURE and her laws and history.  It has always done this and
reports facts observed in the past and ascribes causes which our modern
Science is yet to uncover.  
Our eyes embrace everything in Nature because nature makes it available to
those who are constructively its servants.  We look for the ethical and
moral effect of any laws or action which we might bring about when using
Nature’s laws.  Science has yet to take the clue and work with that aspect
of knowledge.
It doesn't matter if Theosophy is 'real' or not. It does a fine job of
bringing people together and doing good works. What I do object to is the
indefensible idea that it is based in its entirety on ancient books (written
we are told by Atlanteans).  
I recognize that the antiquity of information held by Theosophy is a
surprise to most scientists.  
They are also surprised to learn that in India there are thousands of
manuscripts other than the Vedas and the Upanishads, that deal with all
aspects of science, mechanism, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics,
medicine, psychology, etc.. and those are under the care of the hereditary
families of Brahmins, who guard them, and are not at all interested in
letting the modern Academicians know anything about them.
In The SECRET DOCTRINE you will find that WISDOM is not solely derived from
the Atlanteans, but that there have been races older and wiser than they. 
Those claims mean nothing.  In the “here and how” what are we doing ?  what
are we learning?  what are we verifying?



Universal brotherhood a fact in nature does have a downside!

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CERN to Probe Life, the Universe and Everything


2 A

I agree and think you are right -- if more scientists are honest and give
exactly what they see to be considered, then many inaccuracies occasioned by
trying to make selected answers fit old accepted but prejudiced theories
will be done away with.  

The real problem is the atmosphere of authoritative ignorance, and the false 
desire to protect that ignorance by the use of invective, misdirection and suppression of truth.  

That is a large accusation and not all are guilty. But many feel insecure and defensive --
and unable to shake loose of the shackles of the teachings they imbibed
earlier.  The Past overshadows the present.  How to get out from under that?

However, as I look at some of the evidence Odin is digging up I see there is
a large area of work still to be straightened out.

Did you ever get to read FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY by Cremo and Johnson (?) or
was it Thompson ?  Published some years ago (5 or 6) -- on archaeological
digs and findings that showed that humans had lived in the Americas long
before the generally accepted and supposed first period --  in San Diego.
Then a succeeding book came out giving a report on the response they had
received from the scientific community. 

There have been a succession of writers who have achieved notice who have
drawn attention to anomalies and have in effect asked for explanations:

HPB, Charles Fort, Emanuel Velikovsky, Von Danigen, (?) John Anthony West,  ...  Their
works ought to be read, and, again summarized -- and if any later findings have emerged
they ought to be catalogued and noted.

A book doing that would become a “best seller” almost immediately.

What about the five pointed pyramid on Mars and the human face when the sun
highlights it?  Buried? Forgotten?  

What about more recent findings
concerning under-water cities off West Cuba, the Bahamas, and reports of
Pyramids in the ocean off the West Azores ? Relicts of Atlantis and Lemuria

Someone ought to catalog all HPB set down in ISIS UNVEILED and the SECRET
DOCTRINE on evidence found and known in her days, and then carefully add to that all the
subsequent findings.. I think the evidence would be overwhelming.  But, perhaps not popular.  

Remember, historically,  the publisher Macmillan's who had published Velikovsky's works was
forced by economic pressure from the academic world, to give (sell)  the copyright to another 
publisher and dissociate themselves from his queries,
if they desired to retain their position as a reputable supplier of
"authentic text-books."  I used to have copies of the various exchanges in
the press made at that time, and all this came out in the open. 

Of course no one can prove anything to another, but they can offer evidence.
And keep pressure going so that some attention is continuously placed on
those things.

If the response is either inactivity or negative, then the old barriers
persist and human advance is delayed.

This has been the fate of the SECRET DOCTRINE and its marvelous

Your offer to help is generous and valuable.  Personally my energy is now so
low I can hardly find time for the little writing I do.

I also see that Reed Carson seems favourable to research along the lines of
supportive discovery, and Odin helps.

But, health-wise I am now so unable ....  So I pass what seem to be useful
leads on.


Subject: Theos-World Re: Re: QUANTUM and EVOLUTION ?

To answer your question... 

I was speaking of the "mass media" where any 
useful dissemination of the theosophical metaphysical ideas and principles
might be exposed, and that might provoke further scientific investigation.  

Such information could be expressed through either books or articles, but 
preferably, documentaries and feature films that could speak to the amateur
and professional scientists and technologists, as well as the interested lay 

This, of course, depends on our individual creative efforts --
which must have behind it a credibility that could speak directly in the
language of current science... But, in a manner that that didn't go beyond plain
vernacular English that could be understood by everyone.   

However, didn't HPB say that the scientists will eventually reach the 
metaphysical truths for themselves, and that we should direct our attention
toward writing the Secret Doctrine in our "own words" -- so as to "spread
broadcast" the scientific understanding of karma and reincarnation to
ordinary people "in the language of this Age"?  

And, shouldn't that language be that vernacular English expressed orally, 
graphically, and audio-visually through the mass media? 

So, unless there are some among us who have the access to those media, along
with the necessary skills of writing, directing, producing, etc., plus the 
metaphysical knowledge to express the theosophical science in the common
language of this age -- I suppose, there's really not much the rest of us can do but 
"wait and see."  

But, just in case there is anyone or group out there with a good movie idea 
based on an attractive and interesting plot that might be able to
disseminate the scientific truths of theosophy -- I would be happy to offer whatever
advice or assistance I can -- based on my many years of creative, technical, 
scientific, and production experience in the communication arts industries
(as well as my lifetime's study of esoteric and occult metaphysical science
and philosophy). See 

Incidentally, I also have a movie series project, "The Solar World
Chronicles" (over twenty years in development that the state of the moviemaking art has 
now caught up with :-) following in the footsteps of the Star Trek and Star 
Wars genre -- that, besides exciting, adventurous and entertaining story
lines, has a direct relationship to the next hundred year "action" cycle of the 
Theosophical Movement, and demonstrates as well as explains the truths of
theosophy from a scientific and spiritual, as well as a practical POV. 

The project also has a parallel spin off in the publishing world as a series of
novels, comic books, etc., (which might actually come first with the right
talented writers and artists ready to go to work).  So, anyone with the
right connections, skills or talents, or financial resources is welcome to participate in this
project and help complete its further development (final screenplays, storyboards, 
and scripts) leading to financing, initial preproduction, production, and 
eventual book publishing and TV/Theatrical distribution.  For an overview,


>Many thanks  very clear.
>I agree we will have to wait and see.  But can we offer points to help
>this progress, and where place them?
>Tesla / Edison - I agree with your view, it was mine also and am glad to
>have it confirmed. 

>Subject: Theos-World Re: QUANTUM and EVOLUTION ?
The only comments I might have is that the research done in Russia appears
to be bringing us close to a final scientific proof of the unity of nature
and the linkages between the various fields of consciousness with the all 
encompassing universal memory of the Akasha -- as described in theosophy,
and more or less scientifically presented in my 

ABC holographic fractal field theory linking consciousness, mind, and body on all levels of
universal involution and evolution.

It appears that their work on the DNA wave computer concept coupled with
the multidimensional field theories of Superstring/M-branes (all framed 
within my ABC theory) may be the final "new scientific paradigm" to serve as the
bridge needed to link these metaphysical theories of theosophy, 

that use deduction from principles to arrive at the particulars, with the inductive theories
of physics (quantum, relativity, etc.) that can only reductively approach the 
ultimate reality as close as the smallest particle they can measure with
their physical instruments.  

These new theories fill in the gap between their "quanta" and the zero-point 
of primal space, and will ultimately prove the 
analogous and corresponding unity of all things with the Absolute, as well 
as their holographic and coenergetic interrelationships with each other on all
levels of consciousness.

As it is, these new findings have already begun to shake up the scientific
establishment, and change some of their fundamental beliefs... Although, 
there are still many of them struggling to justify their old reductive 

Much like the Newtonian classicists fought against the theory of relativity
and the unity of matter and energy -- that Einstein, apparently, pulled
straight out of the SD.  (Not to denigrate his brilliance in devising the complex
mathematics that justified and proved it. :-)

All this is the beginning of the inevitability that all the physiological
biochemical-physical sciences and theosophical metaphysics will meet on
a common ground in this century, as predicted by HPB.  

All we need do now is wait and see, as well as do the best we can to point
out that connection in the mass media (the "language of this age") -- so
that all people will eventually believe it in both their hearts and minds, 
and begin to act accordingly.

As for Edison with respect to Tesla, I think Edison was much overrated, and
that their relationship was much like that of a practical engineer of great
cleverness (and questionable ethics) versus a true visionary theoretical
genius/scientist/idealist of much greater brilliance of mind.  Tesla was
also much more of a true "theosophist" of high moral and ethical character
than Edison was. 
Edison and his close friend Ford were both exploiters and racists (as were
those "robber barons" who financed them).  Judging by their actions, in
spite of their supposed membership in the TS, I think they were
theosophists in name only, and were intellectually interested only in black magic 
mysticism and psychic phenomena -- that was much in vogue among the wealthy 
cocktail party dilettantes of their time. 

In my view (speaking as both an engineer/scientist as well as a theosophist)
Edison was an exploitative entrepreneur who picked the brains of those much

more brilliant than himself (not to mention continually trying to discredit
them) --  while Tesla was a true visionary and brilliant scientist/philosopher,  
of great ethics and honor, who was blind-sided by his more pragmatic (and
greedy) colleagues and patrons, all of whom ripped off and denigrated
everything he ever accomplished and, in the process, drove him into poverty
and obscurity until his untimely death.  Read about it and weep.


	RE: 	Discussions and proving.  

		Adding to B N Science section

Dear Friends:

I agree -- so let the "thinkers" show others where they secured their "help."

Now where do we start?  

Should we not make that which is useful available to others?

Several ways occur to me:

1.	Republish the "original teachings" on Internet.

2.	Answer inquiries and point to solutions that rest on Theosophical

Discuss these freely.

3.	A possible third is to critically review current writings and add to
		our accumulation of "proofs"  

   1.	Scientific reports, and discoveries

   2.	Psychological studies and discoveries

   3.	Religious statements and trends.

4.	Methods of study of feeling, emoton, thought, logic, free-will,
		choosing, and, seeking for common denominators all may accept.

5.	Discussing all aspects of information freely.

Best wishes,




Thanks Jerry

I think it is also called quantum theory and its nature is also called

I can see that from a strictly material point of view.

In "Psychic and Noetic Action" [H P B Articles,  II,  p. 7] H P B says that
the physical aspect of Nature ends with the "molecule."  

Beyond and within that lies the realm of FORCES AND ENERGIES  -- of atoms and sub-atoms, etc., and there she says, begins the plane of the ”ASTRAL LIGHT and ASTRAL FORMS” --
Energies and Powers -- but those, as far as I can see, are at best, substances more refined (?), and therefore not tangible to our physical senses without the interpretation of  the finer vibrations of electro-magnetic energy as detectors.

>From the theosophical point of view, they may also relate to energic planes of life-defining and inter-relative forces that correlate every definite “form” in the Universe (Earth), (and their underlying energic causes)  and perhaps, man’s physical body, complex as it is. These  would then be the planes of Prana (breath of life)  and Jiva  (or Life-energy).

But I may be wrong.

I have been, like you following the developments in science along these

I find these are suggestive and encouraging.  

Now I notice in computer technology that both quantum theory and indeterminacy are aspects of mathematical and actual, physical substance work in which they hope to be able to make still more speedy and larger computers compressed into ever smaller physical space.  


-----Original Message-----
From: Gerald S

<<Certainly at the level of sub-atomics we are dealing more with forces and
CENTERS OF FORCE than anything else. But what stability can be established for manipulation? >>     Dal, 

at the subatomic level it is more like probability of force than a
center. Scientists observe subatomic particles using a probabilistic
equation called the wave function, which addresses particles as if they
were waves. 

These waves are spread out over distance, and so when we look for an electron, for example, we say that "it is probably in this areas as
opposed to other areas"  

When the wave function is translated into our everyday world, it collapses, and this "collapse of the wave function" results in uncertainty and probability.



From:  Leon Maurer

My comments were based mostly on the scientific reviews and interpretations 
and conclusions made about the book by so called "peer reviewers" -- some 
negative, that pointed out the experimental flaws. 

I also found their interpretation mostly based on materialistic concepts that imply that consciousness and resultant mental concepts and psychic or spiritual tendencies are of a material causation -- that directly contradicts both theosophy and my personal conclusions based on the theory of ABC, and even some of the later DNA holographic wave field theories and corroborative experiments made by Russian scientists. 

Although I don't doubt the possibility -- which most of these reductive 
scientists overlook -- that what is thought in the mind that leads to religious 
tendencies can, in fact, alter the genes expressed by the DNA. 

More or less agreeing with Buddha's statement that "everything we are is the result of what we have thought."  That idea of downward causation from higher fields also seems to agree with, besides theosophy, the morphogenetic field evolutionary theory of Sheldrake as well as similar conclusions of the DNA-wave theorists. 

Thus, the implication in Hamer's research conclusions that the DNA is the 
cause of these tendencies is highly misleading, and heavily biased toward proving materialism as the only reality -- i.e., matter as the primal cause.
Although, his correlation's of particular genes with such tendencies is not in 
serious doubt.  However, this is similar to the "neural correlates of consciousness" by the neuroscientists -- that also confuses the direction of causation between consciousness, mind and matter. 

That is why I compared his "God-gene" theory with the earlier correlative 
"scientologies" some of which have been discredited, but which may still have 
some superficial and simplistic correlative values.

>--- In, leonmaurer@a... wrote:
>> This (let's call it "geneticology":-) seems to fall into the same category 
as phrenology, iridology, astrology, chiromancy, psychoanalysis, etc. -- some 
 of which became so popular around the time of HPB. 



	RE Inventions

Thanks John.

Yes it is interesting to visit.

