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Re: Theos-World Re: [Mind and Brain] meaning and information

Jan 22, 2006 05:33 PM
by leonmaurer


I'm not sure I understand how a fetus can react to a visual stimulus from the 
outer world. How would the light reflected from that world penetrate to the 
retinas of the fetal eyes? Besides, I'm not so sure the fetus has yet 
connected to the mind -- which in itself, would have no direct connection to the 
reflected visual images of the outer world.   

I think theosophy teaches, and I tend to agree, that the unborn fetus has not 
yet attached itself to the higher mind. From a conscious mind standpoint 
-- all it has, apparently, is the instinctive reaction of each of its 
developing cells, and later, organs, to the immediate environment they are surrounded 
by and growing in -- guided by their DNA's encoding that, through its 
coenergetic fields, are linked directly to the astral form of the developing body at 
each stage of its growth. For that early developmental level of consciousness, 
there would be no need for a brain, although its lower instinctive mind could 
be operative and storing memories of its immediate environmentally causal 
experiences. Also, it seems obvious to me that, in those early stages of 
development, the fetus couldn't have any functioning "neural" connections to speak 

I would think, then, that the developing fetus' only contact with the outer 
world would be through the direct physical pressure waves that are transmitted 
to it through the surrounding amnionic fluid. This could include sound waves 
that are transmitted through the body and the uterus of the mother. But, I 
doubt if light waves could get through, or if higher order mind field 
information could effect the waking consciousness of the fetus. Although,I don't 
doubt that the Monad connected to each developing fetus might be dreaming until 
it opens its eyes in the outer world... Or that the lower mental field of the 
developing fetus can receive impulses transmitted to it from the conscious and 
unconscious thoughts of its mother. This could correspond to the reported 
response of a plant to the loving or hateful thoughts directed to it.  
Speculatively, all that also could be the cause of the prenatal "engrams" or residual 
memories carried by the growing baby-child into later life that might effect 
its future psychological states of mind.

I hope this makes some theosophical sense.


In a message dated 1/20/06 8:52:08 PM, writes:

> Thanks Leon,
> I was actually referring to the neurological question that was raised in the 
> mindspring group.  Especially in relation to retina connection as the foetus 
> has no eye contact with the world, yet reacts to stimulus from that (unseen 
> from the foetus pov) world.  I was trying to make the point that it is the 
> mind and not the brain that  translates the world  of the foetus.
> Cass
> wrote: Cass,
> Check your previous quote from Isis Unveiled where HPB explains instinct in
> lower life forms (i.e., cells and organs of fetus) as an aspect of universal
> consciousness.   From a metaphysical scientific POV (ref: ABC theory)-- 
> such
> instinctive consciousness has no need for a brain to react to impulses from 
> its
> environment.   In such primative forms, their surrounding, transformative, 7
> fold (coadunate but not consubstantial) fields of consciousness exist, as 
> does
> their zero-points of receptive awareness and responsive will -- that can act
> in accord with the instinctive or archetypal memories carried in their 
> highest
> order field, which is linked directly to the univeral memory fieid (or 
> akasha,
> in theosophical terms).
> Lenny
> In a message dated 1/20/06 12:00:38 PM, writes:
> > Lenny
> > What about the foetus, how does it react, before the brain is formed?
> > Cass
> >
> > wrote: Thought it might be helpful to see how
> > theosophical thinking and reasoning, along with a knowledge of its 
> metaphysical science,
> > can contend with skeptical
> > existential materialists and reductive scientists...
> >
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