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FW: "Gravity is only half a law"

Jan 09, 2006 04:30 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

1/9/2006 3:18 AM

Dear Friends:

What do you think of this -- worth visiting and noting,

HPB says in S D :

dimensionless in every sense I 55 
six, of all bodies II 591 
will multiply w man's faculties I 251-2

"The processes of natural development which we are now considering will at
once elucidate and discredit the fashion of speculating on the attributes of
the two, three, and four or more "dimensional Space;" but in passing, it is
worth while to point out the real significance of the sound but incomplete
intuition that has prompted—among Spiritualists and Theosophists, and
several great men of Science, for the matter of that *—the use of the modern
expression, "the fourth dimension of Space." 

To begin with, of course, the superficial absurdity of assuming that Space
itself is measurable in any direction is of little consequence. The familiar
phrase can only be an abbreviation of the fuller form—the "Fourth dimension
of MATTER in Space." † 

But it is an unhappy phrase even thus expanded, because while it is
perfectly true that the progress of evolution may be destined to introduce
us to new characteristics of matter, those with which we are already
familiar are really more numerous than the three dimensions. The faculties,
or what is perhaps the best available term, the characteristics of matter,
must clearly bear a direct relation always to the senses of man. 

Matter has extension, colour, motion (molecular motion), taste, and smell,
corresponding to the existing senses of man, and by the time that it fully
develops the next characteristic—let us call it for the moment
PERMEABILITY—this will correspond to the next sense of man—let us call it
"NORMAL CLAIRVOYANCE;" thus, when some bold thinkers have been thirsting for
a fourth dimension to explain the passage of matter through matter, and the
production of knots upon an endless cord, what they were really in want of,
was a sixth characteristic of matter. The three dimensions belong really but
to one attribute or characteristic of matter—extension; and [252] popular
common sense justly rebels against the idea that under any condition of
things there can be more than three of such dimensions as length, breadth,
and thickness. These terms, and the term "dimension" itself, all belong to
one plane of thought, to one stage of evolution, to one characteristic of
matter. So long as there are foot-rules within the resources of Kosmos, to
apply to matter, so long will they be able to measure it three ways and no
more; and from the time the idea of measurement first occupied a place in
the human understanding, it has been possible to apply measurement in three
directions and no more. But these considerations do not militate in any way
against the certainty that in the progress of time—as the faculties of
humanity are multiplied—so will the characteristics of matter be multiplied
also. Meanwhile, the expression is far more incorrect than even the familiar
one of the "Sun rising or setting." S D I 251-2


MAHATMA LETTERS (Barker) pp: 61, 163-4,


In the science section of the Los Angeles Times there is an article by K. C.
Cole about our never static universe. [Mar. 4, 2002]

"Indeed, Einstein's equations describing gravity revealed that the universe
could not remain static even if it wanted to. It has to expand or contract.

Currently, it seems delicately balanced between the collapsing and
expanding; and cosmologists would like to know why. Even "nothing itself"
is not neutral.  

It is said by science that: The "vacuum of empty space" jitters with
continual uncertainty; particles of matter are coming into existence all the
time, exactly balanced by an equal number of particles of antimatter.  

Indeed, this ENERGY OF EMPTINESS may well account for most of the energy in
the universe.  

Scientists know that it is a lot easier to "neutralize" a problem than to
eliminate it completely. For example, astronomers would see the stars a lot
more clearly if they could eliminate distortions caused by turbulence in the
air. But it's hard to get the atmosphere to stand still, so instead, a
technique called "adaptive optics" keeps track of the wiggles in the
atmosphere, then exactly counters the wiggles to make them go away. It is
like adding minus (-) one to plus (+) one, to make zero. Equilibrium is
always dynamic. (Reference: Los Angeles Times March 4, 2002.)

Excellent Information. As I understand the section:

(a)	We are all in orbit whether we realize it or not — Science posits
that some planets are, in time, swallowed by a sun, some by a "black-hole."

(b) Planets in our Solar system are drawn toward the Sun, but due to
difference in their natures an opposing force is set up which eventually
equalizes and balances the attractive force. When this happens, that
determines the "mean orbit." All orbits are in continual minor adjustments
and motion. None is ever exactly repeated.

(b)	The solar systems orbit about the center of our Galaxy.
Astronomically, this center it is probably the Pleiades.  

(c)	The Galaxies are orbiting about a center. Oddly enough Occultism
and science tend to agree on this, but neither is very talkative on the

The important orbit for humans is the spiritual orbit, or as the
Occult Commentary puts it:

"The latter [the Absolute] must never be mentioned in words or speech lest
it take away some of our spiritual energies that aspire towards its state,
gravitating ever onward unto it spiritually, as the whole physical universe
gravitates towards its manifested center cosmically."
[ S D I, p. 34, 484, 490, 504-6 ]

Mother Earth is journeying onward toward the perfection of form, while
humans are Pilgrims on the path of consciousness.

HPB says:

In Answers on the "Law of Gravitation"? [Transactions]

P. 132 -4 [Science insists that between bodies attraction is directly as
the mass and inversely as the square of the distance. ]

Occultists, however, doubt whether this law holds good with regard to the
entirety of planetary rotation. 