In the THEOSOPHICAL literature it speaks of the mind, needing a concept or a procedure, sends out "a finger of thought" and, if powerful enough, it impinges on an answer in the universal astral light (the record of all events and things) and can bring it back.  I wonder.  It must have something to do with the character and predisposition of the person, as well as Karma in general.  In  the case of Edison so many inventions and developments have come from his work.

I have also puzzled over what HPB meant when in the SECRET DOCTRINE she wrote that 1887/8 would see a vast rent made in the curtain of materialism and there would be a change in the outlook of purely material science.

I found that in 1887/8 

Roentgen discovered rays that passed through flesh...he called them X-Rays.

Two months later Henri Becquerel accidentally found that a piece of uranium
ore emitted something that fogged photographic plates.  

And the electron, the carrier of electricity, was discovered in 1897. 

Within 5 years, and certainly within the next 100 -- to 1997 -- a vast change has occurred.

What are some of the high-lights of development after 1897?  

Airplanes, inter-planetary travel, transistors, quantum mechanics, indeterminacy, TV, Internet, A and H bombs, antibiotics, electron microscopes would enable a view of the molecule and of some atoms, cell-phones offering world communication, a 19th century, end of era scientist would have declared anyone mad who predicted the above mentioned novelties that now rule our word and weld it more and more into one. 

I also recall that Edison is reported to have made it a practice to go to
sleep sitting in a chair with a spoon held between his thumb and index
finger, when he went to sleep he relaxed, and the clatter of its fall awakened him, and he said he had often has some of his illuminating insights at that time?  One wonders ?


Subject: Re: Theos-World RE: [bn-study] 

Why is Theosophy better than religions or other...


   Thanks for your post. BTW, today I read a website that is one of those 
unusual but, most interesting creative individual sites that pop up from
time to time. Knowing your interest in this area I take this opportunity to post it
to you. 

This man was a carpenter for 35 years and he has a new original theory 
of just exactly how they managed to build the Pyramids and other Megalithic 

On the 10 pages he gives the Theory and Principle he has
discovered and as well places color Photographs showing how he performs it all. He
seems to have out classed the Japanese and others who have attempted to do the same 
using more widely accepted formula that did not work. 

The Forgotten Technology



Dallas, this news is from Jonathan Gray -   

BUILDING?   That's  right!

Japanese physicist Dr. Kei Mori exposed plant life to 
two of the conditions of the original world ecology - 
before the Great Flood.

He grew tomato plants under a plastic dome which 
filtered the ultraviolet rays; and he increased the 

After two years, a cherry tomato plant was 16 feet tall, 
with 903 tomatoes on it. After six years, the same 
tomato plant was over 30 feet tall and had produced 
over 5,000 tomatoes.

That tomato plant just didn't want to die. Ask yourself 
now, How long do tomato plants usually live? Perhaps
five or six months? They die of old age, destroyed by 
ultra-violet radiation.

Could this have some bearing on how old people would 
have lived under the same environment?


The atmospheric pressure, as well as the oxygen content, 
had to be greater in the past, in order to support the 
huge life forms which then existed.

My friend Dr. Carl Baugh, of Glen Rose Texas, has set 
out to build the world's first hyperbaric biosphere, 62 
feet long.  Its purpose is to simulate the context of our 
original world. 

An engineer from NASA has called it the greatest 
experiment in history, ever performed in the name of 

Research indicates that essentially everything was larger 
in the past. For instance, the club mosses which today 
reach sixteen to eighteen inches often approach two 
hundred feet in the fossil record.

The difference may well be in the atmospheric pressure:

In today's atmosphere we have 14.7 pounds atmospheric 
pressure per inch at sea level. 

But to oxygenate the deep cell tissue of those great 
dinosaurs we need much greater atmospheric pressure. 

Research has shown that when you approach two times 
today's atmospheric pressure, the entire blood plasma 
is saturated with oxygen.


Such atmospheric pressure would also PROMOTE RAPID 


It is believed that before the Flood a water canopy 
enveloped the earth, above the atmosphere. With such 
a canopy, the atmosphere would be pressurized to a 
greater degree than we have now.


In the 1980s, a hammer found inside a rock stratum 
was analysed by the Batelle Laboratories in 
Columbus, Ohio, the same laboratory that analysed

The elemental analysis showed it to be 96.6 percent 
iron, 0.74 percent sulphur, and 2.6 percent chlorine.

Physicists tell us that under today's atmospheric 
conditions you cannot compound chlorine with metallic
iron. Yet here it is. Today, chlorine can be joined 
with iron as solid metal only in two atmospheres of 
oxygen pressure, and only in the absence of ultraviolet 

Of course, ultraviolet radiation would have been 
filtered out by the protective canopy.

Research indications are that the pre-Flood atmosphere
is the only plausible explanation, for the forging of 
this metallic artifact.

This gets intensely interesting.  

That's why I could not keep this and other discoveries
to myself. So many folk have been asking me to share
information about these wonders. That's why the
e-book "The Killing of Paradise Planet" was produced.

If you want to see what else is tucked away in there, 
just take a visit now to

Best wishes
Jonathan Gray


"Indigo" is about prescient children who can communicate via extra-sensory means and how they are able to work with disbelievers and, in time, win them over. "Indigo," he said, was meant to be "a movie that hopefully makes people feel better about being human beings and shows who we are and why we're here....

Human Development In The Earth’s Rounds

The natural-born Seers and clairvoyants of Mrs. A. Kingsford’s and Mr. Maitland’s types; the great adepts of whatsoever country; the geniuses — whether in arts, politics or religious reform. No great physical distinction yet; too early and will come later on.

…a few drops of rain do not make a monsoon though they presage it. The fifth round has not commenced on our earth and the races and sub-races of one round must not be confounded with those of another round. ….

You should know also that the casual fifth round men (and very few and scarce they are) who come in upon us as avant couriers do not beget on earth fifth round progeny. Plato and Confucius were fifth round men and Gautama Buddha a sixth round man …. 

Our mystic terms in their clumsy re-translation from the Sanskrit into English are as confusing to us as they are to you — especially to “M”. Unless in writing to you one of us takes his pen as an adept and uses it from the first word to the last, in this capacity he is quite as liable to “slips” as any other man. 

No, we are not in the fifth round, but fifth round men have been coming in for the last few thousand years. But what is such a petty stretch of time in comparison with even one million of the several millions of years embraced in man’s occupancy of earth in a single round?...



UFO’s, ETs, and anamolies.

Using an ordinary 8 mm movie camera Dorothy Wilkinson-Izatthas filmed hundreds of sequences of unexplained, yet authenticated, pictures of UFO’s, ETs, and anamolies.

Dorothy Izatt is without peer anywhere on record in the world, even when compared to today's tabloid media with its endless loops of bizarre video footage from various places and people. Aside from the fact that electronically simulated video images aren't as yielding to analysis as the images in film photography, the obvious difference is that the footage derives from multiple sources. With Dorothy we have a credible, trustworthy, prolific source in one location - or in any location anywhere she chooses - willing to demonstrate the process for an observer.

HPB  wrote:

The ordinary man has no experience of any state of consciousness other than that to which the physical senses link him.  Men dream; they sleep the profound sleep which is too deep for dreams to impress the physical brain; and in these states there must still be consciousness.  

How, then, while these mysteries remain unexplored, can we hope to speculate with profit on the nature of globes which, in the economy of nature, must needs belong to states of consciousness other and quite different from any which man experiences here?

And this is true to the letter.  For even great adepts (those initiated of course), trained seers though they are, can claim thorough acquaintance with the nature and appearance of planets and their inhabitants belonging to our solar system only. They know that almost all the planetary worlds are inhabited, but can have access to—even in spirit—only those of our system; and they are also aware how difficult it is, even for them, to put themselves into full rapport even with the planes of consciousness within our system, but differing from the states of consciousness possible on this globe; i.e., on the three planes of the chain of spheres beyond our earth.  

Such knowledge and intercourse are possible to them because they have learned how to penetrate to planes of consciousness which are closed to the perceptions of ordinary men; but were they to communicate their knowledge, the world would be no wiser, because it lacks that experience of other forms of perception which alone could enable them to grasp what was told them. Still the fact remains that most of the planets, as the stars beyond our system, are inhabited, 
[SD II, 701]

…. bear in mind that on a higher plane even volatile ether would appear to be as gross as mud. Every plane has its own denseness of substance or matter, its own colours, sounds, dimensions of space, etc., which are quite unknown to us on this plane; and as we have on earth intermediary beings, the ant for instance, a kind of transitional entity between two planes, so on the plane above us there are creatures endowed with senses and faculties unknown to the inhabitants of that plane. 

The ant, can certainly appreciate the sounds that we do, and it can also appreciate sounds that we can never hear, therefore evidently, physiology has nothing whatever to do with the matter. The ant and ourselves possess different degrees of perception. We are on a higher scale of evolution than the ant, but, comparatively speaking, we are the ants to the plane above.”	[Transactions 121]



Jacques Benveniste was a renowned French doctor and immunologist who dedicated his last decade (he recently died - Oct. 3, 2004) in proving the controversial theory that water has memory.

In the above page, click on "Plasma coag. video" in the left column to view the video showing his experiment in coagulating plasma (blood) using only water exposed with an electromagnetic "signal" of "heparin" (a well known blood coagulant). 


	by Jacques Benveniste

Explaining digital biology is impossible without explaining its principle. The purpose of this text is not to report experimental results. Rather, it tries to explain to laymen, in the simplest terms, this radically new approach to biology. We hope it will be useful to all, scientists or not, who find it hard to "make the leap". 

Indeed, is it possible to believe that the specific activity of biologically-active molecules (e.g. histamine, caffeine, nicotine, adrenalin), not to mention the immunological signature of a virus or bacterium can be recorded and digitized using a computer sound card, just like an ordinary sound? 

Imagine the perplexity of Archimedes confronted with a telephone, and being told that by using it he could be heard on the other side of the world, were we not to explain the nature of sound waves or their translation into electromagnetism.

Life depends on signals exchanged among molecules. For example, when you get angry, adrenalin "tells" its receptor, and it alone (as a faithful molecule, it talks to no other) to make your heart beat faster, to contract superficial blood vessels, etc.. In biology, the words "molecular signal" are used very often. 

Yet, if you ask even the most eminent biologists what the physical nature of this signal is, they seem not even to understand the question, and stare at you wide-eyed. 

In fact, they've cooked up a rigorously Cartesian physics all their own, as far removed as possible from the realities of contemporary physics, according to which simple contact (Descarte's laws of impact, quickly disproved by Huygens) between two coalescent structures creates energy, thus constituting an exchange of information. For many years, I believed and recited this catechism without realizing its absurdity, just as mankind did not realize the absurdity of the belief that the sun circles the earth.




Attitudes are changing, and alternative medicine is becoming a fast growing segment in Western medicine. It is gaining official political recognition and more widespread acceptance among western healthcare providers. 

It is no longer considered only an eastern medical regimen. In fact, a significant increase in the number of alternative medical providers is expected to rise drastically within this decade (Kligman, 1998). Kligman also projects that by the year 2010, practitioners of alternative medicine will grow by 88%, rather than the 16% estimated rise in the number of traditional medical practitioners (Kligman). 

Key research studies show that CAM are gaining acceptance by healthcare providers. Prayer is especially growing as an alternative method for healing. Additional research is needed to demonstrate further the effectiveness of prayer as a CAM modality for mind/body healing.

Theosophy offers:

“…we are doing much to make known the importance of mesmeric science, for wherever we have been we have spared no pains to show the close and intimate relationship that exists between our modern discoveries in mesmerism, psychometry, and odic force, and the ancient Indian Science of Yoga-Vidya. We look forward with confidence to a day when the thorough demonstration of this connection will give to both Asia and Europe the basis for a perfect, because experimentally demonstrable, science of Psychology.”	[Blavatsky, Collected Works, xiii. 362-3]

"Now, if besides health, power of will, knowledge of science, and benevolent compassion on the healer’s part, there be also faith, passivity, and the requisite attractive polarity, on that of the patient, the effect is the more rapid and amazing. Or, if faith be lacking and still there be the necessary polaric receptivity, the cure is still possible. 

And again, if there be in the patient alone a faith supreme and unshakable in the power of a healer, of a holy relic, of the touch of a shrine, of the waters of a well, of a pilgrimage to a certain place and a bath in some sacred river, of any given ceremonies, or repetition of charms or an amulet worn about the neck—in either of these or many more agencies that might be named, then the patient will cure  himself by the sole power of his predisposed faith."
	[The Theosophist, Vol. IV, No. 7, April, 1883, pp. 158-160]

“The whole issue of the quarrel between the profane and the esoteric sciences depends upon the belief in, and demonstration of, the existence of an astral body within the physical, the former independent of the latter.”
	--SD II, 149

“Mesmerism has been called the Key to the Occult Sciences, and it has this advantage that it offers peculiar opportunities for doing good.” 	-HPB Article “SPIRITUAL PROGRESS”



	Here is a partial list of such discoveries / inventions


	A Brief survey of Ancient and Modern Events, History &  Science



 A D  on

			1,400 to  1,500 AD	

		Renaissance in  Europe sparked by discovery 
			of ancient texts preserved by Arab scholars
			through Europe's Dark Ages.

