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Jan 14, 2006 04:36 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

1/14/2006 4:19 AM


We find in ISIS UNVEILED Vol. 1 pp. 303-5 the following::

"The whole Darwinian theory of natural selection is included in the first
six chapters of the Book of Genesis. The "Man" of chapter i. is radically
different from the "Adam" of chapter ii., for the former was created "male
and female" - that is, bi-sexed - and in the image of God; while the latter,
according to verse seven, was formed of the dust of the ground, and became
"a living soul," after the Lord God "breathed into his nostrils the breath
of life." Moreover, this Adam was a male being, and in verse twenty we are
told that "there was not found a helpmeet for him." 

The Adonai, being pure spiritual entities, had no sex, or rather had both
sexes united in themselves, like their Creator; and the ancients understood
this so well that they represented many of their deities as of dual sex. The
Biblical student must either accept this interpretation, or make the
passages in the two chapters alluded to absurdly contradict each other. 

It was such literal acceptance of passages that warranted the atheists in
covering the Mosaic account with ridicule, and it is the dead letter of the
old text that begets the materialism of our age. Not only are these two
races of beings thus clearly indicated in Genesis, but even a third and a
fourth one are ushered before the reader in chapter iv., where the "sons of
God" and the race of "giants" are spoken of.

As we write, there appears in an American paper, The Kansas City Times, an
account of important discoveries of the remains of a prehistorical race of
giants, which corroborates the statements of the kabalists and the Bible
allegories at the same time. It is worth preserving: 

--------------------------- FOOTNOTE

"In his researches among the forests of Western Missouri, Judge E. P. West
has discovered a number of conical-shaped mounds, similar in construction to
those found in Ohio and Kentucky. These mounds are found upon the high
bluffs overlooking the Missouri River, the largest and more prominent being
found in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Until about three weeks ago
it was not suspected that the mound builders had made this region their home
in the prehistoric days; but now it is discovered that this strange and
extinct race once occupied this land, and have left an extensive graveyard
in a number of high mounds upon the Clay County bluffs. 

"As yet, only one of these mounds has been opened. Judge West discovered a
skeleton about two weeks ago, and made a report to other members of the
society. They accompanied him to the mound, and not far from the surface
excavated and took out the remains of two skeletons. 

The bones are very large - so large, in fact, when compared with an ordinary
skeleton of modern date, they appear to have formed part of a giant. 

The head bones, such as have not rotted away, are monstrous in size. The
lower jaw of one skeleton is in a state of preservation, and is double the
size of the jaw of a civilized person. The teeth in this jawbone are large,
and appear to have been ground down and worn away by contact with roots and
carnivorous food. The jaw-bone indicates immense muscular strength. 

The thigh-bone, when compared with that of an ordinary modern skeleton,
looks like that of a horse. The length, thickness, and muscular development
are remarkable. But the most peculiar part about the skeleton is the frontal
bone. It is very low, and differs radically from any ever seen in this
section before. It forms one thick ridge of bone about one inch wide,
extending across the eyes. It is a narrow but rather heavy ridge of bone
which, instead of extending upward, as it does now in these days of
civilization, receded back from the eyebrows, forming a flat head, and thus
indicates a very low order of mankind. 

It is the opinion of the scientific gentlemen who are making these
discoveries that these bones are the remains of a prehistoric race of men.
They do not resemble the present existing race of Indians, nor are the
mounds constructed upon any pattern or model known to have been in use by
any race of men now in existence in America. The bodies are discovered in a
sitting posture in the mounds, and among the bones are found stone weapons,
such as flint knives, flint scrapers, and all of them different in shape to
the arrow-heads, war-hatchets, and other stone tools and weapons known to
have been in use by the aboriginal Indians of this land when discovered by
the whites. 

The gentlemen who have these curious bones in charge have deposited them
with Dr. Foe, on Main street. It is their intention to make further and
closer researches in the mounds on the bluffs opposite this city. They will
make a report of their labors at the next meeting of the Academy of Science,
by which time they expect to be able to make some definite report as to
their opinions. It is pretty definitely settled, however, that the skeletons
are those of a race of men not now in existence." 


The author of a recent and very elaborate work * finds some cause for
merriment over the union of the sons of God with the "daughters of men," who
were fair, as alluded to in Genesis, and described at great length in that
wonderful legend, the Book of Enoch. More is the pity, that our most learned
and liberal men do not employ their close and merciless logic to repair its
one-sidedness by seeking the true spirit which dictated these allegories of
old. This spirit was certainly more scientific than skeptics are yet
prepared to admit. But with every year some new discovery may corroborate
their assertions, until the whole of antiquity is vindicated. 

One thing, at least, has been shown in the Hebrew text, viz.: that there was
one race of purely physical creatures, another purely spiritual. The
evolution and "transformation of species" required to fill the gap between
the two has been left to abler anthropologists. We can only repeat the
philosophy of men of old, which says that the union of these two races
produced a third - the Adamite race. 

Sharing the natures of both its parents, it is equally adapted to an
existence in the material and spiritual worlds. 

Allied to the physical half of man's nature is reason, which enables him to
maintain his supremacy over the lower animals, and to subjugate nature to
his uses. 

Allied to his spiritual part is his conscience, which will serve as his
unerring guide through the besetments of the senses; for conscience is that
instantaneous perception between right and wrong, which can only be
exercised by the spirit, which, being a portion of the Divine Wisdom and
Purity, is absolutely pure and wise. Its promptings are independent of
reason, and it can only manifest itself clearly, when unhampered by the
baser attractions of our dual nature. " I U I
pp. 303-5

Relative to GIANTS and to the duality of consciousness: The physical
appearance does not necessarily denote the quality of the indwelling

Best wishes,


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