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Re: Theos-World "... our principal sources of knowledge about Jesus...."

Jan 24, 2006 01:08 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

The Gospels tells us that they are merely a 
Gematria Greek translation of the Buddhist 
Sanskrit Parinirvana Sutra and that Christianity 
is nothing else than a version of Buddhism.
The German pro Christian author Richard Garbe, 
whose motive it was, to show that Buddhism is but 
a rehash of Christianity, was forced by the facts, 
to admit the contrary in his book: Indien und das 
Christentum (India and Christianity), Tuebingen 

Danish Prof. Christian Lindtner recently confirmed 
Garbe and shows good examples of the Gematria 
translation of the Septuagint scholars. Lindtner 
uses also theosophical sources, such as The Adyar 
Library Bulletins vol. 64 (2000), pp.151-170 
(Amrapali in the Gospels), vol. 66 (2002), pp. 
184-190 (life and doctrine of Jesus and Buddha in 
comparison (my re-transl.).

For truth seekers it may be of interest that Prof. 
Lindtner attacks many legends which run as 
history, although the topics are tabooed, like the 
Holocaust, of which he takes the revisionist side. 
Consequently - it seems he has the true Buddha and 
the true HPB spirit, the Aryan spirit - he 
published f.e. his article "A New 
Buddhist-Christian Parable" in "The Revisionist", 
vol. 2/1 (2004), pp. 12-24.

In case of the kabalistic method of hiding a 
second, deeper meaning within a text, Prof. 
Lindtner refers to "Gematria in the Gospels", in: 
Acta Orientalia, vol. 64 (2003), pp. 7-37 and in: 
Research Bulletin. Vishvesharannd Vedic Research 
Institute, vol. 2 (2003), pp. 113-143.

At least in Germany the theosophical sects refuse 
to take note of this important German research of 
1914 (there were many more researches in that 
direction, esp. in the 1930'ies, extreme valuable 
information for Theosophists and truth seekers in 
general, but they still need to be re-discovered 
and identified). Indeed, research is a hard job. 
It is much easier, to sit on the sofa and utter 
loud claims about the own high occult status, than 
to go to the library and make a search!

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knowledge about Jesus...."

"... the four New Testament Gospels ... are our 
sources of knowledge about Jesus...."

"....their authors do not claim to have been
eyewitnesses to the events they narrate."

"Instead, they are writing several decades later,
telling stories that they have heard - stories 
have been in circulation for decades among the
followers of Jesus."

"The first step, then, is to determine what kinds
of books the Gospels are and to ascertain how 
reliable their
information about Jesus is."

"The question will be: Apart from their value as
religious documents of faith, what do the Gospels
tell historians?"

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