			1,500 to  1,600 AD	

1,543		Visalius		First accurate HUMAN ANATOMY published	

		Copernicus  	Theorizes Earth and Planets revolve
				around the Sun

1,572		Tycho Brahe 	observes a SUPER-NOVA -- Celestial 
				bodies are not unchanging

			1,600  to  1,700 AD

1,609		Galileo 	observes Sun spots, ,Moon's craters, Earth's movement
				observes Jupiter's satellites

1,609		Kepler 		sets out laws of planetary motion

1,614		Napier 		invents Logarithms (speeds up computing)

1,628		Harvey 	describes blood circulation

1,674		Leeuwenhoek  compound microscope -- sees 

1,687		Newton  	gravity and motion combine Earth and
				celestial bodies into dynamic relations

			1,700  to  1,800 AD

1,704		Newton - 	Theory of optics expose

1,735		Linnaeus 	Systema Naturae - classification and 
					naming organisms

1,752		Franklin	Electricity in Lightning demonstrated

1,774		Priestley	Oxygen discovered  Named in 1779 by 
1779		Lavoisier	Named OXYGEN,  quantitative chemistry

1,781		Herschel	Uranus discovered

1,795		Hutton 		Theory of the Earth - Geology begins

1,795		Jenner		Vaccination vs. smallpox

			1,800  to 1,900 AD

1,800		Volta		Electric Battery

1,808		Dalton		Atomic Theory of matter

1,818		Berzelius	Atomic Weights table published

1,820		Orsted		Magnetism and Electricity connected

1,831		Faraday	Electric induction demonstrated

1,857		Pasteur		Fermentation caused by microorganisms
					leads to Pasteurization

1,859				Spectroscopy suggests stars have 
					chemical composition similar to Earth

1,859		Darwin	The Origin of Species

1,865		Mendel		Genetic laws of Heredity (not included in
				   evolution theory till 1,900)

1,884		Maxwell	Electromagnetic equations developed

1,871		Mendeleyev  	Periodical Table of Elements

1,877		ISIS UNVEILED  (book)		H.P.Blavatsky

    		Telephone				Bell

		Electric Lamp	.	.	.	Edison

		Phonograph	.	.	.	Edison

		D C Current Generation & Motors	Edison

1,877		A C Power Transmission	.	Tesla

		A C Motor Development	.	Steinmetz & Tesla

1,883		Rayon

1,884		Manganese Steel

		Fountain Pen

		Trolley, Tram

		Steam Turbine

		Dirigible	.	.	.	Renard & Krebs

1,885		A.C. Transformer			Tesla

		Linotype				Mergenthaler

1,887		Radio Waves	.	.	.	Hertz

		Monotype				Lanston

1,888		2 Tube Pneumatic Tires			Goodyear

		Adding Machine				Burroughs

		Daimler Automobile			Daimler

		Transparent Photographic Film		Eastman

		Induction Motor  A.C.			Tesla

1,888		THE SECRET DOCTRINE		H.P.Blavatsky

1,889		Cordite Explosive			Abel & Dewar

1,890		Spectro-Heliograph			Hale & Deslandres

1,891		Indurite Explosive			Monroe

1,893		Motion Picture:  Kinetoscope		Edison

		Parliament of Religions, Chicago	T S Convention      Judge

1,894		Submarine - Argonaut			Holland & Lake

		Dry Air Blast Furnace

		Socialism/Communism Theory		Marx / Engels		

1,895		Motion Picture Projector

		X-RAYS	.	.	.	Roentgen	
		Wireless	.	.	.	Marconi	

		Psychology of Personality	 	Freud, Brewer

		Animal Reflexes	.	.		Pavlov

1,896		Disc Plow				Deere (?)

		Electro-Therapy	.	.		Finsen

		Radioactivity	.	.	.	Bequerel

1,897		Atom is not Solid	.	.	Thompson,

		Cathode Rays	.	.	.	Thompson

1,898		Radium 	.	.	.	Curies

1,899		Wireless in general use

		Hague - 1st Moral Conference


		1,900  	to  Present

1,900		Quantum Theory	.	.	Planck & Einstein

		Mutation in Plants	.	.	Van-Vries

		Cosmic Rays	.	.	.	Eitel

		1st Airplane Flight	.	.	Wright brothers

		Diesel Motor	.	.	.	Diesel

		Vacuum Tube for Radio 	.	De Forest

1,901		High Speed Steel

1,902		Photograph Transmitted by Wire

1,903		Beta Rays	.	.	.	Rutherford

1,905		Relativity Theory	.	.	Einstein

		Quantum Theory.	.	.	Planck

1,909		Synthetic Resin,  Backelite

		Electron charge Measured	.	Millikan

1,912		Continental Drift & Plate Tectonics (1960s)

1,913		Fixation of Nitrogen 	.	.	Haber

		Electron Movement Theory		Bohr

1,917		Communism - Bolshevism (Russia)	Lenin, Trotsky

to 1,920  	Microworld and Quantum Mechanics adopted

1,918		Sun a marginal star in Milky Way Galaxy	Shapley

1,919		Theory of Relativity			Einstein

1,922-5  	Dinosaur Eggs first discovered

		Tut-Ank-Hamen's Tomb discovered	C

1,923		Theories of acids/bases developed

		Tooth decaying germs identified

		Vitamin E identified  [ 4th vitamin ]

1,923-7  	Quantum Mechanics	.	.	Heisenberg

1,924		Recognition of Stars Beyond our Galaxy

1,925		Behaviorism Founded			

		Taung Skull unearthed

1,926		Liquid Propellant first used in Rockets

		Urease, the first Enzyme isolated

		Wave Mechanics introduced   	.	Schrodinger

		X-Ray Mutations in Fruit Flies

1,927		Uncertainty Principle	.	.	Heisenberg

1,928		Penicillin Discovered	.	.	Fleming

		Electron Theory	.	.		Dirac

1,929		Reversals of Earth's Magnetic Fields Discovered 

		Uniformly Expanding Universe Theory  	Hubble 

		Hydrogen in Deep space-fuel of Stars  	Russell

1,930		Anti-Particles proposed

		Superfluid Liquid Helium discovered

1,930		Freon & Polyvinyl Chloride Invented

		Pluto Discovered

1,931		Incompleteness of Arithmetic	.	Godel

1,932-3  	Neutron discovered, Electron Research      Schrodinger

1,932		Radio emissions detected from deep space   Jansky	

1,934		Mitochondria isolated

		Hormones found to regulate Insect metamorphosis

1,935		Earthquake Strength Scale developed	Richter

		Nylon invented

1,936		Radiometric Dating invented

1,937		Computation using a revolving machine

1,938		Theory of Ice Ages advance/recession
			due to Earth's Rotation  / Wobble

1,939		DDT discovered

		Theory of Star Combustion advanced

1,940		Lascaux Cave discovered - Stone-Age Paintings

1,942		Sustained Nuclear Chain Reaction

1,945		Digital computer

1,944		Genes discovered to be made of DNA  	Watson & Crick

1,946		Carbon-14 Dating developed

1,949		X-Ray Astronomy began

1,949		Transistors

1,951		Commercial Computer built

		Genes transfer in Chromosomes Maize

1,952		Calves from Frozen Serum

1,953		Piltdown Skull exposed as fraud

		Polio Vaccine Successfully developed		Salk

		Double Helix structure of DNA discovered

		REM (rapid eye movement) discovered / dreams

1,955		Artificial Diamonds synthesized

1,956		Atlantic/Pacific mid-Oceanic Ridge 
			recognized - Global ?

1,957		Sputnik space vehicle launched

1,958		Porpoises found to use echo-location

1,959		Microchip invented

		Bacterial Drug Resistance mechanism discovered

		Theory of Innate Grammar Capacity advanced

1,960		Gas discharge Laser

1.960 / 8  	Plate Tectonics adopted 

1,960		Chimpanzee Observation commenced	Goodall

		Seafloor spreading hypothesis developed

		Laser demonstrated

1,962		Noble Gases yield compounds

		Silent Spring published 	.	.	Carson
		Brain Hemisphere Differences explored

1,963		Quasar discovered

1,964		Animal Altruism explained Genetically

		High-Yield Rice developed - Green Revolution

		Fossils of 1.8 million year old Homo-Habilis	Leaky

		Sub-atomic Quarks theory introduced

1,965		Cosmic Microwave Background discovered

1,967		Human Heart transplanted

		Pulsars discovered

1,968		Genetic Code explained

1,969		Gene cloned

1,969		reach Moon				Armstrong &

1,972		Possible "Black Hole" discovered

		"Punctuated Equilibrium" Theory developed

1,973		Nuclear Magnetic Resonance [ MRI ] developed

1,974		Quark Theory proved by Experiments

		Chloroflurocarbons recognized as Threat to Ozone layer

1,975		Socio-biology Launched

1,976		Cancer causing Gene Identified

1,977		Voyager I sent out - Photos of Planets

1,977		Hydrothermal Vent colonies discovered on Ocean floor

1,978		4 million old Fossil of Lucy discovered	Leaky

		First "Test-Tube Baby" born

1,979		Voyager 1 discovers Volcanic activity on Io
				 ( Moon of Jupiter )

1,980		Gene added to mouse experimentally

		Theory of Meteor Impact and Dinosaur wipe-out  	Alvarez

1,981		AIDS first recognized    [ Africa ? ]

1,983-4  	HIV isolated

1,985		Buckyball (60 C atoms) discovered		B. Fuller

		Antarctic Ozone Hole discovered

1,986		"High-temperature" Super-conductivity discovered

		"Acid Rain" proved to damage US Lakes, Forests, Life

1,987		Manic Depression - molecular genetic studies

1,989		Great Walls of Galaxies discovered - "Bubbles"

1,990		Voyager II sent out

1,990		Hubble Telescope into space -- Photos

1,990		"Big Bang" hypothesis

		Gene therapy used on humans

1,992		Extra Solar System planets detected
		Dioxin recognized as a hormone mimicking pollutant
		Imprint of a  Primordial Cosmic Fluctuation noted

1,993-4  	Fermat's last Theorem proved

1,994		Mutant Gene detected in Breast Cancer

		Genetic Engineering experiments

1,996		Martian Meteorite shows traces of primitive bacteria

		Sequencing of Wheat Genome completed

1,997		Cloned Sheep born

2,000		Human Genome Project  Catalogue of our Genes



"Thoughts are things — have tenacity, coherence, and life, — that they are real entities..."   M .*.  K.H. 

Using crystals formed from distilled water as a base comparison, Emoto starts out by showing us photos of crystals from several rivers in Japan. The first shocking discovery was that very polluted water either has no crystal structure when it is frozen or else the crystals are very distorted and partial.

In contrast, photos from clear mountain streams are well-formed. Surprisingly, crystals from mystical or sacred places like Lourdes in France and Tenkawa (a river near a Shinto shrine where I once did a Hawaiian shaman ritual) are beautiful, but their centers are empty. 

Later, there are before and after photos of frozen water subjected to heavy metal, classical and sad music, positive and negative printed words taped to the sides of sample bottles; and even positive and negative thoughts. The results of that are about what you would expect if you know Huna. 

However, the most exciting experiment in my opinion was one in which a sample of water was taken from a polluted dam in Japan and then frozen and photographed. Next, a Buddhist priest sat by the water and spent an hour in prayer. Immediately after another sample was taken, frozen and photographed. You can see the results below. 




"The whole issue of the quarrel between the profane and the esoteric sciences depends upon the belief in, and demonstration of, the existence of an astral body within the physical, the former independent of the latter."	 [Secret Doctrine II,149]

	DNA Phantom Effect

In this contribution I am going to describe some observations and interpretations of a recently discovered anomalous phenomenon which we are calling the DNA Phantom Effect in Vitro or the DNA Phantom for short. 

We believe this discovery has tremendous significance for the explanation and deeper understandings of the mechanisms underlying subtle energy phenomena including many of the observed alternative healing phenomena [1,2]. This data also supports the heart intelligence concept and model developed by Doc Lew Childre [3,4]. (See also contributions by Rollin McCraty and Glen Rein in this volume).

	Subtle Energy Research

Subtle energy is used in this context as Einstein used it, that is, to describe a type of energy that is at present not fully understood or measurable with today's equipment. This is similar to how electromagnetism was viewed only 250 years ago. The effects could be seen but not directly measured.

In the early 1990s, Moscow's Russian Academy of Sciences reported a startling relationship between DNA and the qualities of light, measured as photons.17 In a report detailing these early studies, Dr. Vladimir Poponin described a series of experiments suggesting that human DNA directly affects the physical world through a new and previously unknown field connecting the two. Recognized as a leading expert in the field of quantum biology, Dr. Poponin was on loan to an American research institution when this series of experiments was carried out.

	So, what is Primary Perception?

Cleve Backster coined the term in a letter written to J. B. Rhine, of parapsychology fame, over three and a half decades ago. Rhine had jumped on Cleve's demonstrations of plant reactions with a Galvanic Skin Response, but when Cleve refused to be taken under his wing, Rhine became rather contentious, calling Cleve's discoveries some form of ESP. Cleve wrote to him saying, "You know, it seems that as a result of our experiments to date, that this is not extra-sensory. This is a primary perception that is before the specialized senses, so calling it ESP seems like a misnomer." There just may be an invisible web that links all of creation, that shows up in the lab as impulses on a GSR, the EKG or the EEG.

	The Conscious Brain

The Conscious Brain as the role model for the Computer. Information as Meaning. What Brains Process. Quantum Information Processing/Holography - an explanation of the morphology and dynamics of Living Systems, DNA, the Biological Cell,.....the Brain, Consciousness, Natural Languages and Creativity.




The Giant Proximity Effect (GPE) is a theoretical relative of the established Proximity Effect (PE), in which a very thin layer of ‘normal’ metal behaves like a superconductor when placed between two thicker superconductor slices. However, PE theory states that GPE, which occurs across a relatively thick normal metal layer, should not be possible.

Almost five centuries B.C. Leucippus, the instructor of Democritus, maintained that Space was filled eternally with atoms actuated by a ceaseless motion, the latter generating in due course of time, when those atoms aggregated, rotatory motion, through mutual collisions producing lateral movements.  

Epicurus and Lucretius taught the same, only adding to the lateral motion of the atoms the idea of affinity—an occult teaching.  [SD I, 2]

“The Monads (of Leibnitz) may from one point of view be called force, from another matter. To occult Science, force and matter are only two sides of the same SUBSTANCE.” (“Path,” No. 1O, p. 297.) Let the reader remember these “Monads” of Leibnitz, every one of which is a living mirror of the universe, every monad reflecting every other…[“Gods, Monads & Atoms” -SD I, 623]



Here's a different view of "solid reality":

The most mind-boggling aspect of Pribram's holographic model of the brain is what happens when it is put together with Bohm's theory.