[Take the first and second laws of Kepler included in the Newtonian law as
given by Herschel. "Under the influence of such attractive force mutually
urging two spherical gravitating bodies toward one another, they will each,
when moving in each other's neighborhood, be deflected into an orbit concave
toward each other, and describe one about the other, regarded as fixed, or
both around their common center of gravity, curves whose forms are limited
as those figures known in geometry by the general name of Conic Sections. It
will depend upon the particular circumstances or velocity, distance and
direction, which of these curves shall be described, whether an ellipse, a
circle, a parabola, or an hyperbola, but one or the other it must be . . . .
. . etc., etc." 

Science says that the phenomena of planetary motion result from the action
of two forces, one centripetal, the other centrifugal, and that a body
falling to the ground in a line perpendicular to still water does so owing
to the law of gravity or of centripetal force. ]

P. 133	Among others, the following objections brought forward by a learned
occultist, may be stated. 

(1) That the path of a circle is impossible in planetary motion. 

(2) That the argument in the third law of Kepler, namely that "the squares
of the periodic times of any two planets are to each other, in the same
proportion as the cubes of their mean distances from the Sun," gives rise to
the curious result of a permitted libration in the eccentricities of
planets. Now the said forces remaining unchanged in their nature, this can
only arise, as he says, "from the interference of an extraneous cause." 

(3) That the phenomenon of gravitation or "falling" does not exist, except
as the result of a conflict of forces. It can only be considered as an
isolated force by way of mental analysis or separation. 

He asserts… that the planets, atoms, or particles of matter are not
attracted towards each other in the direction of right lines connecting
their centers, but are forced towards each other in the curves of spirals
closing upon the center of each other. Also that the tidal wave is not the
result of attraction. All this, as he shows, results from the conflict of
imprisoned and free force; antagonism apparently, but really affinity and

P. 134	"Fohat, gathering a few of the clusters of Cosmic matter (nebulae)
will, by giving it an impulse, set it in motion anew, develop the required
heat, and then leave it to follow its own new growth." (S D, Vol. I. p.

P. 134	. All growth depends upon the indwelling force, because on this
plane of ours it is this force alone which acts consciously. 

P. 134	The universal force cannot be regarded as a conscious force as we
understand the word consciousness, because it would immediately become a
personal god. It is only that which is enclosed in form, a limitation of
matter, which is conscious of itself on this plane

P. 134	This Free Force or Will, which is limitless and absolute, cannot be
said to act understandingly, but IT IS THE ONE AND SOLE IMMUTABLE LAW OF

P. 134	Fohat, therefore, is spoken of as the synthetic motor power of all
the imprisoned life-forces and the medium between the absolute and
conditioned Force. 

P. 134	It is a link, just as Manas is the connecting link between the gross
matter of the physical body and the divine Monad which animates it, but is
powerless to act upon the former directly. 

P. 135	Why should heat on any other plane than ours be the perception of
matter or substance in motion? Why should an occultist accept the condition
(1) the actuating force; 

(2) the form which is actuated; 

(3) that which perceives the form in motion, as those of heat? 

HOMOGENEITY, so on the seventh plane the form will disappear, there being
nothing to be actuated, the acting Force will remain in solitary grandeur,
to perceive but itself; ..or it will have become both "subject and object,
the perceiver and the perceived." The terms used are not contradictory, but
symbols borrowed from physical science in order to render occult action and
processes more clear to the minds of those who are trained in that science. 

P. 135	In fact, each of the specifications of heat and force, corresponds
to one of the principles in man. The "heat centers," from the physical
standpoint, would be the zero-point, because they are spiritual. 


P. 135-6	When a globe of a planetary chain goes into "obscuration"
every quality, including heat, retires from it and it remains in statu quo,
like the "sleeping Beauty," until Fohat, the "Prince Charmant," awakens it
with a kiss. 

P. 136	Nitya Pralaya. This is an eternal and perpetual Pralaya which is
taking place ever since there were globes and differentiated matter. It is
simply atomic change. 

P. 136	…"They embrace Infinitude"? … Through their own inherent and
imprisoned force they strive collectively to join the one universal or free
force, that is to say, embrace infinitude, this free force being infinite. 

P. 136	[relation between electricity and physical or animal magnetism and
hypnotism? ] If by electricity, you mean the science which unfolds on this
plane, and under a dozen various qualifications the phenomena and laws of
the electric fluid—then I answer, none at all. But if you refer to the
electricity we call Fohatic, or intracosmic, then I will say that all these
forms of phenomena are based on it.


Some SECRET DOCTRINE some references are:

[courtesy of Theosophical University Press, Pasadena ]

GRAVITY, Gravitation. 

attraction & repulsion I 513, 604 
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ROTATION (of Earth)

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CENTER(s). See also Laya, 

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uncreated beam reflection of I 275-6


accumulate elements by circling I 204 
all heavenly bodies become I 204 
become stars I 206 
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PLANE(s) (cosmic)

diagram of I 200 &n 
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SPACE. See also Duration, 

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unknown container of all I 342 
vacuum betw celestial bodies (Newton) I 491 
whole finite kosmos called I 277


All -- so very suggestive.

Best wishes,



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From: Mark Hamilton Jr.
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Subject: "Gravity is only half a law"

All theoretical, of course, but promising:

It's a new way of decreasing the effects of gravity of an object; in
this case, space craft escaping the earth's gravitational pull. At
least it will save on the NASA's fuel bill. At most, it will change
the way physicists view the universe.

-Mark H.


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