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Re: Theos-World Cool List of Facts

Jan 18, 2006 11:11 AM
by Iain

Bart, Scots law and English law are different.Codifiying came much latter in the 17th and 18th Centuary, when hand scribing would have been more commonplace with the repeal of certain laws and statutes a lot of common law would then be incorporated. Scots Law is based on Roman Law whilst English law is based on the French System,All laws are contained in the Houses of Parliament books, published by W. Green and Co, London. Also the Council of Ministers Statutes of the Scottish Parliament,European Directives of the council of Ministers and European Parliament are published Elsewhere.
your most 'umble servant,
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Iain wrote:
Bart, it would be an unwritten law from medieval times what is known as
"Common Law"" which was regaurded as accepted practice,both in Scotland and
England, as many people including the landed gentry could not write in those
days then it would have been an Oral tradition.
Hell, in Business Law 101 they taught us that Common Law is absolutely
written down. It is civil, not criminal law, and based on judicial
precedents, with records VERY carefully kept.


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