For if the concreteness of the world is but a secondary reality and what is "there" is actually a holographic blur of frequencies, and if the brain is also a hologram and only selects some of the frequencies out of this blur and mathematically transforms them into sensory perceptions, what becomes of objective reality? 

Put quite simply, it ceases to exist. 

As the religions of the East have long upheld, the material world is Maya, an illusion, and although we may think we are physical beings moving through a physical world, this too is an illusion.

We are really "receivers" floating through a kaleidoscopic sea of frequency, and what we extract from this sea and transmogrify into physical reality is but one channel from many extracted out of the superhologram.


-- "W.Dallas TenBroeck" <> wrote:
Oct 7 2004

Dear Mark:

It seems to me that the progress in growing intelligence for every Monad in
manifestation, begins, as taught, in the 7-fold evolutionary scheme -- as an
immortal it begins in the depths of the "monadic essence" (whatever that may
be) [S D  I  176, 178-9, 612, 632-3,  II 109-19, ]  [Space and the frontiers of the 
Universe are (for us) undefinable.]

It then passes (says THEOSOPHY ) through all the various stages of experience and development,
up to the human (mind) stage.

Thereafter its progress becomes self-regulated, employing the "will" and the power of free choice. 

We are given a glimpse of the future possibilities of the evolving Monad as
it passes on -- [described in the last pages of The VOICE OF THE SILENCE ].

There are many gaps and much appears scattered, in the way of information, if not left unsaid.

Personally, I prefer a "spiritual" future to a futile cessation of effort and nullification of results that the death of the present physical body would seem to entail.

Best wishes,


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From: Mark K 
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Subject: Rocks and thought

Jerry (& Zaak) Wrote:

><< A rock is a thought in a manifested state.>>
>??? A rock is a host of monads in a particular collective arrangement that
>we label "rock." Its manas is dormant and so a rock has no thoughts. You
>are obviously using the word "thought" in some kind of special way, one
>that I do not understand.

It is "the particular collective arrangement" that is the operative 
phrase here.

What governs that particular arranging to produce & differentiate 
conventionally existent forms? What faculty or activity? How?

Perhaps this type of 'thought" is a reference to Blavatsky's notion of 
"Cosmic Ideation" or the contents thereof. Another way to put it might 
be to say this refers to the notion of classical Platonic 
"archetypes"(as contrasted with the Jungian psychological use of the 
term.... perhaps they are related.)

Where do the models for any manifested forms come from? Even if we 
acknowledge that they are mayavic and empty of inherent existence, they 
are temporary 'things" that man did not create. Whence comes the 
informing intelligence that guides the arrangement of monadic hosts that 
we label galaxies, solar systems, planets or any of the myriad 
geometries directing atoms to adhere, chemicals to bond, minerals to 
crystalize, vegetables to grow, etc? This may indeed be 'karma in 
action' or the 'activity of manas' as a creative naming function, but it 
definitely seems extended beyond the scale of conscious humanity.

While we all may conceptually acknowledge recognizing a particular 
arrangement as a "tree", for example, can anyone of us, as waking 
conscious personalities,  claim to have created it? If you run into 
it while jogging or it falls on top of you in a storm, can you will it 
out of existence by simply calling it 'maya' or 'mind only?'

To merely attribute the forms of cosmic creation to karma or thought, 
especially at the human scale, seems a tad oversimplified, no?

Just wondering.  ;-)



	Does Objective Reality Exist, or is the Universe a Phantasm?

In 1982 a remarkable event took place. At the University of Paris a research team led by physicist  Alain Aspect performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century. 

You did not hear about it on the evening news. In fact, unless you are in the habit of reading scientific journals you probably have never even heard Aspect's name, though there are some who believe his discovery may change the face of science. 

Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn't matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart. Somehow each particle always seems to know what the other is doing. 

The problem with this feat is that it violates Einstein's long-held tenet that no communication can travel faster than the speed of light. Since traveling faster than the speed of light is tantamount to breaking the time barrier, this daunting prospect has caused some physicists to try to come up with elaborate ways to explain away Aspect's findings. But it has inspired others to offer even more radical explanations. 

But the most mind-boggling aspect of Pribram's holographic model of the brain is what happens when it is put together with Bohm's theory.

For if the concreteness of the world is but a secondary reality and what is "there" is actually a holographic blur of frequencies, and if the brain is also a hologram and only selects some of the frequencies out of this blur and mathematically transforms them into sensory perceptions, what becomes of objective reality? Put quite simply, it ceases to exist. As the religions of the East have long upheld, the material world is Maya, an illusion, and although we may think we are physical beings moving through a physical world, this too is an illusion. 

We are really "receivers" floating through a kaleidoscopic sea of frequency, and what we extract from this sea and transmogrify into physical reality is but one channel from many extracted out of the superhologram. 


This striking new picture of reality, the synthesis of Bohm and Pribram's views, has come to be called the-holographic paradigm, and although many scientists have greeted it with skepticism, it has galvanized others. A small but growing group of researchers believe it may be the most accurate model of reality science has arrived at thus far. More than that, some believe it may solve some mysteries that have never before been explainable by science and even establish the paranormal as a part of nature. Numerous researchers, including Bohm and Pribram, have noted that many para-psychological phenomena become much more understandable in terms of the holographic paradigm. 



	Earth 'n Sync

Earth sings like a canary. Yep, you heard right. As Earth goes whizzing and whirling around the sun, it hums. If it were several octaves higher - we'd be able to hear it. But the Earth hums notes too low for human ears. Where is the humming coming from? It's a mystery. Scientists know that sound waves in the atmosphere correspond to similar waves underground. What gets the sound waves started could be changes in air pressure, or maybe the pounding of ocean waves. Do all planets sing? Some scientists think our two closest cousins Mars and Venus might be harmonizing along with Earth.


It has been known for almost a century that large earthquakes set the earth to ringing like a bell. In SF#118, we reported that the planet also "hums" when there have been no earthquakes. Just what forces stimulate this seismic humming of the earth-as-a-whole is still a matter of conjecture. 

Actually, "hum" is a poor choice of words. The period of these vibrations ranges from 3 to 8 minutes, which puts them in the range of infrasound. 

Recently, N. Suda of Nagoya University has found a clue suggesting that thunderstorms may excite these very-lowfrequency vibrations. 

Suda and his colleagues analyzed the seismic records at four seismically quiet locations around the globe and discovered that the hum is loudest between noon and 8 PM local time. The quietest period is from midnight to 6 AM. These are the same time frames when thunderstorms are most active and quiet. It's circumstantial evidence, but it makes sense. 

(Kerr, Richard A.; "Earth Seems to Hum along with the Wind," Science, 283:321, 1999.) 

Comment. Infrasound in the atmosphere may originate from storms thousands of miles away and from strong winds blowing across mountain crests. It appears that the earth is an immense, spherical aeolian harp! 

Scientists believe they have pinpointed the origin of a low frequency "hum" that emanates from the Earth.

The noise - which can be picked up in the two and seven mHz (millihertz) range - occurs far below the threshold of human hearing, US researchers said. A University of California team propose the hum is a product of storm energy being converted into other forms in the Pacific and Southern Oceans. Details of the study appear this week in the academic journal Nature. The scientists say they have ruled out earthquakes as the source


-- "W.Dallas TenBroeck" <> wrote: 

	Re: On the subject of "HUMMING."


I read in U S NEWS AND WORLD REPORT,   Pre-Dated. Oct. 11, 2004, p 16

That since 1998 (year of discovery) the Earth has been known to hum at a
very low rate of vibration.  Per,: Dr. B Romanowicz.


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Subject: Music and the Brain

Use Humming and Toning to Tune Up Your Brain

In the Mozart Effect, Don Campbell, founder of the Institute of Music,
Health and Education, lists the benefits of using your voice to enhance mood
and memory. He says that all forms of vocalization, including singing,
chanting, yodeling, humming, reciting poetry, or simply talk can be
therapeutic. "Nothing rivals toning," he concludes. The word 'toning' goes
back to the fourteenth century and means to make sounds with elongated
vowels for extended periods of time. Ah, ou (such as in soup), ee, ay, oh
and om are examples of toning sounds. 

Campbell writes that when people tone on a regular basis for 5 minutes a
day, "I have witnessed thousands of people relax into their voices, become
more centered in their bodies, release fear and other emotions, and free
themselves from physical pain.I have seen many people apply toning in
practical ways, from relaxing before a dreaded test to eliminating symptoms
of tinnitus or migraine headaches.

Toning has been effective in relieving insomnia and other sleep
disorders..Toning balances brain waves, deepens the breath, reduces the
heart rate and imparts a general sense of well-being." Campbell reports that
in his experience certain sounds tend to have certain effects on the body
and emotions: 

Ahhh - immediately evokes a relaxation response, 

Ee or Ay - is the most stimulating of vowel sounds, helps with
concentration, releasing pain and anger, 

Oh or Om - considered the richest of sounds, can warm skin temperature and
relax muscle tension. Try toning for 5 minutes a day for 2 weeks to see if
it will help you. 

In a similar way, humming can also make a positive difference in mood and
memory. Mozart hummed as he composed. Children hum when they are happy.
Adults often hum tunes that go through their minds, lifting their spirits
and tuning their mind. Consciously focus on humming during the day. As the
sound activates your brain, you will feel more alive and your brain will
feel more tuned in to the moment. 



>Two questions, then. 

 How real or imaginary is the Sound Current/Voice
>of the Silence/Music of the Spheres as described by
>Radhasoami/Theosophy/Cayce respectively?  

And does this matter in terms of whether or not it is useful, productive, advisable as a
>meditation technique

Leon Maurer answers:

I think that the expression "hearing the music of the spheres" is 
metaphorical -- in that it refers to the spherical nature of the higher order fields of 
consciousness that initially involve harmonically out of the primal Absolute 
laya point and its surrounding spinergy -- as fractalized spheres in triune 
groups... One such "monad" inside the other, like bubbles within bubbles within 
bubbles, etc.  See:

Since, an understanding of this infinitely divisible, multidimensional 
spherical form of the Universe is based on the fundamental laws of cycles that lead 
to infinite coenergetic harmonics between the fields -- and thus, can guide us 
to a clear comprehension of how nature works analogously and correspondingly 
to organize self generating systems of life in infinite combinations and 
complexities, yet in perfect harmony, like music (and with the zero-point 
consciousness that is everywhere with its awareness and will pulling the strings) -- 
this awakening of understanding of that reality can be metaphorically referred 
to as "hearing (realizing, sensing, imagining, etc.) the music of the spheres."

This all encompassing visualization, which links all the senses together in a 
multi-sensory graphical form that can be seen, heard, touched, smelled tasted 
and mentally comprehended simultaneously, is what is meant by "hearing the 
voice of the silence," and seeing the "word" (or vibrational patterns of 
vibrational energies) that, as Krishna said, "establishes this whole Universe with a 
single portion of itself, and remains separate."  

This is what all those gurus mentioned below were trying to say -- before 
there was an explanation "in the language of this age" that would be consistent 
with what people know today as "modern science" since Einstein opened the door 
soon after HPB left the scene. 

Could this, and the scientific breakthroughs (and metaphysical linkages) that 
followed, have been what HPB meant by the "New Message" that was to come 
before the advent of the 21st century?  (And, isn't it wise of the Masters not to 
have sent a recognizable "Messenger" -- since theosophy didn't need another 
"Messiah" or "high Priestess" to gum up the works? :-)

In any event, such a visualization and the ideation's it leads to certainly 
is a great aid to ones meditation practices.  In fact, it could very well be 
the most essential key in attaining enlightenment... Since it encapsulates 
everything taught in the Secret Doctrine (as "The Synthesis of Science, Religion 
and Philosophy") along with the Voice of the Silence -- without dependence on 
faith, priests, messiahs or a personal God. 

Leon Maurer




Dr. Brian O'Leary Addressed the New Energy Movement Conference in Portland, Sept. 26, 3004. Aiming for energy solutions that are clean, have zero emissions, are affordable to everyone on the planet, feasible and reliable, benign (no weapons use), decentralized, and are publicly accountable (no secrets).



	a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) has discovered that MAGNETIC FIELDS several hundred times stronger than background noise   AND  HEALING


Dr. John Zimmerman of the University of Colorado, using a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) has discovered that magnetic fields several hundred times stronger than background noise are created around the hands of trained healers when doing healing work on patients. No such fields are created by 'sham' healers making the same movements, indicating something special is happening with the trained healers. The frequencies of the magnetic fields surrounding the hands of the trained healers were of the alpha and theta wave range similar to those seen in the brain of meditators" 

Aura of LIVING water,%20minerals%20and%20water

One of the most fascinating research directions on Earth at present is the study of the Aura and bio-energetic structure of water. This research is conducted in Russia by Prof. K.Korotkov. 

Two Kirlian Aura images of seemingly identical drops of water, kindly provided by Prof Korotkov, are shown. The left image depicts Aura vibration around a drop of normal water and the right image shows the Aura around a drop charged by the famous Russian healer Allan Chumak during ten minutes of conscious concentration. The difference in the bio-energy glow is dramatic: the bio-charged water has more than 30 times stronger Aura vibration and significantly altered physical and biological properties.  

Contemporary physics cannot explain the above change in water glow which, technically speaking, is a purely physical process involving an electrical discharge in air around the drop. The main reason for this is that a great majority of “scientists” on Earth completely ignore our consciousness in their perception of Reality. Prof. K.Korotkov says that the increase in the Aura around a drop of water cannot be explained without considering the energy and vibration of our consciousness. Water Aura experiments are indisputable evidence that our mind, when properly trained, can dramatically change the qualities of matter. 



This device shouldn't work. But it does. This amazing device measures what is currently not even recognized by western science.



