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Re: Theos-World Hello - New comer

Jan 29, 2006 05:40 PM
by Mark S. Hamilton Jr.


Welcome to the list. You would be happy to find that a lot of us are very much interested in the relation between Modern science and theosophy. Within the past few months there's been a lot of posts regarding this topic. I'm sure Leon will probably follow up on this, himself, but here is one such post from myself:

"In part 3, H.P.B. stated that the brain dies LONG AFTER the body is
dead (clinically speaking, death means that there is no pulse & no
breathing). It also goes on to say that you go UNCONSCIOUS, and the
spirit doesn't appear until hours or days afterwards, in most

In Blavatsky's time, was this a well-known fact?

Today, we have devices that can detect these things (such as EEG
machines). Even on people who were apparently brain-dead, there is
still electrical activity.

It says:
"low-voltage ... activity was recorded in nine (16.1%) patients as
long as 72 hours following brain death"
This shows data to suggest that the brain doesn't fully die until a
few days after initial clinical death. In this study, the patients
were clinically dead at one point, but kept alive artificially.

It also continues by saying that a small portion of patients show
sleep-like patterns. This infers that these patients were forced into
a sleep-like state at their moment of death.

-Mark H.

On Sun, 29 Jan 2006 13:17:12 -0500, Jacques Mahnich <> wrote:

Hello everybody,
My first name is Jacques, I am almost 55 now, and a T.S member since 1980.
I had the opportunity to join this discussion list back in the mid 90' during one of my stay in US. I am now back to France and ready to share again some ideas on Theosophical subjects.
We (together with my spouse Anne-Marie who joined T.S. at the same time than me) have had 4 children (and 2 grand-children by now).
I am working since 30 years in aerospace industry as an electronic engineer.
My main topic of interest is the relationships between modern science and theosophical teachings (a subject HPB spent some time with...).
Talk to you soon.

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Mark S. Hamilton Jr.

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