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RE: re giant skeleton

Jan 13, 2006 03:39 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

1/13/2006 3:36 AM

Odin Is it this ?


RE: Evidence Of Petrified Giant Remains From Atlantis?
References to research

Around 1922 and on to about 1926 reports came in of
the discovery of calcified (petrified) remains of three giant

They were at the bottom of the Havasupai
canyon a branch of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Photographs and details were taken and preserved in
San Francisco and in Washington in the archives of
the Dept. of Geology.

The Professor of Geology and
anthropology at the University of California San
Francisco, Dr Hubbard and another Mr. Osborn did
the discovering, investigating and measuring.

I found in old issues of THEOSOPHY Magazine
[Vols 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, and 34 references to these.
1923-46. ] The discovery was interrupted and then
terminated by a large landslide in the canyon that
obliterated the area. It was massive and too large to try
to remove.

But the reports and photographs exist in the
archives of both institutions. Apparently the
man-figure was about 27 feet long, the woman-figure
about 24, and the child was about 18 feet long.

The petrified figures were exposed on a ledge near the
bottom of the canyon and were partly buried inside the
material of the wall of the canyon above.

My father had pictures of these and I saw those when I
was about 18. Those pictures are still on file with the 
University and the Govt. as far as I know.

I have also heard of the footprints in Carson City, and I 
seem to recall a recent issue of NATIONAL
GEOGRAPHIC Magazine that reproduced them or 
some others similar to those, probably in the last 10
years. [ see S D II 755 ]

The reference is to Dr. Hubbard's discoveries and the 
photographs and details are at 2 places:

1	at the archives of the Geology Dept. 
University of California in San Francisco and

2	at the archives of the Dept. of Geology in 
Washington D C [ also LIBRARY OF CONGRESS ]

I also gave reference to THEOSOPHY Magazine volumes.

Here are the page numbers if someone is interested in 
reading and tracing these down.

Dr. Hubbard	Dr. Osborn
-------------------------	-----------------------

Vol. 11, pp. 386, 526	Osborn p. 191
12 377
13	281, 360, 402-3 Osborn p. 567
14	380
16	.	. Osborn p. 236
17	235-7, 777-8
25	138-9
34	357, 439,
35	184
37	38,
55	313


S D II 9, 154, 224, 276-8, 293, 335-8, 
340-1, 345-8, 365, 409, 752-3, 755,

Isis U I p. 120, 304,

LUCIFER Magazine v.	10, p. 358
13, 91
7	436


DTB	Get and read a copy of FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY - 

by Michael Cremo and Thompson 

Published a few years ago in San Diego. (1993)

Also a 2nd volume (1998) recording the responses to that book is also

It shows Scientific responses



-----Original Message-----
From: Odin 
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 5:28 PM
To: Jonathan
Subject: Re: giant skeleton

Dear Jonathan,

Thanks for the photo essay, you are right--quite amazing! There was
no criticism implied of you personally-- one just gets fed up with all
the bogus marketing schemes circulating the Internet these days. You
have always been straight forward.

Here's a hint in return --maybe you already have heard of it. A story
circulated in Theosophical circles years ago about a giant human
skeleton fossil that had been found and suppressed. It was supposed to
have been seen on a high wall somewhere in the Grand Canyon. I'll try
to dig up some more particulars for you. Or--which is likely--you
already have some information, I which case, please let us know!!

Thanks again.


On 1/12/06, Jonathan <> wrote:

Hello Odin,

Good to hear from you.

In an email straight after this I shall send you
a few pictures. You can have these for free.

Writing a detailed book costs months of research,
time and money. Meranwhile we have to pay bills
and keep supporting a family. The cost of the book
is cheap by comparison.

May this 2006 be your best year ever.

Jonathan Gray


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