	The Benefit Of Clinical Mental Health

"We have shown in The Secret Doctrine that everything in this world of effects has three attributes or the triple synthesis of the seven principles. In order to state this more clearly, let us say that everything which exists in this, our world, is made up of three principles and four aspects, just as is the case with man himself. 

As man is a composite being, consisting of a body, a rational soul and an immortal spirit, so each object in nature has an objective exterior, a vital soul, and a divine spark which is purely spiritual and subjective. As the first of these propositions cannot be denied, the second can hardly be either, for if official Science admits that metals, woods, minerals, powders and drugs can produce effects, then it tacitly recognises the latter. As for the third, the presence of an absolute quintessence in every atom, materialism, which has no use for the anima mundi, utterly denies it." ...

"I have tried to prove in The Secret Doctrine, seven interpretations varying in meaning with their application to one or another of the domains of nature, the physical, the psychic, or the purely spiritual..."

The below site was sent to me, and am sure HPB would highly approve their objectives as consonant with that of the SD's "Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy":

The John E. Mack Institute features research initiatives that bridge Western and alternative traditions and examine healing phenomena to expand epistemological and therapeutic modalities. When used exclusively, without the input of other approaches, Western methodology may impede our understanding of the world more than facilitate it. Through the investigation of self-transcendence, the Superconscious and deeper ways of knowing, we will generate unique research for the benefit of clinical mental health. 

“As I listen to people and also examine other cultures and time periods, what I'm struck by is how large and variegated human experience really is. We aim to stand firmly on the border between the worlds of psychology and spirituality, science and religion, and describe the vistas seen when these traditionally disparate fields of study are allowed to cohere in the natural and organic unity that is sought and achieved in an individual human life.

Doing so, I believe, will open the door, not only to seeing how fundamentally good and inter-connected all of life is, but also allow us to begin recovering pathways for spiritual development and capacities for self- -transcendence that remain largely untapped and latent, but within all of us. Medicine and psychiatry will be more succesful in their own missions if they understand the nature of these capacities and the conditions which encourage their growth.”
	—Jeffrey Rediger, M.D., M.Div.

	The Superconscious Self: Consciousness, Healing and Vitality

The theory that both problems and treatments span the body, mind and spirit will be explored through quantifiable research into how the healing process is experienced in the physical, psychological, and spiritual domains.

Too often in our culture we focus on the parts to the exclusion of the whole. “Spiritual” problems are the province of the cleric, “emotional” problems the domain of the psychologist or psychiatrist, “physical” problems the responsibility of the medical doctor. The efforts of this initiative are driven by the belief that there also exists an all-important kinetic reciprocity between these dimensions; that to label certain inner experiences as the product of disease does not serve the client, that both problems and treatments span the body, mind and spirit. 



 "Electron Crystals."

Cornell Apparatus Probes The Mystery Of A High Temperature Superconductor



Reed Carson writes:

You appear to be asking about the book "CATACLYSM!" that I reference 
frequently.  You can read a little about it at

I should share my take on it.  There are a number of excellent books out 
there on Atlantis.  Some closer than others in my opinion.  Each that I 
have in mind have something valuable to contribute.  Each book when read 
alone is very compelling.  One can easily think one has "found" it when 
reading that book.  In my opinion the Cataclysm book however is a 
necessity.  The other books, when they fail to incorporate the info in the 
Cataclysm book, fail in the end to get things completely right.  At best 
they are incomplete.

There is only one other alternative book I know of.  "Atlantis Enigma" by 
Herbie Brennan (at 

appears to me to have gotten much of its material from Cataclysm.  
Brennan presents the material in a very readable form.  It will be 
good for many people.  It is out of print and must be obtained used.

The Cataclysm book however is the mother lode.  It contains much
empirical info.  Every scientific term is explained briefly when first 
used.  It is heavier reading but a person can pick and choose and iterate 
their way through the book in stages of study.

I presume you have read the series on Atlantis that I have written so 
far.  Much more will be forthcoming starting sometime in September - so 
please stay tuned.

As to the rest of your letter:

Yes we agree completely on the info contained in myths.  

I do not know if you know or not, HPB goes to great lengths to insist on the importance of 
myths.  Yes the accuracy of Plato in the Critias should change our views of 
myths.  Critics will say he must have been wrong because such a story 
"could not" have been remembered that long.  Of course the critics are 
wrong.  I will be saying more about myths later.  It is astounding what 
actually has been remembered for 12,000 years!  (Note, also HPB asserts 
multiple meanings to the myths.  It gets to be a fulsome topic.)

You say the axis did not shift.  You must account for the instantly frozen 
mammoths.  There are more geological facts on the ground to be accounted 
for but that problem is the easiest to visualize.  
[ see VELIKOVSKY’s books] 

We agree on the nuclear winter.  I say there was a mini ice-age lasting 
2,000 years after the event.  In other words - if there was a pleistocene 
it started just after the alleged pleistocene ended.

We agree on the "sea of mud".  Later I will tell the exceeding odd story of 
the migrating eels versus the sea of mud.

Asteroids are important to this story.  Notice the asteroid belt.  It 
appears to be an exploded planet.  I say the same cosmic intruder that 
caused the disaster on earth caused the explosion of the planet that turned 
into the asteroid belt.

Surpise - what becomes critical here are the translations of 
Sitchen!  Those translations as they relate to the destruction of that 
planet are perhaps the most dramatic and fascinating confirmations of the 
story.  The Babylonians had records ultimately from eye witnesses.  Some 
myth.  I will get to that story.  (It is explained in Cataclysm.)

So I suggest to you that the origin of the asteroid belt should fit into 
the complete story.

If you like the explanatory power of asteroids you should get "The Secret 
of Atlantis" by Otto Muck. (At 

He attributes the cause to two asteroids whose traces can still be found today 
in the Atlantic off Florida.  These are related to the Carolina Bays I 
mentioned earlier.  But I take these to be only part of the story.  His 
book is excellent. And I take it to be a very clear example of how one 
needs the Cataclysm book to get the full picture.

Yes of course flood myths are world wide.

You mention planetary alignments.  It appears to me the solar planetary 
evidence is suggestive of a planetary alignment at the time of the disaster.

Yes the Mayan calendar is something to be taken seriously.  It 
is  important to relate it to the disaster.  But I say it was started still 
a significant amount of time after the disaster - a thousand years or so, I 
am not sure.  And the Mayans in general should be tied into a complete 
explanation.  It seems highly likely they were Atlanteans.

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>BN-STUDY Digest for Monday, August 02, 2004.
>1. Atlantis - the Culprit
>2. Re: free will
>3. Re: NEW RULE
>4. Re: middle perspective
>9. Re: free will
>20. RE: Atlantis - the Culprit
>21. Re: free will
>22. RE: Atlantis - the Culprit
>23. RE: more on hypnotism versus Mesmerism
>24. Re: free will
>25. Re: middle perspective



		Re Keeley's Motor & "force"


>From the S D we can obtain key statements made by HPB.  

They show that the Occultists knew quite well what Keeley was dealing with
and what his special nature and its limits were.

Let us remember that the Mahatmas certified that the SECRET DOCTRINE was the
triple production of  Their work and H P B as Their "messenger." 
(see below)


[Summary of  Secret Doctrine  I, pp.  555 - 566]


His inter-etheric point is the laya-point of the Occultists, which, however,
does not require "an infinite mind to understand it," but only a specific
intuition and ability to trace its hiding-place in this world of matter. Of
course, the laya centre cannot be produced, but an inter-etheric vacuum
can—as proved in the production of bell-sounds in space. 

Mr. Keely speaks as an unconscious Occultist, nevertheless, when he remarks
in his theory of planetary suspension:—

"As regards planetary volume, we would ask in a scientific point of view,
How can the immense difference of volume in the planets exist without
disorganising the harmonious action that has always characterised them? I
can only answer this question properly by entering into a progressive
analysis, starting on the rotating etheric centres that were fixed …..  with
their attractive or accumulative power. If you ask what power it is that
gives to each etheric atom its inconceivable velocity of rotation (or
introductory impulse), I must answer that no finite mind will ever be able
to conceive what it is. The philosophy of accumulation is the only proof
that such a power has been given. 

The area, if we can so speak, of such an atom, presents to the attractive or
magnetic, the elective or propulsive, all the receptive force and all the
antagonistic force that characterises a planet of the largest magnitude;
consequently, as the accumulation goes on, the perfect equation remains the

When this minute centre has once been fixed, the power to rend it from its
position would necessarily have to be so great as to displace the most
immense planet that exists. When this atomic neutral centre is displaced,
the planet must go with it. The neutral centre carries the full load of any
accumulation from the start, and remains the same, for ever balanced in the
eternal space." 

“…that principle in man which can control and guide etheric vibratory force.
At any rate it exists in all those mortals whose inner selves are
primordially connected, by reason of their direct descent, with that group
of Dhyan-Chohans who are called "the first-born of Ether." 

Mankind, psychically considered, is divided into various groups, each of
which is connected with one of the Dhyanic groups that first formed psychic
man; (see paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in the Commentary to Stanza VII.) 

Mr. Keely being greatly favoured in this respect, and moreover, besides his
psychic temperament, being intellectually a genius in mechanics, may thus
achieve most wonderful results. He has achieved some already—more than any
mortal man, not initiated into the final mysteries, has achieved in this age
up to the present day. What he has done is certainly quite sufficient "to
demolish with the hammer of Science the idols of Science"—the idols of
matter with the feet of clay…. 

Occultly this was a far more advanced achievement than the "success" which
he anticipates from his "wire," but the results obtained from the fifth and
sixth planes of the etheric (or Astral) Force, will never be permitted to
serve for purposes of commerce and traffic. That Keely's organism is
directly connected with the production of the marvellous results is proven
by the following statement emanating from one who knows the great discoverer

In this he is quite right; but this is electricity on the terrestrial plane,
and through terrestrial correlations. He estimates—

Molecular vibrations at     100,000,000     per second.
Inter-molecular    "     "     300,000,000      "      "
Atomic                 "     "     900,000,000      "      "
Inter-atomic         "     "  2,700,000,000      "      "
Ætheric                "     "  8,100,000,000      "      "
Inter-Ætheric       "     "24,300,000,000      "      "

This proves our point. There are no vibrations that could be counted or even
estimated at an approximate rate beyond "the realm of the fourth son of
Fohat," using an occult phraseology, or that motion which corresponds to the
formation of Mr. Crookes' radiant matter, or lightly called some years ago
the "fourth state of matter"—on this our plane. 


Occult philosophy divulges few of its most important vital mysteries. It
drops them like precious pearls, one by one, far and wide apart, and only
when forced to do so by the evolutionary tidal wave that carries on humanity
slowly, silently, but steadily toward the dawn of the Sixth-Race mankind.
For once out of the safe custody of their legitimate heirs and keepers,
those mysteries cease to be occult: they fall into the public domain and
have to run the risk of becoming in the hands of the selfish—of the Cains of
the human race—curses more often than blessings. 

It will be at its appointed place and time only when the great roaring flood
of starvation, misery, and underpaid labour ebbs back again—as it will when
happily at last the just demands of the many are attended to; when the
proletariat exists but in name, and the pitiful cry for bread, that rings
throughout the world unheeded, has died away. 

This may be hastened by the spread of learning, and by new openings for work
and emigration, with better prospects than exist now, and on some new
continent that may appear. Then only will "Keely's Motor and Force," as
originally contemplated by himself and friends, be in demand, because it
will be more needed by the poor than by the wealthy. 

. . . "It is as platina [platinum] to hydrogen gas. Molecular separation of
air brings us to the first sub-division only; inter-molecular, to the
second; atomic, to the third; inter-atomic, to the fourth; etheric, to the
fifth; and inter-etheric, to the sixth sub-division, or positive association
with luminiferous ether.* In my introductory argument I have contended that
this is the vibratory envelope of all atoms. 

In my definition of atom I do not confine myself to the sixth sub-division
where this luminiferous ether is developed in its crude form as far as my
researches prove. † I think this idea will be pronounced by the physicists
of the present day, a wild freak of the imagination. Possibly, in time, a
light may fall upon this theory that will bring its simplicity forward for
scientific research. At present I can only compare it to some planet in a
dark space, where the light of the sun of science has not yet reached it. .

"I assume that sound, like odour, is a real substance of unknown and
wonderful tenuity, emanating from a body where it has been induced by
percussion and throwing out absolute corpuscles of matter, inter-atomic
particles, with velocity of 1,120 feet per second; in vacuo 20,000. 

The substance which is thus disseminated is a part and parcel of the mass
agitated, and, if kept under this agitation continuously, would, in the
course of a certain cycle of time, become thoroughly absorbed by the
atmosphere; or, more truly, would pass through the atmosphere to an elevated
point of tenuity corresponding to the condition of sub-division that governs
its liberation from its parent body." . . . 


"As regards odour, we can only get some definite idea of its extreme and
wondrous tenuity by taking into consideration that a large area of
atmosphere can be impregnated for a long series of years from a single grain
of musk; which, if weighed after that long interval, will be found to be not
appreciably diminished. The great paradox attending the flow of odorous
particles is that they can be held under confinement in a glass vessel! Here
is a substance of much higher tenuity than the glass that holds it, and yet
it cannot escape. It is as a sieve with its meshes large enough to pass
marbles, and yet holding fine sand which cannot pass through; in fact, a
molecular vessel holding an atomic substance. This is a problem that would
confound those who stop to recognize it. But infinitely tenuous as odour is,
it holds a very crude relation to the substance of sub-division that governs
a magnetic flow (a flow of sympathy, if you please to call it so). This
sub-division comes next to sound, but is above sound. The action of the flow
of a magnet coincides somewhat to the receiving and distributing portion of
the human brain, giving off at all times a depreciating ratio of the amount
received. It is a grand illustration of the control of mind over matter,
which gradually depreciates the physical till dissolution takes place. The
magnet on the same ratio gradually loses its power and becomes inert. If the
relations that exist between mind and matter could be equated and so held,
we would live on in our physical state eternally, as there would be no
physical depreciation. But this physical depreciation leads, at its
terminus, to the source of a much higher development—viz., the liberation of
the pure ether from the crude molecular; which, in my estimation, is to be
much desired."—

Mr. Keely defines electricity "as a certain form of atomic vibration." 

