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Re: Re: Re: Science vs. Theosophy

Jan 09, 2006 04:00 PM
by leonmaurer

Just an added observation I once posted on the Journal of Consciousness Study 
online forum -- in a similar mode of counter argument refuting a scientist 
claiming the "brain thinks. My argument was never logically, scientifically or 
even philosophically refuted. (Although one reputed quantum physicist said 
I was "barking up a tree." The Quantum-Mind forum, on the other hand, simply 
refused to post it. :-)

"Contrary to the unfounded, hence, "religious" belief of most reductive 
scientists of a materialist bent; The Brain does NOT "think," "feel," "smell," 
"taste," "hear," "recall," "remember," or "imagine"... Since, those are the 
functions of the zero-points of consciousness (awareness-will) that links directly 
to the mind and memory -- which exists as separate fields of hyperspace 
energies enfolded within the apparently empty space between the "particles," and 
outside of all metric time and space -- yet interconnected inductively with the 
electromagnetic fields of the brain and all other cellular structures of the 
body through their individual hyperspace fields. This interconnection allows us 
to place our bodies at any desired location within the outer world field -- 
enabling a baseball to be caught on the fly, and an artist to place the point 
of the brush on the exact point on the canvas corresponding to the model and 
the painting pictured in the mind.

All such fields are funda-mentally electrical in nature, and obey all its 
laws of harmony, cycles, symmetry and conservation of both matter and energy -- 
although their vectorial constants are different in value depending on their 
frequency energy phase order. 

It's these fields that carry all the information or contents of consciousness 
-- as encoded holographic interference patterns (modulated as waves on the 
surfaces or "membranes" of the fields) -- that are capable of being transformed 
analogously from one hyperspace field level to another by inductive resonance 
processes, e.g., strike a "string" or "note" in one field, and the vibration 
resonates at the same equivalent pitch or note in adjacent higher ordered 
frequency-energy spectrum phase fields, as they cascade down to the zero-point of 
their origination. Thus, no experiential information, in the form of wave 
vibrational patterns of energy, can ever be lost. 

The images of consciousness on the surface of the highest frequency-energy 
phase order field is capable of being reconstructed and detected reflectively, 
by a single coherent ray of corresponding frequency energy projected from any 
non local zero-point of consciousness. The brain is simply a transducer, 
transponder, and controller functioning as the linkage between the various 
channels of sensory input and the ubiquitous zero-points of consciousness throughout 
the overall field of the human organism."

Best wishes,


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