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Re: Theos-World Bill on "Henry Olcott's Testimony about His Meetings with the Master Morya"

Jan 14, 2006 06:33 AM
by Bill Meredith


It should be obvious to you that a historian and a philosopher will have different understandings of what constitutes knowledge and truth. I will point you to
and ask you to refresh your memory about something which you probably already know. Pay particular attention to "a priori vs a posteriori" knowledge, if you will. If your purpose is to understand what I have written about Olcott's testimony, I believe that this review of definitions will help you to achieve your own understanding without any further help from me.

If, however, your goal is something other than a desire to understand my perspective in the context in which it was given, then I will need you to share a bit of your own perspective. For instance, when Olcott says, "What I have seen and experienced is, therefore, very satisfactory to myself,
though mainly valueless to others" how do you justify presenting what he said as though it should have some significant value to others? He told you it was mainly valueless.

If you will answer the questions you asked me from your own perspective, we can begin a dialogue. If you do not wish to share your perspective on your own questions, then, as a philosopher, I do not choose to be interrogated by a historian for interrogation's sake.



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