“There is a transcendental set of causes put in motion—so to speak—in the
occurrence of these phenomena, which, not being in relation to our narrow
range of cognition, can only be traced to their source and their nature, and
understood by the Spiritual faculties of the Adept. 

They are, as Asclepios puts it to the King, "incorporeal
corporealities"—such as "appear in the mirror," and "abstract forms" that we
see, hear, and smell, in our dreams, and visions. What have the "modes of
motion," light, and ether to do with these? 

Yet we see, hear, and smell, and touch them, ergo they are as much realities
to us in our dreams, as any other thing on this plane of Maya”. 
	SECRET DOCTRINE  I  555 - 566


These are key statements made by HPB in the S D . They show that the
Occultists knew quite well what Keeley was dealing with and what his special
nature and its limits were.

Here is the certificate given by the Masters  on the authorship of the



A good deal has been said about the writing of Isis Unveiled, and later of
the Secret Doctrine, both by H. P. Blavatsky. A writer in the spiritualistic
journals took great pains to show how many books the first work seems to
quote from, and the conclusion to be arrived at after reading his diatribes
is that H.P.B. had an enormous library at her disposal, and of course in her
house, for she never went out, or that she had agents at great expense
copying books, or, lastly, that by some process or power not known to the
world was able to read books at a distance, as, for instance, in the Vatican
at Rome and the British Museum. The last is the fact. She lived in a small
flat when writing the first book and had very few works on hand, all she had
being of the ordinary common sort. She herself very often told how she
gained her information as to modern books. No secret was made of it, for
those who were with her saw day after day that she could gaze with ease into
the astral light and glean whatever she wanted. But in the early days she
did not say precisely to the public that she was in fact helped in that work
by the Masters, who gave from time to time certain facts she could not get
otherwise. The Secret Doctrine, however, makes no disguise of the real help,
and she asserts, as also many of us believe, that the Masters had a hand in
that great production. The letters sent to Mr. Sinnett formed the ground for
Esoteric Buddhism, as was intended, but as time went on it was seen that
some more of the veil had to be lifted and certain misconceptions cleared
up; hence the Secret Doctrine was written, and mostly by the Masters
themselves, except that she did the arranging of it.

For some time it was too much the custom of those who had received at the
hands of H.P.B. words and letters from her Masters to please themselves with
the imagination that she was no more in touch with the original fount, and
that, forsooth, these people could decide for themselves what was from her
brain and what from the Masters. But it is now time to give out a
certificate given when the Secret Doctrine was being written, a certificate
signed by the Masters who have given out all that is new in our theosophical
books. It was sent to one who had then a few doubts, and at the same time
copies were given from the same source to others for use in the future,
which is now. The first certificate runs thus:

I wonder if this note of mine is worthy of occupying a select spot with the
documents reproduced, and which of the peculiarities of the "Blavatskian"
style of writing it will be found to most resemble? The present is simply to
satisfy the Doctor that "the more proof given the less believed." Let him
take my advice and not make these two documents public. It is for his own
satisfaction the undersigned is happy to assure him that the Secret
Doctrine, when ready, will be the triple production of [here are the names
of one of the Masters and of H.P.B.] and _______ most humble servant,
[signed by the other.]

On the back of this was the following, signed by the Master who is mentioned
in the above:

If this can be of any use or help to _____, though I doubt it, I, the humble
undersigned Faquir, certify that the Secret Doctrine is dictated to [name of
H.P.B.], partly by myself and partly by my brother ______.

A year after this, certain doubts having arisen in the minds of individuals,
another letter from one of the signers of the foregoing was sent and reads
as follows. As the prophecy in it has come true, it is now the time to
publish it for the benefit of those who know something of how to take and
understand such letters. For the outside it will all be so much nonsense.

The certificate given last year saying the Secret Doctrine would be when
finished the triple production of [H.P.B.'s name], ________, and myself was
and is correct, although some have doubted not only the facts given in it
but also the authenticity of the message in which it was contained. Copy
this and also keep the copy of the aforesaid certificate. You will find them
both of use on the day when you shall, as will happen without your asking,
receive from the hands of the very person to whom the certificate was given,
the original for the purpose of allowing you to copy it; and then you can
verify the correctness of this presently forwarded copy. And it may then be
well to indicate to those wishing to know what portions in the Secret
Doctrine have been copied by the pen of [H.P.B.'s name] into its pages,
though without quotation marks, from my own manuscript and perhaps from
______, though the last is more difficult from the rarity of his known
writing and greater ignorance of his style. All this and more will be found
necessary as time goes on, but for which you are well qualified to wait."

Path, April, 1893

Best wishes, 


From: Leon M  

Subject: [bn-study] Re: Revisionism in Theosophical Literature


I wouldn't be so sure that the Keely Engine, or at least the concept of 
extracting the "etheric energy" from the vacuum of space, was entirely

Although the evidence proved that he was in fact a charlatan and did fake
his "motor" itself -- which fooled HPB as well as a lot of other backers.  


However, HPB did know the possibilities of such energy being extractable --
since she assumed Keely was using his own psychic energy (which she knew the
power of) to make the machine work.  Also, she did mention in the SD that it
wouldn't work without him being present.  




For info


-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew Smith [] 
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2004 1:54 PM
To:;; Perry Coles;

Subject: Theos-World Watch Out! Here Come The Borg!

The first sighting of atoms flying in formation has been reported by
physicists at the Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards
and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU-Boulder)
in the Aug. 13 issue of Physical Review Letters.* While the Air Force and
geese prefer a classic "V," the strontium atoms-choreographed in this
experiment with precision laser pulses and ultracold temperatures-were
recorded flying in the shape of a cube.

Andrew W. Smith
"He has seen but half the universe who never has been shown the House of
Pain." ---  Ralph Waldo Emerson



    Zacharia Sitchen is one thing, but here is another view about that alleged mysterious periodic transgressor of our Planetary system. 

This is the work of a former NASA Scientist whose forte while employed by NASA was Orbital Mechanics and Microwave Technology. 

His theory is based on the Dendera Temple Zodiac, the Temple of Senmut and other relevant old records. This is a little 
lengthy to read as is necessary to understand what he interprets but is worth the effort. He has different periodicity than Sitchen based on his calculations from the Egyptian record. I have had communication with him and suggested he look 
into Tiahuanaco and the "Puma Star." Here is the Website:




Discover the cosmos!

Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 


M17: A Hubble Close-Up 

Credit: NASA<>, ESA<>, J. Hester (ASU<>) 

Explanation: Sculpted by stellar winds<> and radiation, these fantastic, undulating shapes lie within the stellar 


known as M17<>, the Omega Nebula, some 5,500 light-years away in the nebula-rich<> constellation Sagittarius. The lumpy features<> in the dense cold gas and dust are illuminated by stars off the upper left of the image and may themselves represent sites of future star formation. Colors in the fog of surrounding hotter material indicate 

M17's<> chemical make up. The predominately green glow corresponds to abundant hydrogen, with trace sulfur and oxygen atoms contributing red and blue hues. The picture spans about 3 light-years and was released in the thirteenth year<> of the Hubble Space Telescope's<> cosmic voyage of exploration. 

Andrew W. Smith




My head is whirling at the thought of it. Can you imagine - 
two miles down inside a coal mine - an ancient building!!! 
That's right... inside the coal. 

*	Oklahoma:  In 1928, in coal mine No. 5, near 
Heavener, at a depth of two miles, miners encountered a wall 
composed of 12 inch cube concrete blocks.  The blocks were 
so smooth and polished on the outside that all six sides acted 
as mirrors.  A solid wall was exposed.  About 100 to 150 
yards further down the shaft, the same wall or one very 
similar was uncovered.


When they reported the discovery to the mining officers, the 
men were pulled out of that mine and sent to another mine.  
That part of the mine was then filled up.  

Hey, what's going on here? Who's afraid these things will 
get known?


There are just two ways you can understand this:

(1) EITHER civilized man (the grand finale of so-called
evolution) was on earth BEFORE the "coal age" (up to 300 
million years ago)  

(2) OR coal was NOT laid down 300 million years ago, but 
very recently, after civilized man.

Either way, the evolution sequence is in trouble.

So what is the truth... REALLY?  Is this something to 
think about? 

You will appreciate, Dallas, that to present you with 
the truth convincingly and with sufficient evidence to do 
it justice, is impossible in such a brief email. So I won't try.

But if you really want to dig into this further, my new 
ebook "Surprise Witness" exposes these and many more 
astonishing facts - and gives answers with hard evidence. 
You can get it from   

 But first, what do you think of these?:

*	Western Australia:  In 1975, water drillers 80 miles 
from Perth struck concrete 30 feet below the surface.  
Investigation proved the existence of a concrete wall.

*	France:  At Aix-en-Provence, from 1786 to 1788, 
coins, stumps of columns and other worked stones, were 
discovered 50 feet down, below eleven beds of compact 

*	Kentucky:  At Blue Lick Springs, underground, 
below the remains of a prehistoric mastodon, was 
discovered a pavement of cut-stone tiles.

*	Ohio:  In the autumn of 1868, in a strip of coal mine 
operated by Captain Lucy near Hammondsville, at 100 feet 
below ground a large mass of coal fell into the shaft, 
unmasking a large, smooth, slate wall covered with 
inscriptions similar to hieroglyphics, in lines about three 
inches apart.  Crowds flocked to see this marvel.  By the time 
qualified scientists got there with proper equipment, the slate 
had crumbled in the air and the writing was destroyed.

*	Pennsylvania:  In November 1829, in a quarry twelve 
miles northwest of Philadelphia, at a depth of 69-70 feet 
below ground, a block of marble was found, which bore an 
indentation containing the raised alphabet characters 'I' and 
'U'.'  The discovery was authenticated by several reliable 
witnesses and two years later an illustration appeared in the 
American Journal of Science, vol.19, p.361.

*	Omaha, Nebraska:  About 130 feet underground, 
coalminers found a carved slab of rock.  The marks on it 
divided the shape into diamonds.  In the centre of each 
diamond was an engraving of a human face.  The earth had 
not been disturbed - and the coal was dated at 300 million 
years.  (Omaha Daily News, 1897)


Yes, can you imagine it? My head is still whirling! As deep 
as two miles (3.2 kilometres) underground!  We're dealing 
with a deep mystery here concerning our civilized 

Please email me your questions. I am here to help you 
with any questions on ancient mysteries. Just email 
me at



. This looks like it could be an excellent resource for the BN science project.

TASTE is an online journal devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported. It lets scientists express these experiences in a psychologically (and professionally) safe space.



Aug 15 2004

	RE: 	Discussions and proving.  
		Adding to B N Science section

Dear N, and Friends:

I agree -- so let the "thinkers" show others where they secured their

Now where do we start?  

Should we not make that which is useful available to others?

Several ways occur to me:

1.	Republish the "original teachings" on Internet.

2.	Answer inquiries and point to solutions that rest on Theosophical
Discuss these freely.

3.	A possible third is to critically review current writings and add to
our accumulation of "proofs"  

   1.	Scientific reports, and discoveries

   2.	Psychological studies and discoveries

   3.	Relgious statements and trends.

4.	Methods of study of feeling, emoton, thought, logic, free-will,
		and, seeking for common denominators all may accept.

5.	Discussing all aspects of information freely.

Best wishes,




Three Paradigm Shifts in Parapsychology

Actually, New Age started a hundred years ago, with Madame Blawatzky and her Secret Doctrine, but the real breakthrough came in the 1970:ies with Ostrander's & SchrÃder's, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain (1970). Also KGB's bureau for Foreign Country Information ( i.e the spy bureau) and their research department for information theory made a great difference.

Well, it’s not just a spiritual magazine. It is a spiritual, cultural, philosophical, and otherwise category-busting magazine committed to bringing a new perspective to politics, business, science, the arts, and the environment. It is also an international speakers forum, an online media broadcast station, and a master’s degree program. And it just keeps growing.




UFO Town Seeks Aid for Earthly Visitors
Wed Aug 11, 2004 10:40 AM ET

WARSAW (Reuters) - A Polish town plans to ask the European Union for the equivalent of $126 million to help it build facilities for hundreds of visitors lured by its mysterious crop circles, a local official said on Tuesday. 

Crop circles -- areas in farmers' fields where grain has been flattened, often in complex interlocking patterns -- have been appearing in Wylatowo, western Poland, for four years. 

The circles have drawn interest from UFO enthusiasts who believe they are made by alien spacecraft, while others dismiss them as hoaxes. 

"We are drawing up a formal request -- we'd like to fix the sewer system and put up a campsite for visitors, both from Poland and from elsewhere in Europe," Wylatowo town councilor Tadeusz Filipczak told Reuters. 

"I've got an exhibit for tourists set up in my place where they can come and ask questions -- I mean, you can't just send people out in the fields," he said. 


33 B

...precisely one year after a strange fractal "crop glyph" appeared in a field just outside the Chilbolton Radio telescope grounds, in Hampshire, England, another, even stranger glyph appeared (above).  According to Darcy Ladd, Manager of the Chilbolton Radio Observatory, in an interview with Colin Andrews, the image appeared “suddenly on the morning of August 14th.”  According to Mr. Ladd, “No unusual activity was seen that morning, in the field or [in terms of] aircraft overhead, etc ….”  According to the Manager, Chilbolton does have security cameras, but they are not equipped for night vision surveillance.  The cameras captured “nothing unusual.”



A GLOBAL NETWORK of random sources shows deviations linked with events that affect millions of people. The results challenge common ideas about the world, but independent analyses confirm the unexpected behavior, and also indicate that it cannot be attributed to ordinary physical forces or electromagnetic fields. 

