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Re: Theos-World Cool List of Facts

Jan 17, 2006 04:37 PM
by Iain

Bart, it would be an unwritten law from medieval times what is known as "Common Law"" which was regaurded as accepted practice,both in Scotland and England, as many people including the landed gentry could not write in those days then it would have been an Oral tradition. I am sure that Geofry Chaucer mentions it in one of his bawdy stories in Canterbury Tales but it has been some time since I read them and alot of the writtings of the time in "olde English" are liable to misinterpretation.
I hope this is of help
your 'umble servant
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Iain wrote:
> As for the rule of thumb the thick ness of a rod would be more
appropriately determined by diameter(?) of the male member in order to keep
women in their placeand thankful for it,but times have changed since those
bygone days,when men were men and women were glad of it.
your humble servant,
Do you have a specific reference to ANY law which gave the kind of
stick with which a man could beat his wife? All I have found is indirect
references "it was a law somewhere, at some time, but I can't quote it."


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