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Re: Theos-World RE: will development

Jan 09, 2006 10:13 AM
by Bhikshuni Ariya

Passion is an invincible power.
Compassion is an invincible will.

"W.Dallas TenBroeck" <> wrote:
1/9/2006 5:44 AM

RE: WILL development

Dear G. W:

Is "passion" not an intensity of DESIRE ? Seems to me the amount of energy
one puts into such things is significant.

Behind will stands DESIRE -- and does not MOTIVE drive Karma?

To me the aim (motive) seems important.

In every decision we make, the always-present knife-edge is: "selfishness
vs. unselfishness."

We cannot avoid influencing others all around us -- especially the
life-atoms. They, being impressed, are the "carriers" of our Karma. No one
is ever totally "alone." 

Will -- Universal Source And Individual Will

I will try and explain my understanding and approach.

I start in my mind's survey with looking at "Will" as an independent force
of universal life (JIV-ATMA) innate in each MONAD and in the KOSMIC MONAD
(shall I call it the CENTRAL SPIRITUAL SUN and the individualized "rays" of
that ONE SUN, and shall I add that the "C S SUN " "contains each and every
of its uncountable "rays ?")

It is said that the objective of evolution is the individualized "PERFECT"
[a phrase used by Krishna in the BHAGAVAD GITA ] of the Monadic Rays
produces the Divine Race of the Mahatmas (Great Souls) . 

"Perfection," as we might visualize it (with our "Lower-Mind), is a complete
knowledge of the Universe in its diversity. And, by intuition (Buddhi) and
initiation of the UNITY OF ONE in the MANY and THE ULTIMATE RESOLUTION of
the "MANY" back into the ONE - an event that does not obliterate that
INDIVIDUALITY, but, rather, makes of it an active trusted participant in the
eternal and continued tasks of illuminating the many remaining Monads on the
"Path." - Raising them up to that same state of "Perfection." But even
"Perfection" is not a static condition (or the securing of a
"professorship" degree) as it also has degrees and responsibilities.

The state of "Perfection" as Krishna describes it, (BHAGAVAD GITA), is one
of continued action under ETERNAL and UNIVERSAL KARMA - which is inherent as
the ONE LAW in the illimitable Spiritual Universe, whether that be in
Manvantara or in Pralaya at any one time.

This group of Divine Laborers, is in one sense, the Ancient and Eternal
Lodge of the BUDDHAS and Adepts - stretching back over uncountable
Manvantaras and Kalpas - see S D I 207 - 210.

These are just some further musings:

"Will is the force of any and all degrees of intelligence; it is inherent
in consciousness as "the power to act." Q & A., p. 40

Is this not the knowledge and power to choose at any level, the lowest and
then progressively, of any degree of "advancement?"

I see a general "Will" and also the many manifestations of individual
choice. Are those not also will and Karmic "generators?"

Any "restraining action" implies there is a duality present {actually a quad
(?), since there is the decider, and the common environment, too}: this
duality is, broadly: moderation and immoderate action -- as choices -- at
all times of continued living by every Monadic entity (which necessarily
involves all Monads in a brotherly conclave - NO ONE IS EVER "ALONE"). As
in an ocean there are innumerable "drops" surging and receding as units, and
also bound in to groups -- in unison (attraction), and in discord

There is Karma as a dynamic FORCE - perhaps we might say it is the ultimate
spiritual harmony - and, to escape the inane stasis (MORBIDITY) to divine
spirit in isolation, [S D II 103] its work is the harmonizing and
maintaining of universal peace, progress, mutual assistance and harmony -
through individualized WISDOM ( BUDDHI). 

Does this not produce the actual Lodge of ever-living ADEPTS of many degrees
of responsibility? 

This "Buddhi" is dual: (1) as a "principle," and (2) as an active force
based on a sense of unity and knowledge of all the rest, 

Here I think we may say: - that is in required essence: true WISDOM and
COMPASSION, if the resulting choices are to harmonize with the environment
(all levels and classes of Monads in evolution, individual progress and as

The "power to chose," seems logically to have to be carried on momentarily,
in an environment that is "dependent and simultaneously independent," and
there, to sustain and maintain individual and conjoint progress - no
infringing on other's rights and their power of self-action - only
'assistance on request' permitted. 