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is an international collaboration created in 1998 to study the subtle reach of human consciousness in the physical world. We maintain a network of random event generators (REGs) with nodes in more than 50 locations, from Alaska to Fiji, on all continents, and in nearly every time zone. The world map on the right has a bright spot for each of the host sites. 




The human DNA is a biological Internet and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind's influence on weather patterns and much more.

In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes. 



Odin wrote:


>I've run into an interesting condundrum: HPB supports both "spontaneous 
>generation" and "intelligent design". The modern proponents of the latter 
>use Pasteur's work disproving the former to support the latter! Sorting 
>through this maze proves more challenging than expected. 

Then, the Christian creationists are busy "proving" that man and dinosaurs 
>co-existed, thereby supporting their one-shot creation of everything by 
>God (i.e., "proofs" of human footprints together with dinosoaur bones in 
>Mexico). HPB's assertion of the co-existence of man and dino, the missing 
>link of the astral man/physical dinosaur is altogether that--missing! We 
>may have to wait awhile for Science to catch-up and accept the astral 
>Book Description

>OF PANDAS AND PEOPLE gives evidence for intelligent design from 
>origin-of-life studies, biochemistry, genetics, homology, and 
>paleontology. In a unique manner, 

Of Pandas and People gives the pros and 
>cons of both the biological-evolution theory and the intelligent-design 
>concept. Pandas promotes a widely recognized goal of science education by 
>fostering a questioning, skeptical and scrutinizing mindset. This 
>supplemental biology textbook provides an extensive index, glossary, 
>references, and suggested reading and resources to help familarize the 
>reader with the material. Pandas is enhanched by the use of numerous 
>diagrams, charts, illustrations and full-color pictures.

>SD II, 149
>The two and a half Races that preceded that event may have lived 
>300,000,000 years ago for all that science can tell.  For the geological 
>and physical difficulties in the way of the theory could not exist for the 
>primeval, ethereal man of the Occult teachings.  The whole issue of the 
>quarrel between the profane and the esoteric sciences depends upon the 
>belief in, and demonstration of, the existence of an astral body within 
>the physical, the former independent of the latter.
>It will be very challenging to find either Biblical Creationists or 
>Science as yet corroborating the following:
>Under the page heading “No Man – No God” – SD I, 106-107:
>The Doctrine teaches that, in order to become a divine, fully conscious 
>god,—aye, even the highest—the Spiritual primeval INTELLIGENCES must 
>pass through the human stage.  And when we say human, this does not apply 
>merely to our terrestrial humanity, but to the mortals that inhabit any 
>“The Breath becomes a stone; the stone, a plant; the plant, an animal; 
>the animal, a man; the man, a spirit; and the spirit, a god.”  The 
>Mind-born Sons, the Rishis, the Builders, etc., were all men—of whatever 
>forms and shapes—in other worlds and the preceding Manvantaras. This 
>subject, being so very mystical, is therefore the most difficult to 
>explain in all its details and bearings; since the whole mystery of 
>evolutionary creation is contained in it.
>SD I, 218:
>In Esoteric Philosophy, every physical particle corresponds to and depends 
>on its higher noumenon—the Being to whose essence it belongs; and above 
>as below, the Spiritual evolves from the Divine, the psycho-mental from 
>the Spiritual—tainted from its lower plane by the astral—the whole 
>animate and (seemingly) inanimate Nature evolving on parallel lines, and 
>drawing its attributes from above as well as from below.



Online video presentation re 


(Fundamental Christian sponsored but worthwhile info):



This is a good resource for current and frontier science.

California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics



QUANTUM PHYSICS predicts the existence of an underlying sea of zero-point energy at every point in the universe. This is different from the cosmic microwave background and is also referred to as the electromagnetic quantum vacuum since it is the lowest state of otherwise empty space. This energy is so enormous that most physicists believe that even though zero-point energy seems to be an inescapable consequence of elementary quantum theory, it cannot be physically real, and so is subtracted away in calculations. 

A minority of physicists accept it as real energy which we cannot directly sense since it is the same everywhere, even inside our bodies and measuring devices. From this perspective, the ordinary world of matter and energy is like a foam atop the quantum vacuum sea. It does not matter to a ship how deep the ocean is below it. If the zero-point energy is real, there is the possibility that it can be tapped as a source of power or be harnessed to generate a propulsive force for space travel. 



"Matter is eternal," says the Esoteric Doctrine. But the matter the Occultists conceive of in its laya, or zero state, is not the matter of modern science; not even in its most rarefied gaseous state. Mr. Crookes' "radiant matter" would appear matter of the grossest kind in the realm of the beginnings, as it becomes pure spirit before it has returned back even to its first point of differentiation. 

Therefore, when the adept or alchemist adds that, though matter is eternal, for it is PRADHANA, yet atoms are born at every new manvantara, or reconstruction of the universe, it is no such contradiction as a materialist, who believes in nothing beyond the atom, might think. There is a difference between manifested and unmanifested matter, between pradhana, the beginningless and endless cause, and prakriti, or the manifested effect. Says the sloka; -- 

"That which is the unevolved cause is emphatically called by the most eminent sages, pradhana, original base, which is subtile prakriti, viz., that which is eternal, and which at once is, and is not, a mere process."* 

That which in modern phraseology is respectively referred to as Spirit and Matter, is ONE in eternity as the perpetual cause, and it is neither Spirit nor matter, but IT -- rendered in Sanskrit TAD ("that"), -- all that is, was, or will be, all that the imagination of man is capable of conceiving. Even the exoteric Pantheism of Hinduism renders it as no monotheistic philosophy ever did, for in superb phraseology its cosmogony begins with the well-known words: -- 

"There was neither day nor night, neither heaven nor earth, neither darkness nor light. And there was not ought else apprehensible by the senses or by the mental faculties. There was then one Brahma, essentially prakriti (Nature) and Spirit. For the two aspects of Vishnu which are other than his supreme essential aspect are prakriti and Spirit, and Brahman. 

When these two other ASPECTS of his no longer subsist, but are dissolved, then that aspect whence form and the rest, i.e., creation, proceed anew, is denominated time, O twice-born." 

It is that which is dissolved, or the illusionary dual aspect of That, the essence of which is eternally ONE, that we call eternal matter or Substance (Vide in Part II., "Primordial Substance and Divine Thought"), formless, sexless, inconceivable, even to our sixth sense or mind,** in which, therefore, we refuse to see that which Monotheists call a personal, anthropomorphic God. 

How are these two propositions -- "that matter is eternal," and "the atom periodical, and not eternal" -- viewed by modern exact Science? The materialistic physicist will criticize and laugh them to scorn. 




July 23 2004


Many thanks Shawn.


Very interesting, especially the enlargements.


Now if you or someone will interpret them to us in terms of plate tectonics
and possible history of rise and fall of coast lines it would be helpful.  


Are there any charts that might show the effects of Ice-age glaciations?  


How would the average cost line around the present continents have swerved
to change their outlines look if say,  15,000, 50,000, or 250,000 years ago
the sea level were 300 to 600 feet lower on the average? 


If Poseidonis disappeared in a night (?) then where might it have been and
where are the islands and shores of that time?  


Is there any way we can trace them.  


I hear of evidence along various shores of elevated Coast lines --- along
the coast of So. America, for instance, 


Then there was a recent study on the evidence of flora and fauna around the
Atlantic ocean basin comparing So. America and West European coastal regions
- showing that at one time in the geological past there had ben some
connections and similarities of species as well as geological comparables
tended to show that the may have been a valid connection.


I see almost too much anxiety to dispel any interest in such contiguity and
co-existence, and, I ask myself why is it that in certain scientific circles
there is so much interest in placing bars and obstacles in the way of
considering the statements made in THEOSOPHY concerning the past.


Suppose that some of us set together and established a table listing the
ages and eras of the past that Theosophy speaks on this - then com[pare it
with those dates and ideas that Science seems to adopt.


For instance:  


I recall that it was a geologist who supported the examination of water wear
on the Sphynx and came to the conclusion that torrential rains were common
over 13,000 years ago (and of course earlier, as that was only a "last date"
- since the date on when the Sphynx actually carved, was perhaps many
thousands of years earlier  --  how many years of exposure (as in the case,
for instance, of the Ellora caves in Central India have those structures
been exposed to the monsoon rains and eroded ? - still this period and era
is unknown in regard to Egypt - and Where did those rains come from?  Was
the Sahara then a sea?  And its climate contributed to caused the erosion.
[Anthony West? ]  


The arrangement of the Pyramids and several temples in the delta of the Nile
are said to coincide with the positions of the main stars in Orion and Canis
Major ought also to be checked and verified and kept alive.


We have also had since Mars was closely examined the matter of the 5 sided
pyramid and the seemingly human face outline found on Mars.  Are these
"coincidences"  (some of Nature quirks and fancies?)  or, were they left as
evidence for explorers, such as we have become, to seek to understand and
secure some reason for.


Von Danegan (spelling ?) [ 1980s and 90s]  wrote a number of sensational
books about anomalies, strange artifacts, evidence of art in layers of
strata that antedate those layers in which only evidence of savage and
primitive tools have been found.  


Why this evidence?  Why now?  What can Theosophy offer as found around the
world - with photographs and other testimony - who among us is
systematically  following up on such things?  Or even cataloging them? 


Have they any relevancy to Theosophy and its chronology?


What about the study of paleo-climatology?  What changes in land mass may
have caused those?  This could be tied in with paleo-geology ?


I recall that Velikovsky in his books (1940s)  made a point of indicating
there was no reasonable explanation for vast deposits of fossil, found in
impossible profusion and jumbled in certain areas - his idea was there had
been a sudden shifting of the planetary axis - and in certain areas where
surface exposure led to there being no protection, trees, animals, rocks,
etc, slid over the surface of the earth which suddenly changed its spin
direction -- and were finally jammed in jumbled heaps against the face of
certain mountains and in canyons that were able to resist such a change and
flow  - and provide a shelter for this mass of detritus. 


Many mysteries --  and one could write some interesting and thought
provoking  books about them.  


[ For instance, in very recent years we have FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY by Cremo
and Johnson  -- and, as a follow up, an equally large volume recording the
way in which the scientific community received its publication.]


I append hereto some outlines of a chronology constructed from hints given
in Theosophical literature. [It is only a sketch and needs to be added
to.]Perhaps someone will help.


There are in our Theosophy magazines already a fair grouping of records
pertaining to anomalies:  --


In Theosophy Magazine, (Los Angeles) now in its 85th  volume --  see 

ON THE LOOKOUT --  month after month.


In The THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT Magazine (Bombay) now in its 75th volume see IN
THE LIGHT OF THEOSOPHY  --  items month after month.


Culled, edited, an put into book-form, these would make very provocative









Below is a table of Geological Ages as they were estimated in HPB's time, 

and as they are estimated now.  [SD II 710] These dates are used by

Geology and are approximate estimates only. ]




  Name of                                                 

GEOLOGICAL AGE             HPB's S D DATES               MODERN DATES

===============             ===============             ================


PRIMORDIAL                      321,000,000
10,000,000,000 + 

  [SD II 711-2]



                Laurentian             .               .               .
1 billion  (+/-)

                Cambrian               .               .               .

                Ordovician            .               .               .

                Silurian   .               .               .               .


PRIMARY             .                 150,000,000 

[SD II 712]

                Devonian               .               .               .

                Carboniferous       .               .               .

                Permian  .               .               .


SECONDARY       .                45, 000,000

  [SD II 713-4]



                Triassic  .               .               .

                Jurassic  .               .               .

                Cretaceous            .               .               .


TERTIARY                                   9,000,000

  [SD II 714]



                Paleocene              .               .               .

                Eocene   .               .               .

                Oligocene              .               .               .

                Miocene                .               .               .

                Pliocene .               .               .


QUATERNARY                       1,600,000

  [SD II 715]

                Paleolithic              .               .               .

                Pleistocene            .               .               .

                Neolithic                .               .               .

                Holocene               .               .               .

                Historical               .               .               .









                     C H R O N O L O G Y  



                This is an attempt to place events and personages within
various accepted and Theosophical time-frames.  It is hoped that it will
help in observing evidence of the Wise Men and Sage Adepts of the past at

     It will help the compilers if you would contribute any correc-tions or
additions to this growing project, as a result of your own study and use of
this list.



                                                Abbreviations used:


 IS  =  Isis Unveiled                                              Glos  =
Theosophical Glossary       

 SD  =  The Secret Doctrine                                Thy  =  Theosophy
Magazine (LA)

Key  =  Key to Theosophy                                 Theos't  =
Theosophist ( Adyar )

Lucif=  Lucifer Magazine                                    Path  =  The
Path ( New York )

 ML  =  Mahatma Letters                                    T M  =
Theos.Movemt. (Bombay)

Ocean=  Ocean of Theosophy                           HPB Art =  Collected
HPB Articles

CWB  =  Collected Works HPB                         WQJ Art =  Collected WQJ

C & J=  Caves & Jungles of Hindoostan

Aryan Path = Magazine published in Bombay



                                A THEOSOPHICAL VIEW OF CHRONOLOGY


                The sub-title given to this survey indicates the attention
that H.P.Blavatsky paid to the historical, factual aspect, of the records of
the Adepts.                           ( SD I 272 )

                Students of Theosophy take into account certain foundational
concepts, such as :--  

                                 1. Reincarnation:  that we are essentially
in our spiritual, natures, Immortals, and have lived many lives on this

                                2. that Karma, the law of justice and of
fairness to all beings (from the atom to Galaxy) is The Law for every aspect
of the Universe;  and that it consists of an harmonic balance at all points;
so that all circumstances can be traced to choices made earlier;

                                3. the ideal of Human Brotherhood is not a
myth but a solid fact as science and psychology demonstrate daily that we
share in each other, as in all aspects of Nature;  and finally,  

                                4. There is an actual, a Universal All--an
Encompassing Unity (or Causation), which forms the living and sensitive
base for all evolution and all individual consciousness.


