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Re: Theos-World Re: Re: Re: Science vs. Theosophy

Jan 20, 2006 08:02 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 1/18/06 11:26:37 PM, writes:

> Hello Lenny
> Sitting on my back verandah having coffee this morning, I contemplated the 
> attributes/qualities/makeup of Parabrahma which led me to
> Parabrahma - the eternal, "dwelling alone in chaos" completely self 
> sufficient, instinctively desires self conscious existence. This self conscious 
> existence takes the form of Brahma - a creative emanation of Parabrahma, " 
> Perceiving such a dismal state of things, Brahma solioquizes in consternation: 
> "Who am I" "Whence came I?" Then he hears a voice: "Direct your prayer to 
> Bhavavant - the Eternal, known, also, as Parabrahma." Brahma, rising from his 
> natatory position, seats himself upon the lotus in an attitude of contemplation, 
> and reflects upon the Eternal, who, pleased with this evidence of piety, 
> disperses the primeval darkness and opens his understanding. "After this Brahma 
> issues from the universal egg - (infinite chaos) as light, for his 
> understanding is now opened, and he sets himself to work; he moves on the eternal 
> waters, with the spirit of God within himself; in his capacity of mover of the 
> waters he is Narayana." Isis P91
> Is this the Divine Trinity - Parabrahma (Unconscious chaos) - Brahma 
> (subconscious chaos) and Narayana?( made up of unconscious,sub consciousness and and 
> self conscious energy). I am not using unconscious in a psychlogical sense 
> but in the sense of a consciousness unknown to us.
I would say that's a reasonable observation, using the theosophical jargon... 
That, incidentally, I'm loath to do These days, as I like to talk about 
these subjects using the "language of this age" (as HPB advised)... Mainly, since 
that's how the theosophical ideas can reach today's scientists, and in turn, 
the ordinary people who follow their pronouncements (true or false :-) about 
the nature of reality.

> This expanding 'unconscious'/subconscious duality (Parabrahma/Brahma) still 
> produced a "dismal state of things" until Narayana is emanated from Brahma. 
> Getting to my point, Parabrahma as Divine Instinct, Divine Will, Divine 
> Awareness, in its eternal condition of chaos, must have DESIRED self 
> consciousness or self expression, of itself, from within. Its coadunate but not 
> consubstantial descending field of consciousness.
> This suggests to me that Divine Instinct or Desire, precedes Will and 
> Awareness?
I agree. In the SD, HPB teaches that the awakening of Brahma from Parabrahm 
is empowered by the "desire for life" or, as you say, desire for "self 
consciousness or self expression." (Not being a scholar in the usual sense, I have 
no references -- but I'm sure Dallas or Daniel could supply them if asked.)
> Could not find the passage in The Secret Doctrine you referred to. Please 
> excuse my clumsy wording.
I didn't refer to a particular passage... But, since that's what I learned in 
my study of the SD, I'm sure those theosophical scholars mentioned above 
could find one or more references to confirm it (if we can't find them ourselves 
by searching its index). 

Nothing to forgive about your so called "clumsy wording" -- since that's what 
usually happens when one tries to explain theosophical ideas in English and 
has to intersperse it with theosophical jargon words borrowed from a foreign 
language used in a foreign religious philosophy that requires a glossary to 
understand their true meanings. HPB had the same problem, and even complained 
about it in the Introduction to the SD. :-) BTW, it's also a problem I have... 
Since, I often am forced to use the technical jargon of today's physical 
sciences to explain ABC and its metaphysics to non scientifically educated laymen 
-- that sometimes make my explanations appear clumsy and overly wordy or dense 
to them. This also comes about since much of metaphysics can only be 
explained symbolically by word pictures that hopelessly tries to show how 
multidimensional fields fractally involve and interface holistically and co-energetically 
with each other on different planes of substantiality -- without using the 
completely obscure multidimensional mathematics and geometry's of string and 
quantum field theories... Most of which even I, along with most conventional 
physicists, haven't the faintest understanding of. :-)

Best wishes and fond regards,

> Regards
> Cass
> wrote: Hi Cass,
> Thanks for your quote and perceptive/provocative question -- enabling me to
> clarify these theosophically and scientifically consistent ideas a bit 
> further.
> As I see it, "awareness" (root of perception) and "will" (empowerment of
> desire, intent, and subsequent action) are the fundamental functions of the
> zero-point of universal origin -- which is the rootless root and source of
> empowerment of all fields of consciousness that emanate and fractally 
> involve from its
> encircling angular momentum or "spinergy." This "G-force," which also
> includes the Akasha or eternal universal memory, is the root of all 
> coadunate but
> not consubstantial descending fields of consciousness -- the lowest and most
> dense of which is our physical matter-energy space-time continuum.
> Since this zero-point is also the foundation and center of all beings and
> their seven fold natures (analogous to the fractally involved universal 
> fields
> described in the ABC model) -- these potential functions are all pervasive
> within all forms throughout the universe.
> On our physical plane, in the lower forms of inert matter, they are simply
> dormant potentialities. But in the living or organic beings, they become
> expressed first, in the lower forms as "reflexive" responses to their 
> environment,
> or as "instincts" in the intermediate forms (vegetable kingdom)... 
> Progressing
> later, in the higher forms (animal kingdom) as inbred instincts that 
> includes
> perceptive awareness and reactive will... Until it finally reaches the
> highest state of self consciousness (perceptive awareness, discernment,
> discrimination, recollection, recall, imagination, differentiation, 
> integration, decision,
> free will, etc.) that we experience as human beings.
> All of this was initially explained by HPB in Isis Unveiled, as you 
> quoted...
> And later, more fully expanded in the Secret Doctrine.
> Warm regards,
> Lenny
> In a message dated 1/14/06 1:38:25 AM, writes:
> > Hello Leon
> > Read this in Isis Unveiled P425, "Instinct, as a divine spark, lurks in 
> the
> > unconscious nerve-centre of the ascidian mollusk, and manifests itself at 
> the
> > first stage of action of its nervous system as what the physiologist terms
> > the reflex action.D+A"D〓 It exists in the lowest classes of the acephalous 
> animals
> > as well as in those that have distinct heads; it grows and develops 
> according
> > to the law of the double evolution, physically and spiritually; and 
> entering
> > upon its conscious stage of development and progress in the cephalous
> > species already endowed with a sensorium and symetrically-arranged 
> ganglia, this
> > reflex action, whether men of science term it automatic, as in the lowest
> > species, or instinctive, as in the more complex organisms which act under 
> the
> > guidance of the sensorium and the stimulus originating in distinct 
> sensation, is
> > still one and the same thing.D+A"D〓 It is the divine instinct in its 
> ceaseless
> > progress of development.
> >
> > Is what you term "awareness and will" is this instinct?
> >
> > Cass
> >

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