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Re: Re: Re: Science vs. Theosophy

Jan 15, 2006 09:21 PM
by leonmaurer

Hi Cass,

Thanks for your quote and perceptive/provocative question -- enabling me to 
clarify these theosophically and scientifically consistent ideas a bit further.

As I see it, "awareness" (root of perception) and "will" (empowerment of 
desire, intent, and subsequent action) are the fundamental functions of the 
zero-point of universal origin -- which is the rootless root and source of 
empowerment of all fields of consciousness that emanate and fractally involve from its 
encircling angular momentum or "spinergy." This "G-force," which also 
includes the Akasha or eternal universal memory, is the root of all coadunate but 
not consubstantial descending fields of consciousness -- the lowest and most 
dense of which is our physical matter-energy space-time continuum.

Since this zero-point is also the foundation and center of all beings and 
their seven fold natures (analogous to the fractally involved universal fields 
described in the ABC model) -- these potential functions are all pervasive 
within all forms throughout the universe.   

On our physical plane, in the lower forms of inert matter, they are simply 
dormant potentialities. But in the living or organic beings, they become 
expressed first, in the lower forms as "reflexive" responses to their environment, 
or as "instincts" in the intermediate forms (vegetable kingdom)... Progressing 
later, in the higher forms (animal kingdom) as inbred instincts that includes 
perceptive awareness and reactive will... Until it finally reaches the 
highest state of self consciousness (perceptive awareness, discernment, 
discrimination, recollection, recall, imagination, differentiation, integration, decision, 
free will, etc.) that we experience as human beings.   

All of this was initially explained by HPB in Isis Unveiled, as you quoted... 
And later, more fully expanded in the Secret Doctrine. 

Warm regards,


In a message dated 1/14/06 1:38:25 AM, writes:

> Hello Leon
> Read this in Isis Unveiled P425, "Instinct, as a divine spark, lurks in the 
> unconscious nerve-centre of the ascidian mollusk, and manifests itself atthe 
> first stage of action of its nervous system as what the physiologist terms 
> the reflex action. It exists in the lowest classes of the acephalous animals 
> as well as in those that have distinct heads; it grows and develops according 
> to the law of the double evolution, physically and spiritually; and entering 
> upon its conscious stage of development and progress in the cephalous 
> species already endowed with a sensorium and symetrically-arranged ganglia, this 
> reflex action, whether men of science term it automatic, as in the lowest 
> species, or instinctive, as in the more complex organisms which act underthe 
> guidance of the sensorium and the stimulus originating in distinct sensation, is 
> still one and the same thing. It is the divine instinct in its ceaseless 
> progress of development.
> Is what you term "awareness and will" is this instinct?
> Cass
> Cass
> wrote: Dear Christine,
> I thought the basis of the disagreement was fully explained when I said that
> the subjective aspects of thought attributed to the brain by scientists,
> actually belonged to the zero-point(s) of "absolute" space along with the 
> mind that
> exist(s) beyond all "metric" space, time, (and brain meat, so to speak. :-)
> My basic premise, in accord with HPB's outline of the Secret Doctrine, is
> that the brain cannot "think" -- as physicalist/materialist scientists 
> presume --
> but can only process the sensory images that come up in our thoughts guided
> by the awareness and will of our consciousness, and carried as holographic 
> wave
> interference patterns in the mind (thought, reason, intuition, memory, etc.)
> -- that, as "coadunate but not consubstantial" (i.e., multidimensional
> "hyperspace") fields, also exist beyond the physical properties of the 
> brain-body and
> its neural system.
> Thus, the brain is nothing more than a highly complex and malleable
> transponding/transforming electrochemical control system between the 
> physical senses,
> the body's muscular system, and the mind (which is directly accessed by its
> zero-point center of consciousness, as well in inductive resonance with the
> sensory image modulations carried by the brain's electromagnetic field). 
> Thus
> sensory images are transformed and inductively mapped from the brain field 
> into
> mind-memory field images, and vice versa. This enables the consciousness 
> to
> be in direct control of the positions of the body with relation to the outer
> world. Such conscious control enables a baseball player to single handedly
> catch a high fly ball on the run, and a skilled fine artist to place her 
> brush
> exactly on a point of an image on the canvas in exact correspondence with 
> that
> point of the model she sees, at the moment of a single glance, in her 
> mind.
> These are amazing feats that only a remote single pointed awareness and will
> could achieve, in combination with a mappable mind field and a malleable and
> trainable neural network coupled with its elctromagnetic brain wave field.
> Incidentally, this malleability of the neural network implies that each 
> neuron is
> also conscious to a limited degree -- as are all the other cells in our 
> bodies
> that respond to their signals.
> In this view, we assume that the other aspects of our human awareness and
> thought, such as discernment, discrimination, comprehension, decision, 
> choice,
> self consciousness, etc., are also properties of the zero-points of
> consciousness or higher Self that is centered in our Spiritual Atma and 
> Buddhi-Manas
> fields. (Of course, all this can be influenced by our lower self, whose
> zero-points of consciousness are centered in our animal-like Astral 
> Kama-Manas fields.)
>  For a symbolic view of how these fields involve and relate to each other,
> see diagrams at:
> ml#anchor1749200
> Hope this clarifies these ideas a bit further.
> Best regards,
> Lenny
> In a message dated 1/11/06 1:12:24 PM, writes:
> > January 10, 2006
> >
> > Dear Leon:
> >
> > In reply to your e-mail of January 9, 2006, concerning a counter argument
> > refuting a scientist claiming the "brain thinks," the question arises
> > whether this opinion would be better served if further explanation was 
> given
> > explaining the basis for the disagreement.Ũ In other words, is your 
> opinion
> > based on an idea that the brain thinks independently of the rest of the
> > anatomy?Ũ In what context are you basing your opinion?
> >
> > Sincerely,
> >
> > Christine
> >
> >
> > >From:
> > >Reply-To:
> > >To:
> > >Subject: [bn-study] Re: Science vs. Theosophy
> > >Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 18:59:33 EST
> > >
> > >Just an added observation I once posted on the Journal of Consciousness 
> Study
> > >online forum -- in a similar mode of counter argument refuting a 
> scientist
> > >claiming the "brain thinks. My argument was never logically, 
> scientifically or
> > >even philosophically refuted. (Although one reputed quantum physicist 
> said
> > >I was "barking up a tree. The Quantum-Mind forum, on the other hand,
> > >simply refused to post it. :-)
> > >-----------------
> > >
> > >"Contrary to the unfounded, hence, "religious" belief of most reductive
> > >scientists of a materialist bent; The Brain does NOT "think," "feel," 
> "smell,"
> > >"taste," "hear," "recall," "remember," or "imagine"... Since, those are 
> the
> > >functions of the zero-points of consciousness (awareness-will) that links
> > >directly to the mind and memory -- which exists as separate fields of
> > >energies enfolded within the apparently empty space between the
> > >hyperspace "particles," and outside of all metric time and space -- yet
> > >interconnected inductively with the electromagnetic fields of the brain
> > > and all other cellular structures of the body through their individual
> > >hyperspace fields. This interconnection allows us to place our bodies
> > >at any desired location within the outer world field -- enabling a
> > >baseball to be caught on the fly, and an artist to place the point
> > >of the brush on the exact point on the canvas corresponding to the
> > >model and the painting pictured in the mind.
> > >
> > >All such fields are funda-mentally electrical in nature, and obey all its
> > >laws of harmony, cycles, symmetry and conservation of both matter and
> > >energy -- although their vectorial constants are different in value
> > >depending on their mfrequency energy phase order.
> > >
> > >It's these fields that carry all the information or contents of 
> consciousness
> > >-- as encoded holographic interference patterns (modulated as waves on 
> > >the surfaces or "membranes" of the fields) -- that are capable of being
> > >transformedfrom one hyperspace field level to another by inductive
> > >resonance, e.g., strike a "string" or "note" in one field, and the 
> vibration
> > >resonates at the same equivalent pitch or note in adjacent higher ordered
> > >frequency-energy spectrum phase fields, as they cascade down to the zero-
> > >point of their origination. Thus, no experiential information, in the 
> form of 
> > >wave vibrational patterns of energy, can ever be lost.
> > >
> > >The images of consciousness on the surface of the highest 
> frequency-energy
> > >phase order field is capable of being reconstructed and detected 
> reflectively,
> > >by a single coherent ray of corresponding frequency energy projected from
> > >any non local zero-point of consciousness. The brain is simply a 
> transducer,
> > >transponder, and controller functioning as the linkage between the 
> various
> > >channels of sensory input and the ubiquitous zero-points of consciousness
> > >throughout the overall field of the human organism."
> > >
> > >Best wishes,
> > >
> > >Lenny
> > >

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