                                                C H R O N O L O G Y


Year                        Groups, Tribes                       Notes and

 From    To              or Individual               



Universal and World  Periods  [Tables]      SD II 69-70   OCEAN 125


311,040,000,000,000  years = Maha Kalpa, or Life of Brahma

                                     	 (100 of Brahma's years)

                                                  [311 trillion, 40 billion]
							SD II 70


   3,110,400,000,000  years = 1 Year of Brahma     SD II  70

                                                [3 trillion, 110 billion]

         8,640,000,000  years = 1 Day + 1 Night of Brahma     

         4,320,000,000  years = 1 Kalpa =  l Day of Brahma or

                                                1,000 Maha-Yugas   SD II  69

                                                or 14 Manus          SD II 59-60

                                                [ see The Theosophist, Nov.,  1885, p. 115-6; 

                                                 article by  P. Sreenivas Row ]

1 Day of Brahma =   4,294,080,000  years = 994 Maha-Yugas or 14 Manus

                          add    25,920,000  years = 1 Sandhi (twilight)
							SD II 308fn


                              4,320,000,000  years = 1 Kalpa or 1 Day of Brahma  

                                 		 (4 billion, 320 million) SD II 69-70  


1 Manvantara   =      306,720,000  years = 71 Maha Yugas of
							4,320,000 years 

                        add     1,728,000  years = 1 Sandhi  SD II  69


                              308,448,000  years = 1 Manvantara SD II 69


4 Yugas    [ The 4 "Ages" ]   .    .    .     SD II  69   ML p. 121, IS I 32


      1,728,000  years =           Krita (or Satya, or Golden Age--Yuga )

      1,296,000  years =           Treta (or Silver Age--Yuga )         

         864,000  years =           Dwapara ( or Bronze Age--Yuga )

         432,000  years =           Kali ( or Black, Iron Age--Yuga )


      4,320,000  years = 1 Maha Yuga or 1/1000th of A Day of Brahma      

                                                 SD II 69  HPB III 422;  Lucif XIII, 183-4


Chaldean Cycles     .    .    . .IS  I  30 fn

   [ Berosus, Priest of the temple of Belus, Babylon ]

    3,600  years = 1 Sar  (or Saros )

                                IS I 21, 30, 34, 533  II 467, Path X 301,
      600  years = 1 Neros

       60  years = 1 Sossus

     Berosus, Temple of Belus, Babylon    IS  I 30 fn 

          		SD II 38 331 432 566;  SD I 114 314 389 435 649 655fn
                               	 Glos. 108  291 (Sar) 225 258
Solar or Heliacal Year   25,868  years      Ocean 121 
                         ( 1 Sub-race )


     1,955,884,687  years (in 1887) from the beginning of
                       "cosmic evolution"       SD II  68

     - 300,000,000     Years as a Sandhi (twilight)

    1,664,884,687  years (in 1887) from the first appearance of 
                                "Humanity" (on this planetary chain) as a 
                                physical form        SD II  68

        18,618,728  years since the beginning of the Vaivaswata
                                Manvantara - or the human period up to
                                The year 1887       SD I 150fn  II 69



                                                B. C.



18,618,727              Lighting up of Manas [ mind ] (as in 1887)   
                                                                SD I 150fn;
						SD II  69 254-5

 4,000,000 c.           Engulfing of Lemuria  (e.g.:--Easter Island)

                                [4th Round, 4th Globe, 3rd "Race"]  SD  I 439

                                Easter Island - last evidence of Lemuria 

                                                   SD I 322 439  II 224 317
                Atlantis   [ Titans / Kabiri / Cyclops ]

                                    [4th Round, 4th Globe, 4th "Race"]     

  1,050,000               Beginning of the 5th "Race"  SD II 141 144 435

          Vedas  SD I 269-71  II 483-4 450 606 616    
                                T M 5-67  Glos 361  IS I 444   THY 2-468    
                                Theos't I-247 COL I TOP. WQJ ART II 82-3
				Theos't 9-428
1,000,000 Aryan Race began    SD II 395   Theosophy V. 45, p. 219

                Brahmin invasion of Northern India 

                                Is II 156fn 169 158 Is II 323 192  SD I 209
						II 565  Glos 222

                 Persians, Turanians, Goths, Slavs     Is. I 569-576  
						Is. II 426-433


                                1,000,000 - 500,000   B C


998,100   Cataclysms:  Atlantis begins sinking               SD II 141
                                        Is I 557 593  SD II 10 144  Glos 42-3

 869,000   Dwapara Yuga Commencement  (since 1888) SD II 147    

                  ( Kali-Yuga began 3,102 BC )

 850,000   Since submergence of last large peninsula of

                        the Great Atlantis             SD II  10
850,000   Glacial Period estimated by Stockwell & Croll 
                                                         SD II 141 144

 800,000   Angkor Wat built (2nd most Occult Edifice)   
                            Glos 223  Is I 239 561-8  271-2


                                500,000 - 250,000  B C


470,000   Babylon's astronomical observations are said to go back 
                   to this period     Nebo or Birs Nimrud,  CWB 13-274  Isis
							I 533
450,000   Epoch of Ramayana  (Brahmin estimate)       C & J p. 73
                   Theos't Vol.10 -35   SD II 496  IS II 278    Glos 275
400,000   Egypt was settled by the Atlanteans and the Eastern
                                 Aetheopeans (Malabar coast of India)
						SD II 750


                                250,000 - 100,000  B C


250,000 + Last Glaciation of Europe                 Isis I  3

                Pyramids were 3 times submerged    S D I 313 424 617  

                                  SD II 462-6 575 435 749-50 351-3 462 351-2
			93 276fn 429  GL 223 300  
			IS I 154 239 296-7 517-21
                                   THY Vol. 67-p.54

                Sphinx  (Harmachus)           SD II 124 618  Glos 135-6  Is
							I 573
200,000   Chaldean Astronomical Observations extended back at the
                                time of Alexander's invasion _ Berosus
				SD I xxvi
200,000   Stockwell & Croll estimate of last Glaciation   SD II 1441, 144


                100,000 - 30,000 B C


78,000 +  Denderah Zodiac [ Egyptians brought from Lanka -- Menes ] 
                                                   SD II 374fn 431-6 456 577
						580; IS I 440-1   

49,186    Egyptian Records go back to ( Diogenes Laertius ) 
                    by 8,863 yrs. in 323 BC        IS  I  33

34,300    Sumerian Tablet gives 32,234 yrs between Deluge
                     and last king of Isin c.200 BC   Thy 16, p.195


                30,000 - 10,000 B C


29,217    Alpha Polaris (Dhruva) (as Pole Star) (in 1888)
                    31,105 yrs ago                   Glos.  17

15,194    Zodiac Originated  1st degree of Aries ( Ram )

15,086    Vernal Equinox and 1st degree of Libra coincided  SD  I 658  
                    ( 16,984 yrs ago in 1888 )

12,300     Vyasa - Uttara Mimansa and Vedanta taught     Isis II 621
                 "Bhadarayana"                     SD I 50 269 451  Glos 361

 11,100    Vega (Alpha Lyrae was Pole Star        Thy 17-18


                10,000 - 6,000 B C 


9,566     Deluge of Deucalion.  Last Island of Atlantis     ML p. 155
                                submerged.  Last war between the     5 YRS
					OF THY 99fn 
          "Sons of God" of the "White Island" and    SD II 406 444fn
                                the last Atlantean sorcerers
						ISIS I 589-594
9,500       Atlantis - Last Island sank Timaeus"- Plato as narrated
                                by Priests of Sais to Solon
					TM 46-469
8,000     Hindu Initiates had same Secret Philosophy then      
                                as now (estimate)                 SD II 406
						IS II 535

8,000     Tchandalas begin to emigrate from India to Chaldea  

                                SD II 200  Glos 323 165  IS I 135 551-2 578
                                 Isis II 438-9  SD I 313fn  
7,975     End of the last Sidereal Year  Ocean 129  SD  I 649-50

              	 (9,868 yrs. before 1893)        SD II 314 331 432 470  
6,500 c   Zarathustra (6,000 yrs. before Plato c 400 BC)   Gl 384-5

                                IS I 19  II 141  SD I 464  II 323  Theos't I-135  
 				Thy 14-97

                [Zoroaster was a Title - 24 Zoroasters.  The last
                 was a contemporary of Gautama Buddha. c. 600 BC ]


                6,000 - 4,000 B C


6,000 / 5,000    Trojan War was nearer 6,000 than 5,000 BC  S D II 437fn
                                Thy 27-103  IS I 520 598  Glos 96 (Dardanus)
                                                                SD II 101 236 440

5,100        Neith (1st Dynasty)  Lucif 2-465  SD I 399  Glos  77 227 234

4,100 c   Manu-Vina  (Menes) to Masra (Cairo)     IS  I 627 516
                             SD II 335 374 431-2 436 746;  Thy 15, 317


                4,000 - 3,000 B C


3,750       Sargon I reigned   (Prof. A.H.Sayce)    SD II 691

 3,700        Local Deluge in Middle East             S D II 691
3,200 c     Date assigned to last Veda Vyasa by 
                                the Brahmins. [Vyasa is a title.]
					Glos  362

3,102       Kali Yuga began  Feb. 16, AM:  2 Hrs, 27 Min, 30 Sec.
                       [ the only precise time given ]  SD  I  662   SD II 147 fn

3,102       Krishna's death  Kali Yuga (18 Feb. 3,102 BC) Glos 170 387
                                [ midnight 17/18 ]        Thy. I-p. 374; IV-p. 37

3,102        Hindu Zodiac       Begins at sunrise Feb 18th    SD  I 662
                                 ( origin of present Hindu era: "Vikram Samvat" 
                                and Zodiac, Tiravalour, So. India )

3,100 c   Vikramaditya rules at Ujjain ("Vikram Samvat") SD I 662
                                [ begins at Sunrise, February 18th 3,102 B C

3,100 c     Fu-H'si  ( Krishna of China )              Thy 14- 308

                 Po-H'si  ( 1st Ruler of China)             Thy 14- 1

3,100 c   Orpheus identified with Arjuna          Thy 27, 148  Glos 242
                                (On travel to Patala, stops in Greece)     
                                                HPB ART III 138  IS I 532 II 129 550  
                                                SD I 207 267fn 529 784  Lucif 16-273  
                                                Theos't 5-20 Col 2 Bot, 


                3,000 - 2,000 B C


3,000 c     Gilgamesh epic, "Flood" of the Jewish Bible   Thy 16, 307

2,875 c     Akkadians (Semites) over-run Sumer Sargon    IS I 576-78

2,800 c     Yi-King  (Chinese Kabala in dialect of Akkadians)       
							Thy 25-444
2,700       Hwang-Ti  3rd ruler after Po-H'si     Thy 15-19  Thy 14-310

                Babylon & Assyria  Glos 47 37 IS I 567 ML 152 THY 16-194 307

2,253       Chaldean Astronomical Observations for the past 1903 years    

                                Calliosthenes to Aristotle (c 350 BC)
						IS I  21
                Kasidim                  Glos 75 81 39 196  IS I xxviii 534 459 567

                                 HPB Art III 134  ML 152  CWB 5-13 326-8  

2,200 c   Shu-King and Shi-King  (China)           Thy 14-310  IS I  11

                 Hammurabi  (Code) Babylon             Thy 16-196
2,000 c   Sumeria  old texts with interlinear Semitic        Thy 16-194
                                translations                           Thy  21-414

                2,000 - 1,000  B C


1,925 c   Hittites capture Babylon                     IS I 567-8

1,850 c   Chung-Ki  (China )                                Thy 14-34

1,700 c   Knossos  (Crete) at its height             IS I 264  545
                   [ c 3,000 BC - 1,400 BC ]

1,628       Thera (Santorini) Volcano Erupts  (Tree Ring Dating)
                                                [ L A Times,  Aug 29 1996 ]

                   [ End of Minoan Civilization, and tidal waves
                     overwhelm coasts of Eastern Mediterranean.]

1,600 c   Hyksos  ( Semites ) overran Egypt     IS I 569-70

1,500 c   Arameans over-ran Mesopotamia      IS  I  579

                 Phoenicians  ( Semites )       IS I 569 567 572 545 

1,573        Moses born SD II 539 691 MOD PAN 45 HPB III 244  IS I 3 555
                                 SD I 320fn 385  II 428 456 465 691  IS II
						129  I 25 
1,447        Aries in its 15th degree             SD II 436 fn  SD  I 658

1,400 c   Achaeans to Crete  destruction of Knossos dynasty

                    (Thera-Santorini volcano explodes ? )

1,350 c    Tutankhamen XVIII Dynasty (son-in-law of Ikhnaton) 

                Aton replaced Amon-Ra --  Thebes-capital of Egypt

1,225 c   Rameses II ( restored Karnak & many monuments )

                 Greeks:  Aeolians  Ionians  Dorians  Achaeans

                 Scythians from central Asia begin invading Russia

                                Khazaks (in 8th Cent. identified with Jews )

1,250       Sanchoniathon compiled religious writings      SD II  440 fn
                                   IS I 234 341-2 577-8 II 260 275 SD II 129
					440  Glos 289

                1,000-900 B C


1,000 c    Aztecs  to Central America     S D II 445  Thy 16, 70-1

974 - 937  Solomon                IS I 135 II 391 ML 345  SD II 591  M Pan

970-936  Hiram I at Tyre  (Phoenician Jews )     I S I 19 135 566-8

945          Conjunction of all the Planets except Saturn
						SD II  63
                                (Note:  also a great conj. in 1957, 1965-7 &
						Sun Eclipse )

900 c        Inca Kings records begin                  Thy 16-25  Glos 154
                                HPB Art III 428  IS I 595-8

814          Founding of Carthage by Phoenicians in flight from Joshua 
                                son of Nun            IS I 520 560 567  II 546  





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