This is (as I see it) choice, action, and acceptance of "results" - these
three, that only the free and independent Mind Monads - as MANASIC SPARKS
-- can (in their freedom) choose to do. Here as I see it is the "field of
combat" where inopportune urges of selfish desire, passions and emotion -
"KAMA" have to be identified, understood, and then regulated (subdued). And
returned to their useful and proper places as the forces that propel to
evolution - found in every aspect and unit of LIFE -- (Monad). 

The "progress of the Universe," is that of a procession of volunteers.
Volunteers in the work of assisting all others. BROTHERHOOD in all
directions and levels. And the highest most spiritual action has to be that
which is harmonious with one and all. And that takes supernal spiritual
WISDOM. It is conducted intelligently by Mind-beings-monads at that stage
and level where wisdom-guided decisions can be made -one in which the
fullest extent of "Knowledge" has to be developed in the "Lower-Mind." The
choice is (without question or exception) an exercise of individualized
"will." Or am I wrong?

I would also consider: When and how did "Nature" (the schema of the lower
forces that propel all life) determine the need for an "Oak tree" and devise
also the acorn as a seed to bridge the gap and fill then need for future
material generations? Is this then not a secondary force? One that
assists? One that functions inharmony with many others? Independent to a
limited degree - true. Yet also very dependent on environment and the needs
of future potential "users." 

Certainly it is "Universal Will" departmentalized and operating where needed
in specific forms --- and so for all aspects and divisions, species and
genera, etc., ad infinitum. But when analysis fails with quantity, what is
the basic and fundamental need for this the reuniting force of purpose and

Is this not the field of evolution, a living "platform" - a "world" where
Nature builds forms based on the Karma and affinities and needs of an
earlier time? -Is it not in such an event the acing of Karma -- as a
pulling together of the causes of specific groups of Monads working
together, which now require special new forms (as results) to serve a
greater purpose? In the 'Lower Kingdoms' of Nature such concatenations
(Nidana) are more easy to see, but when we come to mankind the difficulty
increase a thousand-fold. 

The "lower forces" seem t focus in the general principle of "Kama." The
controlling forces are focused in the [Higher] Mind - guided by Buddhi as
(accumulated experience transformed from many past lives into universal and
individual WISDOM, and, the ever present "TUTOR' the Perceiver, Observer,
Watcher -our Higher Self - ATMA - [ and here we are confronted with what is
fond taught in S D II 167 (and elsewhere in the S D ) - the concept that
there are 2 Egos in Man - one being the ultimate chooser for that aggregated
'form,' which the Monad that is the learner (and is trying to make the
grade) - and its older Brother -- the eternal tutor - a MONAD that had
become an ADEPT long back.]

A friend wrote: "As I write the image arises of cosmic ideation /
intelligence with its endless
archetypal forms being like the multi-stained coloured glass windows through
which the colourless light of universal Will-force radiates and thus
projects and fixes those images on 'matter', cosmic substance. Much like
the 'formless image' in the undulating light waves is 'fixed' by the *power*
of light on a photographic film."

May I ask several questions? 

How were those living "stained glass" windows formed? But whom or What

Is the "will force" Kama-Deva" ( see THEOSOPHICAL GLOSSARY, pp. 170-1) in
its pristine Cosmic sense, the eternal Cause ?

How does it and Karma work? 

How are the (eternal Pilgrims -- Monads) affected? 

Why is it a necessary fact that all monads have to go through the
"temptations" of the Lower aspect of Nature? 

How is it possible that un-lawfulness be so attractive to some? 

But is not our "small" will as mighty as the rest if we pit ourselves
against the whole power to reach for perfection -- also resident in every
Monad, and the whole illimitable and eternal Universe of Monads ?

I would say that in every Monad, the individual MIND-PRINCIPLE has to
acquire the knowledge of the LAWS that guide all evolution, and then, with
that make decisions. 

So taking stock, we have to test and learn the lore and expressed
experiences of past pilgrims (some of those being our earlier incarnations),
and then, becoming wise we exercise our power to choose. Here comes the
knife edge of present living -- for selfishness or for benevolence to all? 

Best wishes,



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Could it be intense passion?


Hello Friends,

Dallas recently mentioned "indomitable will." Suggestions on how to
develop that great faculty will be welcomed.

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