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Initiation (AnandGholap.Net-Online Theosophy)

Jan 15, 2006 03:44 AM
by Anand Gholap

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" Now that we have hastily glanced at the steps of the Probationary Period,we must emphasize the point to which reference was made at the commencement - that the perfect attainment of these accomplishments and qualificationsis not expected at this early stage. As Mohini says: “If all these are equally strong, Adept­ship is attained in the same incarnation,” but such a [5] result is, of course, extremely rare. It is in the direction of these acquirements that the candidate must cease­lessly strive, but it wouldbe an error to suppose that no one has been admitted to the next step without possessing all of them in the fullest possible degree.

It is obvious that, as far as we have gone, a man might easily be working along the Path unconsciously to himself, and no doubt many a good Christian,many an earnest Freethinker, is already far on the road that will lead himto Initiation, though he may never have heard the word “Occultism” in his life. I mention these two classes specially, because in every other religion occult development is recognized as a possibil­ity, and would certainly therefore be intentionally sought by those who felt yearnings for something more satisfactory than the exoteric faiths.

We must also note that the steps of this Probationary Period are not separated by Initiations in the full sense of the word, though they will certainly be studded with tests and trials of all sorts and on all planes, and may be relieved by encouraging experi­ences, and by hints and help whenever these may safely be given. We are apt sometimes to use the word Initiation somewhat loosely-as, for example, when it is applied to such tests as have just been mentioned; properly speaking it refers only to those solemn ceremonies at which a Pupil is formally admitted to a higher grade by an appointed Official, who in the name of the Occult Hierarchy receives his plighted vow, and puts into his hands the new key of knowledge [6] which he is to useon the level to which he has now attained. Such an Initiation is taken at the entrance to the division which we shall next consider, and also at eachpassage from any one of its steps to the next. "

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