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RE: our deepest fear ~ ~

Jan 27, 2006 03:23 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck


1/27/2006 3:17 AM




Dear Mauri:



Any fear is based on ignorance.


If you receive detailed knowledge then fear is controllable.


Is 'speculation" a search for knowledge ?









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From: Mauri 
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Subject: Re: our deepest fear ~ ~




G<<What we must "give up" is our belief in a personal eternal self. >>


... ^:-/ ... I don't get it.  How can I give up something that I can't even


specifically enough except in conditional/imputational (or

"karmic/mayavic"...) terms?    I mean, how can anybody give up something

other than conditionally/imputationally?  I thought that any kind of

realistic stab towards anything like Enlightenment/Liberation might involve

something "more" (quotes per esoteric/y alerts) than any basically

conventional/mainstreamy notions about "giving up" something or other (ie,

in exchange for something re this side of Beness, for a start, or in some

sense ...).  I thought that something like "just being" might in some cases

result in some sort of alerty transcending (hence my quotes or alerts on

"just being") of "comparatively more conventional" notions about "giving up"

something.  Not that you might not have had some perfectly legitimate

perspective there in your way, Gerald, with your invisible quotes and

whatever.   But I've been trying to to offer a different perspective (in

case you were wondering) that, because it might be seen to be different, or

somewhat different (maybe even somewhat unexpected, among other things, in

some cases, ...), might even turn out to be somewhat helpful, as well, in

some cases, maybe ...  ^:-/ ...


I seem to have trouble figuring out how anybody on this planet could still

be so brainwashed, this day and age,  as to hold on to some sort of

"personal eternal self" (except maybe in some sense re this side of Beness?)

as if it weren't conditional/imputational, so ...


On the other hand ... for all I know you might've been implying something

with those quotes on "give up"...



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